Speed Cameras

Polish Man Fined For Naked Protest of Traffic Cameras

And they identified him ... how?


A court in Szczecinek, Poland on Monday imposed a 1000 zloty (US $315) fine against a man who made an unusual protest against the use of speed cameras. In October, Mariusz Sztuba hopped on his bicycle wearing nothing but sneakers on his feet and undergarments on his head. He raced past a speed camera in Bialy Bor at 53 km/h (33 MPH) in the 40 km/h (25 MPH) zone, so it snapped a photograph. Officials were not amused by what they saw.

Identification plates are not required for bicycles, so local police made locating the undressed protester a top priority. Investigators ultimately zeroed in on Sztuba, formally charging him with violating the speed limit by 13 km/h (8 MPH) on top of lewd conduct.