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Barack Obama Thanks Volunteers at Chicago Headquarters, Tells Campaign-Like Story of 25-Year-Old Self

The president makes a surprise visit


four more years
Obama for America

The president made a surprise visit to his campaign headquarters in Chicago today and spoke off-the-cuff to volunteers there. The campaign released the video tonight, below. After relating that he came to Chicago at 25  with "this vague inkling about making a difference" but "didn't have a structure" or "an election campaign to attach myself to" (Ronald Reagan had just been re-elected and popular) he continued, veering into campaign-mode territory:

"I wanted to make sure that my life attached itself to helping kids get a way of education, or helping people living in poverty to get decent jobs and be able to work with dignity, to make sure that people didn't have to go to the emergency room to get healthcare, and I ended up being a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago… and I didn't know at all what I was doing, and the work that I did do in those communities changed me much more than I changed the communities, because it taught me the hopes and aspirations and the grit and resilience  ordinary people, and it taught me the fact that under the surface differences we all have common hopes and we all have common dreams and it taught me something about how I handled disappointment and what it meant to work hard on a common endeavor, and I grew up, I became a man in that process"

Then he says the volunteers don't remind him of himself, but that they're so much better than he was at 25—smarter, better organized, more effective.

He tears up talking about how "running for office" had come full circle because the work of the volunteers meant the work he was doing was important. 

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  1. And in the background is Axlrod and that douchweasel that writes on his hand.

    1. Even in the background, that ginger is horrifyingly ugly. Because if I woke up looking like that, I would just run towards the nearest living thing and kill it.

  2. Is this a religion, or what?

    1. The cult of Reagan still reigns supreme.

      1. Palin’s Buttplug| 11.8.12 @ 9:30PM |#
        “The cult of Reagan still reigns supreme”
        Dipshit, when you get over your Daddy issues, you might have something worthwhile to post.
        Until then, well….

  3. turns out Obama pulled in close to 68 million votes


    (a much lower number was discussed here)

    1. All that proves is that there are more stupid people in this country than previously thought.

    2. Wow! 3%! Why, that’s, uh, well.

    3. I’m sure all those Pakistani children will die happy knowing they were incinerated by a man with a clear majority.

      1. If they arent doing anything wrong, they have nothing to fear.

        1. True.

          Bomb away Akbar Raees Obama. Hooa ahaasan raees!

    4. “turns out Obama pulled in close to 68 million votes”

      Turns out that 5.7 million Americans decided to have their nipples pierced.


      So, fucking what?

      Are you gonna start an Obama church now?

      1. Turns out one Reasonoid lost his goddamn mid over this election.

        Dammit Ken, pull yourself together, jesus.

        1. MIND

          AAARRGGH fuck, violence

          DEAD BABIES!!!!!

  4. go fuck yourself. why would you post this bullshit here? Buy some kneepads and keep chuggging his cock.

    1. Never thought about it that way before. Wow.

  5. So they’re out of job now?
    Welcome to the Obama economy kids.

  6. …and I didn’t know at all what I was doing…

    Maybe if he had organized communities outside of Chicago or, I don’t know, held a private sector at some point, he would have a clue what he was doing now. As it stands, he has no frame of reference and no understanding at what needs to be done to help America in general nor does he seem to care. He can campaign (although not extraordinarily well) and that is about it.

    1. That’s not it. He’s really good at reading speeches. Not speaking in general, but when it comes to reciting prepared remarks, he’s one of the best.

  7. What a narcissistic douchebag.

    1. Again, isn’t a bit strange to accuse the most powerful person on earth of narcissism?

  8. Still campaigning, eh? I get to hear “a little bit more from millionaires and billionaires” for the next four years. Maybe his Father will strike him dumb for His hubris.

    1. Suuuure, when Randian drops a correctly utilized “eh” bomb it’s fine, but God forbid anyone lets a superfluous “u” slip.

      1. Don’t you have a donut to put some ketchup on?

        1. They do that?

          1. Hell no

            1. I don’t know, maybe the boring flavour of Timbits could be improved by a little ketchup. You know the ones I mean. They are dry as shit and don’t even have any powdered sugar or anything. Total waste of a Timbit.

              1. I refuse to accept those.

              2. I continue to bow to the English ‘ou’ in the memory of my mother.

    2. He sounds unhinged. He’s not coming back out of campaign mode. It’s going to take more than sycophants basketball, odd company golf, and Jay-Z to adjust that head into a normal pattern.

      1. It is going to be a tough four years for him. Mrs Suderman made some interesting points in zombie newsweek this morning

        We’re heading for a showdown between the recipients of old-age benefits, and recipients of all the other kinds of benefits. Even after we hike taxes, something has to be cut. I’m betting on the oldsters to win this fight. They’re motivated, and they have a lot of time on their hands. And their middle-aged, middle class children will also freak out if you cut their benefits. They will not be nearly as upset if you slash Head Start. But those kinds of decisions are going to set off a sort of Hobbesian war of all-against-all within the Democratic coalition. And the aging of our population is an even more dramatic shift than its increasingly tan hue.


