Election 2012

President Obama Wins the 2012 Presidential Election


President Barack Obama has won reelection, according to multiple media projections. 

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  1. Can’t believe America is so racist that they would reelect this shitty of a president based on his race. That’s disappointing.

    Still curious how the popular vote turns out, but California will probably blow that to Obama.

    Good news everyone! We might be able to get slightly less shitty nominees to the major parties in 4 years, instead of 8!

    1. I never want to hear “It’s the economy, stupid,” from a Democrat ever again. EVER.

    2. I don’t want to here them bitch about “buying votes” ever again. Ohio union votes were bought. With my fucking money.

  2. Yep, we’re a nation of Shrieking Idiots and Chony Krugnutters now. The zombies, takers, and losers now outnumber the productive members of society, and there’s no going back. It was a pretty great country while it lasted.

  3. Gosh, I hope Libertarians know what they doing.

  4. Well, the only positive thing from this is that conservatives are miserable now.

  5. !!! THE BUMS WON !!!

    I say it is now SAFE to eliminate affirmative action.
    White American Men failed to boot Obama…who was a pretty crappy president. And Romney is a pretty moderate republican.

    AMAZING !!!

  6. Well, I’ve heard a lot this year, from both Team Red and Team Blue, about the real Obama agenda that will be unleashed if he’s given 4 years to preside without concern of re-election.

  7. Finally Obama will be able to deliver real change to Warshington.

  8. But, GJ will easily surpass the all-time best number for Libertarian nominees, right?

  9. go fuck yourself

  10. Well, the only positive thing from this is that conservatives are miserable now.

    There IS one silver lining in this – when the economy finally busts, there’s no way the libs can blame capitalism for it.

    Also, my savings in silver will have another 80% increase in value. Thank you, Barry!

    1. I’m curious to see what my gold holdings do tomorrow. Probably nothing. They had a good day today based on Obama’s expected victory, so I’ve gotten all the short-term gains I’m going to get.

      I’m still liking it medium and long term too, though.

    2. Exit polls indicate that half of voters still blame Bush for the economy more than Obama.

      1. Re: Tulpa,

        Exit polls indicate that half of voters still blame Bush for the economy more than Obama.

        There goes the country.

    3. There IS one silver lining in this – when the economy finally busts, there’s no way the libs can blame capitalism for it.

      Oh, they’ll think of a way, I’m sure. One thing: if you have any gold or silver holdings, I wouldn’t let anyone know about it – not even here.

      1. Of course they will. In Cuba they still blame capitalism.

    4. “…when the economy finally busts, there’s no way the libs can blame capitalism for it.”

      That is, perhaps, the most naive thing I’ve read in years.

  11. Sadly, I think the lesson both major parties take away from this is something like the corrupt auto bailouts will win you elections. I see both sides doubling down on handing out free stuff….and why not? The American people will reward it.

    Worst generation indeed.

  12. The Donald is having a twitter meltdown.

    Donald J. TrumpVerified
    The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.

  13. Oh boy, just what I was looking “forward” to, another 4 years of “buh-buh-buh-but Buuuuuuush!” and kulak hoarders and wreckersobstructionist Republicans getting in the way of utopia. Plus my other favorite, people saying that the President is powerless to do anything about people who serve entirely at his pleasure and policies that are entirely under the jurisdiction of the executive branch.

  14. How about an update on the more important votes….legal weed.

    1. Refresh your browser and look at the Mike Riggs post. I’ve seen reports that it passed in Washington and Colorado.

      OT: Shep Smith was railing about fiscal insanity to Rich Lowery and saying that the Republican’s “need to get on board” to save the country. WTF?

  15. Does the GOP do some soul searching and move in a libertarian direction after proving unable to beat a president with a tire fire for a record? Probably not.

    1. As I posted several times in the other thread, most voters blame Bush for the economy.

      1. Is it the same as it was four years ago? If things are still bad four years from now, that number isn’t going to be much higher than the number of hardcore liberals in the country

        1. Do you think there’s some switch that’s going to flip after 6 years when suddenly it won’t be Bush’s fault anymore?

          If it hasn’t happened after 4 years, 2 of which with total Dem control, it’s not going to happen. Bush is the new Hoover, who FDR was still running against and winning after 8 years.

  16. You did your part to make this victory possible, Suderman. Hope you enjoy what comes next.

    I have to admit I’m glad I don’t have to read your tripe about Romney being the inventor of BO-Care anymore.

    1. Did Suderman support Obama? Why is it that opposing Romney is by definition support of Obama, but the opposite isn’t true?

