Renewable energy

Hawaii Budget Strained by Solar Tax Credits

Officials just guesstimated up-front costs, and came up short


Solar is surging in Hawaii. There's no disputing that.

Solar power installations have sprouted all across the islands, helping the state move toward its ambitious renewable energy goal and adding some 2,000 "green-collar" jobs to local economies. The projects account for an estimated 15 percent of all construction statewide. …

But the unexpected popularity of the solar incentive has opened a hole in the state budget and become a major topic in state politics.

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  1. “But there’s more to the story than just poorly researched cost estimates. In Hawaii, tax officials are worried that some people are ramping up costs by claiming too many credits.”

    Nope. Could never happen to a finely-crafted piece of work from our oh-so-smart politicos. Just can’t happen.

  2. the core values that have infiltrated western civ cause economic collapse.

    whether solar is financially a good decision or not is moot.

    as a person who doesnt like “YOUR SCIENCE” impacting “MY WALLET”, i cheer when AGW or solar power struggles.

    i dont think ANYONE’S belief system should be negatively impacting others: christian, atheist, cultist, or global warming alarmist, even corporatists.

    keep your suppositions out of my life.

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