        1. “Even after we hike taxes, something has to be cut.”

          Not sure I understand why something needs to be cut.

          They’ve always been fine with raising the ceiling and borrowing more before. Why is this any different now?

          It might have been different if Romney were president. But there’s no way a Democrat Senate, John Boehner, and Barack Obama are going to join forces and make budget cuts.

          Selling debt is cheap right now. 1.6%! Obama’s going to raise taxes–just like he promised he would during the campaign. But this year’s budget will be bigger than last year’s.

          This president and this Congress will never cut the budget until the world’s investors are no longer willing to lend to us at reasonable rates.

          1. his president and this Congress will never cut the budget until the world’s investors are no longer willing to lend to us at reasonable rates.

            Sure and that is likely to come in the next four years.

          2. The US is going to be downgraded again in January unless there is a big budget deal. When a recession hits we will be downgraded again. I can’t imagine things continuing as they are for four more years.

            1. If a recession is caused by budget cuts, then a recession is probably what we need. …I just don’t think we’re gonna see real significant budget cuts from this bunch.

              I don’t want to see a budget cut led recession for political reasons, necessarily. It’d be good just because…any economy that’s so heavily dependent on government spending is not a stable, long term growth economy.

              I wouldn’t predict a recession at this point, though. I know the yield curve is doing some funny things becasue of Fed activity, but I’d still expect to see some flat lining there.

              If you see traders start piling into the long term yields, watch out…

              In the meantime, what do I know that the bond market doesn’t know?


          3. Ken, that time is here.

            1. The world’s investors will loan us money at 1.62% for ten years–as of the close today.

              Look at the yield curve I linked above.

              If Obama and Congress can borrow more money at a rate like that, why would they slash spending?

              Obama’s gonna raise taxes because of his principles, but I don’t understand why anyone would think Boehner or the Democrats in the Senate are about to cut spending if they have another choice.

      2. 3. We are heading for a showdown between public sector unions and taxpayers. That’s going to put Democrats in a very tough spot. Those unions are the backbone of the Democratic political operation. But their pensions are, in many places, simply not payable. Thanks in part to the late 1990s stock market boom, and in part to really scandalously bad accounting standards, politicians made a lot of promises they didn’t pay for. Those promises now can’t be shed in bankruptcy, and all of the possible deals–which including hiking taxes to “tax revolt” levels, or shafting all the younger public sector workers–are bad for Democrats.

        1. The union workers will take cram downs and haircuts as long as its Blue doing the cutting and cramming. They are shitweasels to the core.

          1. I am yet to see that principle in action.

            It doesn’t work that way in Detroit. The unions there, both the UAW and the public employee unions, have driven that city into the ground, and the unions still haven’t taken their boot off of people’s necks.

            It doesn’t work that way in California. The unions in California don’t care if the local economy goes to hell becasue of spending–not so long as the union members keep their jobs and keep getting overpaid.

            Hell, Barack Obama has demonstrated that he would nationalize GM rather than let the UAW have to make concessions to GM’s management and shareholders.

            Union workers accepting cram downs becasue team blue is doing the cramming? When has this happened? I really want to know.

          2. Did you see what Rahm Emmanuel just went through with the teacher’s unions in Chicago?

        2. politicians made a lot of promises they didn’t pay for.

          Uhh, what the fuck? Politicians don’t make ANY promises they pay for… ever.

          Every promise ever uttered from the pie-hole that is the politician’s mouth is a promise that we pay for. Politicians are in the business of making promises they don’t pay for. A ‘lot’ of promises we didn’t pay for. Jesus these guys suck.

      3. crtl+alt+del?

      4. You mean Jay-Zed in honour of our Canadian friends. 🙂

  9. Serious question: why are we even fucking talking about this?

    1. Masochism, I guess.

    2. Because what a lot of people don’t realize is, that the story of America? It was really all about Barack Obama.

      The American Revolution, the industrial revolution, the Civil War, World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, the civil rights struggle, the Cold War, the technology revolution–it wasn’t about what you think it was.

      It was all about Barack Obama.

      And you don’t seem to really understand your place in the big scheme of things. Whether it’s as a worker, or a businessman, whether it was as a student, or a mother, whether you voted for Barack Obama or whether you voted against him…

      Your only significance is in relation to Barack Obama. That’s right. The story of Barack Obama is the story of you, too!

      Now do you understand why we’re talking about this?

      It’s becasue Barack Obama is the only thing you’ve ever talked about. Barack Obama is the only thing that ever mattered. And he knows it! That’s why he’s telling these people about it. That’s why he’s telling you.

