Anarchist Defeats Minarchist in New Hampshire Election

The fruits of the Free State Project


I assume there's a Bakunin quote on the other side.
Tim O'Flaherty

When Ward 5 of Manchester, New Hampshire, elected a delegate to the state legislature this month, its voters rejected a Republican from the Free State Project who favors a minimal government. Instead they picked Tim O'Flaherty, a Democrat from the Free State Project who favors the abolition of government altogether. In the words of the Manchester Union-Leader: "O'Flaherty ran against a fellow Free Stater, housemate Dan Garthwaite, whom O'Flaherty called a statist."

Dear non-libertarians of Ward 5: This is how we feel when the major parties cough up Romney and Obama.

Bonus link #1: Meanwhile, in Vermont, voters in the town of Randolph have just made my left-anarchist friend Jessamyn West a justice of the peace.

Bonus link #2: The old, anarchic New Hampshire.