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Rand Paul Explains Missing Closed Door Benghazi Briefing: Not Interested in Propaganda, This Needs to Be Done in Public

Congress is holding classified briefings this week on the Benghazi attacks


no excuses

President Obama, in his first post-election press conference, did not appreciate continued questioning of his administration's handling of the 9/11 Benghazi terrorist attack, and especially criticism of Susan Rice, the UN Ambassador. He suggested critics look at him instead. Senator John McCain did, offering that the president and his administration were either incompetent or engaged in a cover up. McCain caught flak for not attending a closed-door briefing on Benghazi, and his spokesperson told Foreign Policy the absence was due to a "scheduling error." Senator Rand Paul, who was criticized, too, for not attending the briefing but (gasp!) demanding answers anyway, took another tack, his spokesperson explaining exactly why Paul saw no need to attend:

"Sen. Paul didn't need to attend yet another Administration press conference disguised as a classified briefing to know there should have been Marines defending our personnel in Libya, to hear the Administration make the same excuses in private they will make in public. Sen. Paul is focused on demanding answers, demanding those who made these fatal mistake be fired, and fixing the mess this Administration has made. All of that needs to be done in public, for Americans to see and hear."

The administration, of course, has been investigating the incident almost since it happened, and using it to justify playing fast and loose with the narrative for transparently political aims. The use of seemingly never-ending investigations and blame shifting is the most transparent thing about the "most transparent administration in American history."

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  1. So transparent it is Invisible

    1. So transparent you can see right through them.

  2. See, this is what kills me about the MSM. The administration needs to answer to the American people, not a closed-door group of senators forbidden by law to divulge what they hear.

    Once McCain and Paul go there, they can get in trouble for commenting on whether the administration actually answered their questions in the classified briefing, no?

  3. He suggested critics look at him instead.

    Yeah, I don’t think too many people were thinking she went on all those Sunday shows pushing the youtube video falsehoods on her own initiative. But way to say the buck stops with you, Mr. President, after the election.

    We will never know what happened on September 11th in Benghazi. Either Stevens was doing covert CIA stuff there and it can’t be disclosed, or the Obama Administration fucked up royally and it can’t be disclosed. Or a combination of the two.

    1. How would his doing covert stuff excuse not sending in help after the attack began?

    2. If Stevens was doing CIA work why would he want to put his diplomatic personnel in danger?

      1. To make it look like he wasn’t working for the CIA.

  4. The One(tm) has brought us 4 years of ‘greater transparency’ don’t you know? It’s just that we just can’t ever seem to appreciate it…casting pearls and all.

  5. Well, the administration’s priorities have changed. Whereas before the priorities were as much cronyism as possible, power consolidation, and getting re-elected, now the priorities are as much cronyism as possible, power consolidation, and not getting in trouble for incompetence or said cronyism.

    1. We probably should have elected Jack Johnson instead of that crooked John Jackson.

      1. What about Morbo’s good friend Richard Nixon?

        1. He’s a fringe 3rd party wingnut(tm) nobody would ever vote for.

          1. Dr. Zoidberg: You know, Fry, you could join a third party, maybe.

            Amy Wong: Pfft! Only weirdos and mutants join third parties.

            Dr. Zoidberg: Really? I’d better keep an eye out at the next meeting.

  6. After the famous meeting, Chris Wallace asked Saxby Chambliss about Broadwell’s claim regarding the “CIA annex” having had jihadists incarcerated at the time of the attack.

    Chambliss immediately replied with the words (near exact quote), that the CIA does not have the authority to detain anyone. That is, he responded to the question with a legalism. Then did some shuffling, but left the impression that Broadwell’s claim is basically true.

    This makes me think that Chambliss is a liar.

    1. You do realize that Chambliss isn’t supposed to reveal classified info? One reason it’s probably a good idea for RP2 to avoid those classified briefings, so no one can accuse him of leaking when he says what everyone knows anyway.

      1. It’s good Rand Paul missed classified briefings, that way no one can accuse him of being informed or doing his job.

        1. It’s so fitting that our resident progtard thinks that listening to rehashed bullshit is ‘being informed/doing your job’.

          1. You and I have no idea what the contents of that briefing were, because they were classified. Rand Paul has no idea what the contents of that briefing were, because he was absent.

            Anything else is what you want to be true.

        2. I bet no one can accuse you of being informed…about anything.

  7. Morbo’s good friend Richard Nixon’s position on my ‘sex monitoring chip’ was unconscionable, why can’t I have it implanted in my shin?, And the Pain monster really has no business hassling me over my schedule K paperwork like that.

  8. Fuckin’ A on Rand. “Yet another administration press conference disguised as a classified briefing…” POW! Right in the kissa!

    1. He is gonna kick ass in 2016.

      1. Can you imagine Rand versus Hillary in 2016?

  9. That dude jsut looks corrupt as the day is long!


  10. You and I have no idea what the contents of that briefing were, because they were classified.

    You’ve got a little Top Man on your chin.

  11. The term ‘classified’ is fat becoming a metaphor for ‘corrupted’. Every fucking time I hear ‘classified’ I cringe KNOWING that something shitty has or, is about to, go down.

    1. …something shitty has- or is about to, go down.

      Something like that.

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