A.M. Links: Hamas Sticks Tongue Out at Israel, Federalist Efforts and Marijuana Legalization, TSA Drives Travelers Away from Airlines


  • The top leader of Hamas has dared Israel to invade Gaza. No word on whether he made chicken sounds or called Netanyahu a pussy.

  • Four men in California were charged with an international terrorism plot. One source in the case was paid $250,000 and was previously convicted of drug trafficking.
  • Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have introduced a bill that would alter the Controlled Substances Act in order to force the federal government to respect state-level legalization of Marijuana.
  • Despite growing support for medical marijuana and its legality in 17 states, health insurance providers rarely cover its purchase.
  • Thanks to how awful the Transportation Security Administration has made the process of flying, Americans are taking the more dangerous route of driving long distances in order to keep from dealing with them.
  • The Czech Republic has its own anti-austerity protests organized by the trade unions and opposing budget cuts and pension reform.

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