      1. If you were writing at Slate and ripping BO for drone attacks, you’re helping Romney.

        If you’re writing at Reason, and grossly misrepresenting Romney’s relation to a part of BO’s record libertarians absolutely hate, you’re helping BO.

        It’s not hard.

        1. Slate is a liberal Democratic website. Reason is a libertarian site. Analogy fail. As usual

        2. grossly misrepresenting Romney’s relation

          And by “misrepresent” you ACTUALLY mean “describe it accurately. You’re so full of shit, Tulpa.

          “Never criticize Romney, it just means you’re helping Obama”.

          Yay for moronic partisanship!

    2. Tulpa, you don’t have to hand-wave for Romneycare anymore. Reclaim your pride by admitting to yourself that Romneycare is Obamacare at the state level. If you think the fact that it’s a state plan rather than a federal plan is an important distinction, you have really allowed Romney to melt your brain.

  17. I’m baffled – AP called Ohio for Obama when the candidates are tied at 49%, Romney is ahead by about 20,000 votes with 82% reporting. Even if the remaining districts lean Democratic, it still seems too early to call without factoring in the last 20% plus absentee ballots.

  18. They not only lost the presidency, they lost in their respective home states.

  19. For the sake of all our daughters’ future I am so relieved that Barack Obama has been re-elected.

    1. My daughter respectfully asks that you fist yourself.

  20. for the first time in his life, Mitt Romney helped hire an african american.

    1. What are you doing?! No one from the cast of Girls will see this gem of a joke here! Take it to Twitter! It’s criminal to hoard gold like this!

  21. It’s not like there was going to be a “good” outcome either way… Either Mitt wins and we spend the next 4 years hoping there was actually any substance to his indiscriminate pandering campaign promises… Or we get four more years of this blithering, statist idiot and watch as he merrily runs the economy further into the ground while blaming all of it on his lack of “storytelling”.

    The GOP/conservatives handed this one to the Dems- they’ve been running one buffoon after another hoping to luck their way into a victory. Even the “conservatives” on the Supreme Court force more Constitution-shredding lunacy on us.

    Ugh. I voted for Johnson – maybe the Libertarian party gains a stronger foothold or gains more control of the GOP. But the current crop of jagoffs running the party don’t seem like they could win a high-school class election.

  22. Sorry to go on a Shep Smith rant here, but he is now saying that a Romney concession speech is part of the democratic process!

    I need a space beer…

  23. Oh for fuck’s sake… a long line of black families marching outside my apartment. At 12:30AM. Screaming as if their cousin got elected.

    Since I only heard drums at first, I was hoping it was white hipsters, and I got all prepared to go out and confront them. But I’m guessing these folks aren’t bleeding hearts, so confronting them about dead Pakistanis or civil liberties won’t accomplish much.

    1. Well it gets worse after the drums stop…

      Bass Solo.

  24. Here’s to 4 more years of the last 12!

    1. Four more years of that damn Bush fucking things up for Obama.

      1. Wait … Bush isn’t president still?

  25. So now that that is over we should talk about how screwed we are and how just as screwed we would have been if Romney won.

    Economic studies put GDP loss at 1% per year for when the Debt-to-GDP ratio is 90% or higher.

    We are at like 100% plus right now and it is going higher every second.

    This is why the recovery never happened.

    Also Obama is going to do nothing about this and Romney would not have done anything either.

    What this means is when eventually we are going to get another recession…the US gets one about every 7 years…we will be caught with our pants down.

    If you think the last recession and the non-recovery we have had is bad just imagine what is going to happen with the next one.

    Imagine the unemployment numbers, imagine even higher debt because of the loss of revenues…and the even worse Debt-to-GDP ratio and the even worse damage to growth that will cause and the even greater impossibly of having a recovery.

    Seriously probably within 2 years we are seriously fucked.

    1. You are vastly underestimating what just happened. Socialist senators have just made headway-Brown, Warren, McCaskill.

      I will look back at the Reason bandwagon a month back and will just sit back in pity. It will take a good wake-up spanking from the re-elected regime for the non-voters here to appreciate what little Romney offered, and understand what they just let happen to this republic..unopposed.

      1. Good grief. Republicans could have run a talking parrot and won. Instead they ran Akin.

        1. They don’t them the Stupid Party for nothing. So this election goes to the Evil Party.

      2. Holy shit! I didn’t know Romney was running against the three of them as well. Good god he really must be a machine.

        What’s that? His winning the presidency wouldn’t have meant dick for those elections? Say it ain’t so.

  26. Y’all better pray for the President’s health: Joe Biden is still VP.

    1. Shudder.

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