Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson Concedes

While Libertarian Party history


ALBUQUERQUE – A tired and defiant Gary Johnson delivered a concession speech to supporters shortly before 10 p.m. Tuesday night, whacking the major parties and hinting at a 2016 run in the process.

"A wasted vote is voting for somebody you don't believe in and there were a lot of wasted votes tonight. There were more wasted votes tonight than I've ever seen," said Johnson.

The Libertarian nominee took pot shots, again, at the idea that he played the role of spoiler in the 2012 election.

"We all should be proud of ourselves because over the next four years none of us are gonna have to say we are responsible for this. I didn't vote for either one of 'em, I voted for Gary Johnson," he said.

All night long, Johnson staffers, including campaign manager Ron Nielson and communications director Joe Hunter, were pestering the press corps about the latest returns. The Johnson campaign did not have a war room for return watching so they set up their own spot at the very sparsely populated press table. Early on when Johnson was hovering around .4-.6 percent of the vote the Johnson campaign kept saying that their numbers would take off in the western portion of the country. They were right.

Johnson made Libertarian Party history last night. With 1,139,562 votes, he passed Ed Clark's 1980 record of 921,128 votes (as total percentage, he fell .06 percent short of Clark's record). But he wasn't even around to celebrate the occasion. Shortly after speaking, an exhausted Johnson turned in for the night. Less than an hour later, he hit one percent.

As soon as results from the Mountain West started to trickle in Johnson's percentage slowly crept up to the 1 percent mark.

Johnson staffers like Apollo Pazell, who appeared largely content with the trickle of votes, became increasingly antsy as Johnson closed in on single digits. Every fifteen minutes or so he came over to view the expanded national returns map I was viewing. After 10:35 p.m., Johnson topped the 1% mark for an extended period of time for the first time that night.

"Beating the record is a great success but you know we all expected to do better. I think Gary would be the first one to tell you that we expected to do better," said Pazell, a veteran of the Newt Gingrich and Hillary Clinton campaigns.

Others, like Johnson's Ohio volunteer coodinator Debbie Dean, were more disapointed in the results "I felt that, for Ohio, at least we were going to be between three and five. It's a let down," she said. 

Dean said the silver lining to Johnson getting one percent was that his campaign organized and networked Libertarians like neve before, plus the next generation of voters appears to be increasingly libertarian. 

Near midnight, as the Johnson inner circle started to gather near the center of the empty hall that held Johnson's party, Ron Nielson sounded optimistic going forward, noting that they've built a large nationwide organization that Johnson could tap into in 2016 if he were to run.

"It's all about exceeding expectations and there's an expectation there before of a watermark line, and we crossed that watermark line, well, we exceeded expectations," said Nielson. 

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  1. Don’t blame me. I voted for Gary Johnson!

    1. You and me and one million other fine folks.

  2. Biggest winner last night – Alexis de Tocqueville. Nate Silver doesn’t have anything on him.

    1. Rick Santorum is another winner.

      1. Gee, thanks for that reminder, fuckface.

        1. Hey, be polite to your new boss Scruffy.

          1. If he’s my boss, I’m filing a workplace harassment lawsuit.

        2. You know Frothy has already called Ralph Reed and James Dobson among others.

          1. Considering that the only way the O campaign won this election was with the SWF vote, this election is being roundly seen as proof that the GOP needs to moderate its message on social issues and do its best to restrain the Murdochs and Akins of the party. That doesn’t strike me as a success for Sticky Ricky.

            Of course, it is pretty much a travesty that women are incapable of thinking beyond their fucking vag.

            Next time I woman accuses a man of thinking with his dick, I will be sure to say “At least he doesn’t vote with it”

            1. proof that the GOP needs to moderate its message on social issues

              Don’t underestimate their capacity for doubling down on the stupid.

  3. Why is Gary Johnson president in 2016?

  4. Fuck, are we the 1%?

    1. might as well be. screw the 99%, however you’d like to define it.

      1. I am the 1.428×10^-12 percent!

        1. We all are.

          1. COLLECTIVIST!!

          2. I’m not. I’m a Vagina-American. I’m part of the 50.8% and anything I want should be free because otherwise I just can’t even. Also, you should be very proud of me because the election results yesterday were thanks to my collective and its rebellion against rapists everywhere.

            This is never going to work.

            1. Keep trying nicole. You’re doing great. Perhaps if you develop a troll handle it will be easier. Maybe something like Windy Lest.

