China, Brazil Call for $100 Billion Climate Aid Plan

Concerned funding may dry up


China and Brazil called for developed nations to devise a roadmap charting how they'll boost aid for climate projects to $100 billion by 2020, saying the measure is essential for the success of United Nations climate talks.

Su Wei, China's lead negotiator at the 190-nation talks, backed an identical request by representatives of the Least Developed Countries, a bloc of 48 countries, at the UN conferece that began yesterday in Doha. Brazil's ambassador said he has the same position. They said they're concerned funding may dry up next year after the end of a three-year period that aimed to deliver $30 billion of so-called fast-start financing.

"We urge developed countried parties to meet the goal of $100 billion by 2020 as committed," Su said. "A roadmap to scaling up the finance is absolutely necessary."