Ashley Judd May Challenge McConnell for Senate Seat

She'd be a lot easier to look at, but her policies are standard Hollywood-issue


Ashley Judd vs. Mitch McConnell?

It might not be as far-fetched as you think.

The Hollywood movie star and eighth-generation Kentuckian is seriously exploring a 2014 run for the Senate to take on the powerful Republican leader, four people familiar with the matter tell POLITICO. In recent weeks, Judd has spoken with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) about the possibility of a run, has discussed a potential bid with a Democratic pollster and has begun to conduct opposition research on herself to see where she's most vulnerable in the Bluegrass State, sources say.

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  1. I went to college with this young woman, and I have to say that her politics have not become any less shallow over the years. “It is time for the Government to get serious and start solving all the world’s problems!!!”

    Another knee-jerk Liberal who measures the success of a Congress by the number of new laws it passes, with extra points given if the law’s title is something wonderful like “Affordable Care Act” or “Omnibus No More Starving Puppies Appropriation”.

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