              1. At least nicole is trying to relieve the boredom of the day after a pointless election in which no matter who wins, we lose. What are you doing, tough guy? Huh? Yeah, that’s right. I’m calling YOU out.

                1. I’m running my predicted taxes for this year and next. Then I’m going drinking.

                  1. You think you’ll actually have money left over for alcohol? MUHAHAHAHAHAHA

                    1. Dad bought a still. Seriously. I know where I’m going for the hard times.

                    2. If you need someone to help with either malting or mashing, I have homebrewing experience and may be valuable.

                      In 15 years time, alcohol may well be the primary form of currency anyhow.

                    3. I’m interested in anything you might be able to provide. We have access to information from a shiner out of Franklin County. God his stuff is good.

                      It’s a return to roots, I guess. Grandpa and his family were all shiners way back when.

              2. As the commenter FKA “The Craig,” I suggest swapping nicole for “Vagina-American.”

            2. and I was looking forward to getting a part-time gig at the local rape camp!

              1. Legitimate or illegitimate kind?

            3. Slowly, the layers of false consciousness are coming off of you. Soon, you will be a true woman.

              1. Slowly, the layers of false consciousness are coming off of you.

                By which you clearly mean all of that other useless crap that surrounds the vagina?

                Did you ever notice how the Obama logo looks like one giant blue vagina bleeding and pussing?

              2. I wonder what my life as a true woman holds in store.

                Chocolate? I assume there will be chocolate.

                I also assume I won’t have to work anymore. If I start reading books only by women and people of color, will the state subsidize my blog? We need public media.

                But who, who will help me decide where to get my tattoo? And that’s free too, right? I mean, women’s health…

                1. Well, you could decide to change the wording of your tattoo to Ceci n’est pas une vagina and then have it placed just above it.

                  1. That sounds painful, Sparky. You have to remember, I’m a girl.

                    1. No amount of pain should be too much to suffer for the sisterhood. This message is bigger than just you, nicole. You’re send a message on behalf of women everywhere.

                    2. Man, reeducation is such a long process…

                    3. Just wait until you have to immerse yourself in Jezebel. That will make the pain from the tattoo seem like a pleasant dream.

          3. Did you do the math, Joe? DO THE MATH.

  5. “Gary Johnson Concedes”

    Really, he should apologize.

    1. Waaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!

    2. Go fuck yourself Ken. And in case you didn’t notice, Romney’s margin of defeat was double Johnson’s share of the vote

      1. Up yours.

    3. Yep. Right after Romney and the SoCons apologize for handing Obama another term on a silver platter.

      1. Yeah, right?

        Just becasue Team Blue was voting on the culture war doesn’t mean that’s the war Romney was fighting.

        I can’t remember Romney making a single culture war argument.

        Not one.

        I’ve never seen the culture warriors on Team Red so quiet in a major election in all my life.

    4. Really, he should apologize.

      For what, running on principle? Perhaps it’s people like you that should apologize for voting for a person who is only slightly better than Obama and supports auto bailouts, stimulus spending, a bloated military, an immoral national defense strategy and has no desire to make severe cuts in the runaway budget.

      1. Romney did not support the nationalization of GM.

        I wish you’d stop calling it a bailout.

        We nationalized it.

        It’s owned by the taxpayers and the UAW.

        Romney opposed it on television four years ago, and he still opposes it today.

    5. Really, he should apologize.

      For what, running on principle? Perhaps it’s people like you that should apologize for voting for a person who is only slightly better than Obama and supports auto bailouts, stimulus spending, a bloated military, an immoral national defense strategy and has no desire to make severe cuts in the runaway budget. Oh, and I almost forgot: the guy that invented Obamacare.

      Nice job, Ken.

      1. No, he should apologize for server squirrels. 🙂

        1. Is it just me, or are the servers extra fucked up today? I blame Episiarch.

  6. What’s all this lying around stuff?! Did the Americans concede when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

      1. Forget it. He’s on a roll.

        1. It’s “Forget it, he’s rolling,” you stupid bastard.

          1. Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

    1. Well what the hell we supposed to do, you mo-ron?


    1. Pathetic, but I don’t think it compares with what would have happened in Detroit and Philadelphia if the alternative had occurred.

      1. And Watts. And Cleveland once the Obamaphones got nixed.

    2. It’s pretty funny, isn’t it? Some college kids throw rocks around and burn Obama campaign posters, and it’s RACIST REDNECK SOUTHERN AGGRESSION CONFEDERACY OMG WE ARE ALL RODNEY KING NOW.

