Brickbat: Time's Up


Riverside, California, police handcuffed and arrested Karen Wright, 60, for disrupting a meeting after she exceeded
her three minutes of speaking time
at a city council meeting. Wright was discussing her concerns about a sludge hauling contract.

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  1. City officials said they didn’t tell officers how to act and that the officers used their discretion.

    Somehow I doubt the result would have been much different if the city officials had told them how to act

  2. I have it on good authority that somebody took a shit in Riverside once.

  3. Looks like she exceeded her three minutes of grazing time too.

  4. Sounds like a job for Raymond Lyman!

  5. I guess she didn’t make the proper “donations”.

  6. That sinking feeling comes from the knowledge that he is free from the need to keep an eye on the electorate, and from the terrible thought that he http://www.drdrebeatsbydreau.com/ may be the authoritarian we have all known and feared would visit us one day and crush our personal freedoms.

  7. I’m guessing Wright was well known to the council and they had a prearranged agreement with the coppers to be standing by to arrest the agitator. If only we could all have our critics arrested.

    As you can see in the picture, the coppers obviously felt the need to send their most in-shape officers, what with the perp bordering on elderly.

  8. Welcome to America, the new Regime!


    1. It’s evolving.

  9. I’m now thinking the brickbat is just a little daily tidbit of oppression. Not quite Balko-style cock punch, but a reminder that resistance if futile.

    Oh and here we see that a maker of unpopular films is sent to the gulag for a year (for probation violations – really): http://www.google.com/hostedne…..d1b519032d

  10. handcuffed and arrested [because] she exceeded
    her three minutes of speaking time

    Too bad this protocol wasn’t followed in the presidential “debates”.

  11. Arrested is a bit much but in some cases you need to throw people out of meetings.

    Where I live we have a few borderline-crazy (I think that’s the PC term, isn’t it?) that come to meetings and disrupt, always exceed their time limit and then loudly say that they won’t stop talking. They feel they must comment on every item on the agenda. And their opinions are often worthless (no, they’re not libertarians).

    After this goes on for years and the meetings get dragged out and nothing gets accomplished and everyone else’s time is wasted, they have to do something. Usually the 3 minute rule has ONLY been put in place due to this single person taking up way too much time.

    1. So, like John only in real life?

  12. Sometimes I really have no idea what to post as a reply. Except that this gives me more reason to become a female body builder.

  13. Stay out of Riverside County if you value your freedom. Far too many of these types of incidents happen there.

  14. For such a liberal state, CA sure loves to beat/scare the shit out of people.

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