Due Process

Brickbat: Woman in Chains


The Selma, North Carolina, police department has suspended officer Travis Abbot with pay while they investigate a claim that he handcuffed a nursing supervisor at a local hospital. Abbot reportedly brought a DWI suspect to the emergency room and became angry when the nurse refused to draw blood from the suspect without a court order. Abbot released the nurse only after Johnston County sheriff's deputies intervened. The DWI suspect was later taken to the county magistrate, who ordered him released for lack of probable cause.

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  1. Charles, his name is properly spelt “Abbott”, according to that story. Or “Idiot Bully”, according to any normal person

    1. Hel-loooo Nurse!

      Seriously, I’d give her a medal if I was into that sort of thing.

      Also that poor bastard pig, suspended with pay…and here I thought cruel and unusual punishment was unconstitutional!

      1. Nah, cruel and unusual punishment is only illegal if he’s convicted of anything. In that case, he’ll get back pay with help from the union, and his record will be expunged so he can get another police job a few towns over.

      2. It’s really too much, if you ask me. It’s not like he forced a cripple’s car off the road or anything.

  2. Many LEO pride themselves on good relations with hospital staff. Probably because in the emergency room they want preferential treatment over civilians, and also because flirting with nurses is fun. For one to go apeshit and handcuff a nurse over something any competent police officer knows he has no standing on means the dude does not have the temperament for the job.

    1. I don’t really know about nurses, but nursing students are nymphos and give great head.

  3. And people wonder why I smile a big toothy smile whenever I read of a police officer being injured or killed.

    1. I openly cheer every time someone “beats” a DUI charge under any circumstances.

  4. I’ve never had a cop try to order me to draw blood, but I look forward to refusing to do so. If I got arrested, I’d be looking at a nice payday since case law in Florida has already established that it is illegal.

    1. Dobryj den’ Mensan! If you don’t mind me asking, how are you feeling? How goes your convalescence?

      Also, you couldn’t do a draw without an order anyway, regardless of what the pig wants, and the patient does have the right to refuse a medical procedure.

      1. In Tennessee, where I formerly lived, I had a police officer threaten to take all of us in the ED to jail because we refused to draw blood on his suspect, who had crashed into a car, killing several occupants, and was obviously intoxicated but alert and oriented. He refused the blood draw. After waking up the chief of police, the situation was diffused without the blood being drawn, though that didn’t stop the story leaking out to the local media, who then pilloried us for killing the guy’s victims all over again. Now, apparently, the new policy is that the ED is supposed to draw the blood on demand even if the patient refuses. I am glad I have moved, since I would have to refuse based on my belief that doing no harm means not touching a refusing patient.

  5. Break the law, transgress against your rights as a free person – that’s what To Serve and Protect means.

  6. There have been three lawsuits over forced catheterization, IIRC.

    [Let’s pause for a moment and let Tulpa finish touching himself and moaning]

    All settled out of court and no police or medical personnel charged with rape. Land of the free, indeed.

  7. Sounds like a crazy deal to me dude.


  8. I almost have to take reason off my RSS feed, it’s really depressing to see all the bad thing LEOs do to people…

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