      But when horizon-engulfing crowds of pinko malcontents burn down neighborhoods and preach murderous bullshit for weeks on end, it’s just expressing one’s mind against the evil Rethuglicant Nazis.

  7. the next generation of voters appears to be increasingly libertarian.


    1. libertarian = pro-gay-marriage, pro-weed

      1. As long as people continue to pine for politicians who can “get things done”, I have no hope for this country.

        1. They might pine for politicians who can get things done, but then they go vote for the ones they already have.

  8. Early on when Johnson was hovering around .4-.6 percent of the vote the Johnson campaign kept saying that their numbers would take off in the western portion of the country. They were right.

    Going up 0.4% is “taking off”?

    And the electorate was significantly smaller in 1980. Clark got 1.06% of the vote.

    1. Going up by 66% is taking off. As opposed to Romney, who did well for about 15 minutes before tanking.

    2. Give GJ the tv exposure that Clark got and he might have had Anderson type numbers.

  9. Thank god- the suspense was killing me.

    1. Just breathe into this paper bad, Brooksie.

  10. whatever

  11. Johnson 2014!

    For Senate. Because fuck Tom Udall.

    1. I don’t think he wants that. He should wnat it. But he doesn’t seem to.

  12. The Dow is down 2% this morning. I guess the market doesn’t think birth control and big bird is the solution to our problems.

    1. The BO triumph was at least 50-50 expected. This drop is more due to European problems.

      1. But not all due.

      2. Well, if I think a company has a fifty percent chance of making its plan and it doesn’t, I might sell. I’m not sure I follow the logic.

        1. Yes, but in that case the price would probably have already dropped during the previous days to reflect the uncertainty. People aren’t paying top dollar on Monday for stock in a company that has a 50-50 chance of bankruptcy on Wednesday.

          1. True, but it will drop on Wednesday when its announced on Tuesday that the chance is now 100%.

        2. Don’t go down that road, ProGlib. We don’t want you going all Tulpical too.

            1. I offered you order!!!

      3. It’s both.

    2. And, in the words of our fearless leader, “the best is yet to come”.

    3. Drago is spouting some Euro bullshit. The markets love Obama (and Bernanke) – proof is in the numbers.

      (just forget I mentioned numbers to you anti-Silver anti-reality GOpers)

      1. The markets love Obama (and Bernanke) – proof is in the numbers.

        That is called inflation you dipshit. The commodities and precious metals markets love Obama too.

        God you are stupid.

      2. Drago is spouting some Euro bullshit

        Yeah, but he was doing that through the whole movie. And IIRC, Rocky beat him down at the end.

  13. I predict Mark Cuban gets bored making money and runs as LP by 2020 (yes, I know he fails the purity test).

    1. Don’t we have laws against having a Jewish president?

      1. He’s not Cuban?

    2. Is this after he gets his tax bill the next few years, shits his pants, and starts to realize paying a lot of tax really isn’t that patriotic?

  14. Reason’s servers are straining this morning, I wonder why?

  15. Although I am a LIBERAL (or very left-leaning libertarian), I voted for Gary Johnson. I really like this guy.

    I’ve been coming this site for over 5 years. My favorate site of all.

    I’m willing to bet that many libertarians didn’t vote for Gary Johnson and voted for Romney. I could not get my self to vote for Obama.

    I do wish Obama luck and hope that the next 4yrs are better.

    1. I wish him abject misery.

      1. He wishes the same for us. The difference is that he’s actually in a position to make it happen.

        1. Not if I’m too wasted to feel it when they show up with guns and summarily execute me for heresy against the Messiah.

  16. So I am hearing buzz that they are going to try to get a Carbon Tax to deal with AGW and to halve the deficit.

    I swear, we are living in Heinlein’s crazy years.

    1. That was Australia – the favorite country of the Heritage Foundation.

    2. So I am hearing buzz that they are going to try to get a Carbon Tax to deal with AGW and to halve the deficit.

      Link, please? I’m curious what reason they’re gonna give for needing a carbon tax now the AGW has been completely debunked.

      And if they do have a carbon tax, I would rather it go to the US as opposed to some bullshit UN wealth redistribution scheme.



        There you go. I can’t see that happening. The Republicans in the Senate and House would never agree to it. It would also do untold damage to the economy and cause emmense suffering as people could no longer afford to buy gas or heat their homes. I am sure he will propose it. And probably try to enact it by decree. But i can’t see it happening.