      That’s why we’re talking about it.

      Barack Obama loves you. And he wants to love you. …but you have to let him into your heart. Now get down on your knees and pray.

      1. You didn’t build that – Barack did. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the present, the past, and the future. The One.

        1. “We are more than the sum of our individual ambitions.”

          Obama 3:16

      2. An internetz. You have won one.

  10. Ranting Rove: Dems suppressed the vote.

  11. Either he is a good actor or he is completely delusional, genuinely believing that he is leading America in the right direction despite all evidence to the contrary.

  12. to make sure that people didn’t have to go to the emergency room to get healthcare…

    Much as dislike the guy’s political philosophy and the solution his pal Nancy has come up with, he’s got a point there.

    1. What is the point?

      I’m a bit dense and that quote makes no sense to me. Please enlighten me.

      1. Do not let someone take you to a hospital emergency unless blood is squirting out your neck, your heart has stopped beating, or something similar. That’s why it’s called an emergency room.

        1. I would think that if blood was squirting out of my neck or my heart stopped beating (or something similar) the first thing that I would want to get is healthcare.

        2. Less than 15% ER visits are for non-emergencies.

          1. I don’t know where you got that stat, but it sure as hell wasn’t from my ED.

        3. At private hospitals we don’t treat non-emergencies in the ED. If someone comes in with some bullshit (e.g. a cold, back pain that they’ve had for 10 years, etc.) we are required by law to evaluate them to see if they actually have an emergent condition. If they do not, then we tell them that we will treat them if they pay first, or they can leave. The almost always leave.

    2. “he’s got a point there.”
      Prove it.

    3. “to make sure that people didn’t have to go to the emergency room to get healthcare…”

      Yeah, by using the IRS to harass lower middle class working people into buying health insurance?

      That’s great. What’s he gonna do next? Solve homelessness through incarceration? Gee, thanks for the help, Mr. President!

      1. No, no, no. You have to solve homelessness using a penaltax. Everyone must hire an architect to design a house for them (thus engaging in commerce). The government will provide the land via eminent domain.

    4. Another lie. Here in Tennessee people on TennCare, our state Medicaid, abuse emergency rooms more than the uninsured. Apparently, they have a lot of time on their hands so they don’t mind sitting for hours in the ER but are too busy to make appointments.

  13. Poor guy. He just can’t stop campaigning. You think he’s going to run for office after the presidency, so he can keep getting that campaign high?

    1. Watch for increasing noise on repealing the 22nd amendement.

      1. Wouldn’t that be just a freaking nightmare?

        1. “Several Democratic congressmen, including Rep. Barney Frank, Rep. Jos? Serrano,[4] Rep. Howard Berman, and Sen. Harry Reid,[5] have introduced legislation to repeal the Twenty-second Amendment, but each resolution died before making it out of its respective committee.”


          The last time Serrano tried to introduce a repeal was in 2009.

    2. It really did seem like he loves the campaign and just despises the actual job. Blowing off security and economic meetings for fundraisers and golf will get more frequent instead of less.

      Romney seemed to be the opposite – he wanted to go back to an executive job but hated the pandering bullshit of the process of getting there.

  14. The Late P Brooks| 11.8.12 @ 10:02PM |#
    “What a narcissistic douchebag.”

    Well, he convinced 50+% of the voting public he was better than Romney. Our dog is better than Romney, and she didn’t hold a press conference claiming her wonderfulness.
    I’d suggest a bit of modesty for someone gaining that total, but modesty isn’t one of Obozo’s attributes.

    1. I could only make it through about 24 second of that video.

      The smug is strong with that one.

      And what the fuck is up with Axlrod, jesus why do they evel let that guy out of his cage? Saw him on NBC the other night and it was shocking how outlandishly slimy he is. He might as well of answered every question with MWAAAAHAHAHAH! whist rubbing his oily hands together.

      1. He might as well of answered every question with MWAAAAHAHAHAH! whist rubbing his oily hands together.

        Excellent description.

  15. I was hoping he’d do a shout out to the poll workers in Philly that were handing out 2-3 ballots at a time.

  16. he sounds sincere and it’s a powerful message

    portland police chief responds to string of violent assaults on officers over last week


  17. The dude has never had a job… think about it.

    1. IANA psychologist, but who (other than Obama) says “I wanted to make sure my life attached itself to helping kids” instead of “I wanted to help kids”?

      1. Anyone who is more concerned about appearing to be a good person than they are about actually being a good person.

        1. Damn. Should have refreshed. I can’t even blame your fast fingers.

      2. Someone who is more concerned with other people thinking he helps kids than actually helping the kids?

    2. Making money for some CEO is not the noblest possible ambition.

  18. Is it Friday? Where’s the un-funny?

  19. I noticed in the second video I didn’t click on that Obama’s proud parents had brought him to the meeting.

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