Evidence Mounts That Obamacare Hikes Healthcare Costs

Insurers anticipate increased demand and a shortage of providers


A recent letter sent out by Blue Shield of California shows how ObamaCare's promises of reducing health care costs may prove to be empty rhetoric.

In 2014 people who are uninsured become eligible under ObamaCare for a taxpayer subsidy to purchase health insurance through an exchange.

Anticipating an influx of new customers, Blue Shield of California is trying to encourage providers to sign up for new preferred provider organization plans that it will offer via the exchange in 2014.

The letter told providers that if "you want to keep your current . .. PPO members and attract new … PPO members in 2014, you should elect participation in the new PPO networks at the 20% to 30% discount levels."

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  1. ObamaCare’s promises of reducing health care costs may prove to be empty rhetoric.

    Of course, we can’t say for certain, but what will end up happening is that health care costs will continue to rise, the government will introduce “cost control measures” to depress prices, insurance companies will fight tooth and nail for government subsidies, government spending on health care will increase, and the end result is that we’ll socialize the whole damn thing because it’ll be cheaper to have government running the thing than a half-baked private-public merger.

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