        1. Thanks for the link, and I agree that it’ll never happen…until Team Blue wins a majority of the House in 2014. And since it’ll be a tax, they don’t need 60 in the Senate to pass it, so it’ll be a done deal.

          Start constructing windmills and setting up solar fields, people. It’s time to go off the grid in any way you can.

          1. Team Blue wins a majority of the House in 2014

            Any reason to assume the GOP wont gain seats. Unless something special happens, president’s party loses seats in midterm election.

            1. Just a hunch, that’s all. Historically, it would be really odd but I could see it happening.

              Remember that you guys all expect fiscal Armageddon, and if that happens, I could see wholesale changes in the House coming. As far as the Senate goes, while there are 7 more Team Blue seats up for grabs, they look for the most part to be in safe areas, so no way Team Red takes it back over.

              1. LA, AR, NC, VA, WV, MT, SD

                Those seven seem like reasonable targets.

                Add in CO and NM as secondary ones.

                This is without looking up who those senators are.

                Maybe instead of Prez in 2016, Johnson should run for senator in NM in 2014.

                1. No way they take Warner’s seat in VA. He crushed Gilmore last time, and Gilmore was a pretty popular guy. Pryor is a lock in Arkansas, as is Rockefeller in WV.

                  1. Rockefeller is behind in very early polling.

              2. I am pretty sure with the redistricting done after 2010 that the GOP has secured control of the house until after the 2020 census. Not that they might lose some seats, but they will maintain control.

              3. They will pick up a couple. They cna probably knock Frankin off.

                It depends on what happens in the next two years. For all of the gloom and doom, Obama lost 9 million votes from 08. He got fewer votes this time than McCain got in 08. The bloom is definitely off the rose.

                Judging from his speech last night, he has learned nothing during the last four years. He is going to be more corrupt, more incompetant and more radical leftist than he ever was.

                There is a real danger of a serious economic down turn. We could also have a real overseas crisis. And God only knows the scandals that are going to come out over the next four years.

                I suspect a lot of people are going to have buyers remorse over Obama. And they will take it out by either not voting or voting against Congressional Dems. I could see it staying the same. Or I could also see the Republicans getting a Watergate Congress if things go really badly, which is never a bad bet.

                1. Obama just topped 60 million, so he’s got more votes than McCain got, barely.

                  1. Thats still down more than 9M from last time.

                    1. Chalk it up ID laws limiting you to one vote per living human being.

          2. I doubt Team Blue will win the House any time soon. If they were going to do that they would have done it or come close last night.

        2. Executive order, perhaps?

      3. I’m curious what reason they’re gonna give for needing a carbon tax now the AGW has been completely debunked.

        SUPERSTORM SANDY!!!!! It’s all the proof confirmation bias they need.

      4. “Completely debunked”?

        I don’t think it is a strong enough theory to be basing public policy on, but completely debunked seems a bit strong.

  17. Serious Question: I was pretty dismayed this morning when I learned that the ballot at my son’s fairly prestigious private school only included Obama and Romney. My son, 5, asked that morning who I was voting for, and why. I explained that I was voting for Gary Johnson along with a very abbreviated version why.

    He then noted to me this morning that he couldn’t vote for Gary Johnson because he wasn’t one of the choices. He knew that I didn’t want Obama to win, so he checked Romney. He was confused and upset that he couldn’t vote for “his” choice. He just didn’t understand.

    Firstly, this kind of shit for 5 year olds is completely stupid. All is does is coax out parental voting preferences, which is none of the school’s goddamn business.

    Secondly, how do I go about dealing with this? Do I let the teacher know my displeasure and explain to her she just politically disenfranchised a 5 year old? Or do I just explain to my kid that she was wrong and that there were other choices?


    1. If we’re being realistic, and if it’s a private school, tell the school they’re a bunch of assholes. If they’re going to run a mock election, feature all of the candidates.

      1. Noted.

        It is a private school. And I can assure that my son’s confusion was very realistic for him when he wasn’t able to check Gary Johnson on his ballot after just having had a conversation with me about it.

        1. It should actually pose a great teachable moment about the heard mentality, groupthink, and the illusion of choice being central to maintaining tyranny.

    2. Tell your kid that his teacher was wrong and that there were other choices.

      It will open his mind to the fact that authority figures are often full of shit and should have their pronouncements considered with a jaded mind.

      1. That’s kind of what I was thinking.

        I’m going to tell him anyways. I’m just wondering whether I should escalate it beyond teaching my kid a lesson in the wrongness of authority.

