Superstorm Sandy

New York Investigating $8/Gallon Gas Offered on Craigslist

Government's post-disaster battle against free market forces continues


The New York attorney general's office is looking into whether gasoline offered through theCraigslist website for as much as $8 a gallon is legal as motorists cope with retail shortages after Hurricane Sandy.

The price for fuel available in New York City and Long Island by some individual sellers on Craigslist, the online- classified ad site, was almost double the latest average city price of $4.102 published today by AAA, the largest motoring organization.

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  1. I think the state is doing the right thing here. After all, how is it fair, in any way, to sell a product to someone who wants it at a price both parties agree on even though it’s a higher price than usual, reflecting the increased demand of the situation (as well as the fact that the seller likely had to wait for hours to obtain said product)? This is a no-brainer, and if NY pols are good at anything, it’s no-braining.

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