Predictable Election Day Messes, Predictable Russian Corruption, Vote for Master Chief!: P.M. Links


  • Happy Election Day! Everything's a mess like it always is.

  • How about some election counterprogramming? Go play Halo 4 instead.
  • A judge invalidated the candidacy of a Nevada Assembly candidate just hours before voting started. Surveillance video suggested he didn't live in the district where he was running.
  • A gunman at a chicken plant in Fresno, Calif., shot four people there before turning the gun on himself. One of the victims died. The rest, including the gunman, are in critical condition.
  • Vladimir Putin has fired Russia's defense minister. Corruption and accusations of infidelity figure in heavily in a story that reads like a Russian soap opera.
  • European Union auditors have found the member nations are wasting billions of euros in how money is being spent even as spending cuts are a major political issue.
  • Just a reminder: Tonight and tomorrow Reason's 24/7 feed will be focused in reporting election updates. And we have an RSS feed.

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