        1. No you need lots of those. That’s enough milage.

    3. Secondly, how do I go about dealing with this? Do I let the teacher know my displeasure and explain to her she just politically disenfranchised a 5 year old? Or do I just explain to my kid that she was wrong and that there were other choices?

      Do both. And let the school admins know how displeased you are and tell them you are considering removing your child from their school and sending him to another equally prestigious school (if there is one in the area). Money talks, and these schools would rather have your money that have you pull your kid and poor-mouth them to your peers.

    4. I feel for your five year old…I am in OK…so I was stuck with BO or Rom as my only choices as well. If it weren’t for some of the ballot initiatives I wouldn’t have bothered voting at all.

      and yes, talk to the teacher about it. Also since it is a private school if the teacher is unrepentant make sure to involve the administration, they tend to be far more responsive to parental complaints since their money is directly tied to your child’s enrollment.

    5. Given the number of adults who think those are the only two choices, you could have a mind-opening session with the teacher as well.

      Go nuclear if you get push back, but I bet s/he would be apologetic and learn something.

    6. To be unfair, CNN didn’t even report Gary Johnson’s vote totals, not even on their “full results” web page.

  18. Concede, hell, he should contest it!

  19. Demand a recount!

  20. The markets love Obama (and Bernanke) – proof is in the numbers.

    Just don’t adjust for inflation.

    1. The commodities markets love him too!!

  21. Well, I guess I can find solace in the fact that I didn’t vote. Fuck the candidates. It’s all over. Time to drink heavy and fuck hard.

  22. So I am hearing buzz that they are going to try to get a Carbon Tax to deal with AGW and to halve the deficit.

    Next- WEALTH TAX!

    I’m sure they’ll pinky promise to only use it to reduce the deficit.

    1. VAT. I can feel it coming like a cold chill in my bones.

      1. That, as opposed to a carbon tax, I can feel coming. The problem is that it would have to be a part of a big bargain on taxes. And the village idiot doesn’t have the political skills to do anything but ram things through Congress by brute force, which he can’t do anymore.

        I don’t see anything happening except continuous last minute deals to avoid the fiscal cliff and raise the debt ceiling. I suspect Obama’s second term will die by a thousand cuts as he constantly has to beg Congress for raises in the debt ceiling.

        1. I suspect Obama’s second term will die by a thousand cuts as he constantly has to beg Congress for raises in the debt ceiling.

          Which they will happily do because they are more concerned with re-election that with stopping the runaway train.

          1. They will. But he won’t get what he wants. And he will disapoint his supporters. Meanwhile, the train will go on on autopilot.

            We didn’t really elect a President last night as much as we chose not to have one. The Congress and the Exectutive are going to run on auto pilot for the next for years while the village idiot plays golf, drone strikes people and glares at his enemies.

          2. Primary challenges.

            Its time for the real Tea Party to hold the GOP feet to the fire.

            1. I think they are all dead.

              1. I can only take solace in the fact that of the small handful of libertarian leaning politicians in DC, my state has put two of them there. It feels good to know that my fellow statesmen aren’t complete statist fucktards.

      2. Clearly, you’re both right.

  23. One positive to take from last night…Obama went from 69M votes to 59M.

    His popularity has tanked.

    That says everything you need to know about Romney’s candidacy.

    1. Yeah. Romney and Obama got fewer votes than McCain. The Republicans could have run Palin and probably won. Conservatives didn’t turn out for a Mass RINO.

      1. Not that I am endorsing her politics, but I think Palin missed her golden opportunity this election cycle. Obama was a weak candidate that should have lost and she was popular enough with the grassroots that I think she could have taken the primaries and most of the tactics of demonizing Romney would have backfired against her. Tea Party enthusiasm would have been higher and you most likely would have seen a higher turnout. Not to mention she would have taken some of the edge of the “wimminz” vote.

        1. What is wrong with her politics? She is a much more fiscal conservative than Romney. She has said some good things about the drug war. And she is, despite what people think, not a SOCON.

          I am not sure she would have helped with the women vote though. Women are horribly jealous of women who are attractive and have good looking husbands. They are nasty like that. Although, Obama’s tone in the debate would have been wildly sexist. She wouldn’t have done any worse than Romney and it would have been a much more entertaining campaign.

          1. Palin’s brand was too spoiled, even if those things were true. Anyone who wasn’t already a solid TEAM RED member would have been completely turned off.

