Preacher in Angus Jones Testimony Has Long Anti-Hollywood History

Also believes Jay-Z is part of the Illuminati


The emergence of Angus T. Jones' video testimonial for religious group the Forerunner Chronicles—in which he trashed Two and a Half Men as "filth" and said he no longer wanted to act on the CBS sitcom—came as a shock. But the man behind the Christian organization has long been at odds with Hollywood, pop culture and liberal America.

Christopher Hudson, who calls himself the Forerunner, is a Seventh-day Adventist who is famous for the fiery sermons he gives in YouTube videos. In 2009, he gained notice for publishing online a documentary called The Jay-Z Deception, in which he accused the rap star of being a Freemason who released his Blueprint albums to celebrate his journey up the ranks of the organization and his links with Satan. He also says Kanye West and Rihanna are part of the conspiracy.