Obama Speaks on Petraeus Scandal, Israel Bombards Gaza, Social Security Still Untouchable: P.M. Links


  • President Barack Obama held a press conference today, the issues running the gamut from bread to circuses. He said he's seen no evidence so far that there was any actual national security risk in the David Petraeus sex scandal. He also defended U.N. Ambassador's Susan Rice's handling of Benghazi from GOP attacks.

  • Israel launched an air strike on Gaza, killing a Hamas military chief. This was followed by naval bombardment into the area in response to rockets fired from Gaza. The Israel Defense Forces' Twitter feed warned that no Hamas members should show their faces anytime soon.
  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says Social Security is not on the table when it comes to dealing with the fiscal cliff. So I guess we won't be dealing with the fiscal cliff?
  • The middle class is growing in the Caribbean and Latin American countries, up by 50 percent over the past decade.
  • Thanks to gun-control laws in Mexico, its citizens find it very hard to protect themselves from lawless and heavily armed drug cartels. Many gun owners have to defy the law themselves.
  • Independent Maine Senator Angus King announced he will caucus with the Democrats. But he'll consider the Republicans if they retake Senate control. That doesn't sound particularly independent.

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