            I would have voted for her, mind you, mostly so we could get lots more pornos with Lisa Ann starring as her.

            1. But Warty, Romney got fewer votes than McCain. It looks to me that anyone who was not solid team red stayed home. I don’t see how she could have done any worse and she probably would have done better.

              I wonder if she runs in 2016.

              1. Really? That’s hilarious. What a fucking loser Romney is. Way to laugh Ron Paul out of the room, TEAM RED. Fucking idiot gutless losers.

                1. Yeah. And Obama got about the same number. Jesus. John McCain could have won or come close to winning this election. My God what a pair of loser candidates. That number just astounds me.

              2. Her time will have past by 2016. The economy should have recovered or stabilized enough by then that it will not be the hot-button issue and the new players for the Republican nomination are going to be people who are making an active name for themselves in the House, Senate, and Governor’s Offices.

                I also get the feeling that if she had wanted to be president she would have run this cycle. Her absence makes me think that she (much like Mike Huckabee) is happier being a media personality and tea party luminary than she is in holding office.

                1. economy should have recovered or stabilized enough by then

                  I hope you are right. But I seriously doubt it.

                  1. Here is my swami hat predictions, this is of course barring some large unforeseen crisis or bubble:

                    There will be some slight problems around the full implementation of Obamacare in 2014 causing a short rise in unemployment and some lowered profit margins, but companies and workers are good at adjusting to the “New Normal”. The mainline unemployment statistic will most likely hover in the 6-7% range, but the “underemployment” statistics will be high into the future because of Obamacare.

                    It will be much like the malaise that Japan has gone through for 2 decades now. Stable does not mean great, but people get used to certain situations.

                    1. While I concur that businesses and individuals are certainly prone to adjusting to the new normal, the most onerous of Obama’s legislative achievements will make that more and more difficult: Dodd-Frank.

                      Only some 25% of that bill has actually been written considering most of the regulatory language is to be written by the bureaucracies. That uncertainty will be hanging over the economy for the next decade and hampering any considerable economic growth.

                      Moreover, even if economic growth were to spike, the resulting impacts on velocity of money and interest rates would immediately balloon the federal deficit in a way that will outweigh any gains in revenue from improved econ performance.

          2. That should have read “not endorsing her,”…Palin is fairly typical “Tea Party” and that is better than the Rick Santorum SoCon or the Mitt Romney Rockefeller.

            OT – Judging from comments you have made over the years it sounds like you have had some very poor relationships with women in the past. You sound pretty bitter.

            1. No I am happily married. I am not bitter at all. And I even loved my mother dearly. And have three sisters whom I love. I just understand women.

          3. If Palin has any aspirations to the White House, she needs to run against Begich in 2014 for his Senate seat.

      2. GOP should probably fire everyone involved with the national party.

      3. Actually, there are still votes to count on the west coast. He’ll probably pass McCain by a few hundred thousand.

        1. So he is statisttically tied with him. That is pretty amazing when you think about it.

  24. after Romney and the SoCons apologize for handing Obama another term on a silver platter.

    Egg fucking zackly.

    1. This threaded-comment protest is getting old. Threading is here, get used to it, Brooks.

  25. The Dems overplayed their hand with Obamacare and lost the House in 2010 and again last night. Obama’s personality pulled him through though far more people saw through him this time. Now the reactionary progressives will overplay their hand again and, the question is, who will be the GOP’s 2016 nominee to go up against the Hag?

    1. Yeah. Obama’s speech last night was amazing. He gave a campaign speech. He is going to keep doing exactly what he has been doing only more so. He has learned nothing.

      He basically got the same number of votes McCain got in 2008. He has no mandate but is going to act like he has one.

      You watch, the fist misstep will be haivng a two hundred million dollar four day extravaganza inauguration. It is going to look amazingly tacky and out of touch. And it will pretty much set the tone for the next four years.

      1. Versailles on the Potomac.

        1. Versailles on the Potomac.

          You know something fucked up. When I read that I read what sounds like Ver-sails rather than Ver-sigh.

          Fucking Kentucky.

    2. Depends on whose “turn” it is. The Santorum/Ryan jockeying has probably begun.

  26. So it turns out that a vote for Gary Johnson was a vote for Gary Johnson.

  27. This threaded-comment protest is getting old.

    I endeavour to persevere.

  28. Rather than voting for one of the two men whose lies best match my principles, I voted for the only candidate with actual principles. And congrats to Gary – we’re the 1% now 😉

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