“I’m lying on the garage floor at gunpoint and they are invading my home, terrorizing my family. This is America. We’re innocent people here.”  

â€"homeowner Steve Tuppeny on a wrong-door SWAT raid, Delaware News Journal, October 5

“Illicit drug use is a form of domestic terrorism to some extent.”   

â€"Wilmington, Delaware, Police Chief Michael Begonis, Patch.com, September 17

 â€œWe have seenâ€"far too oftenâ€"that I.P. crimes are not victimless. Not only can they devastate individual lives and legitimate businesses; they also undermine our nation’s financial stability, can jeopardize the health of our citizens, and even threaten our national security.”   

â€"Attorney General Eric Holder, speaking at an Intellectual Property Law Enforcement Grant Award event, reported at Ars Technica, October 5

“ATF always tries to stay ahead of the illegal activity and the novel firearms trafficking schemes, without impinging on individuals’ rights.”   

â€"Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) spokeswoman Ginger Colbrun on the possibility of using 3D printers to make untraceable guns, The New York Times, October 7