Bruce Majors

Could Bruce Majors Secure Permanent Ballot Access For Libertarians In D.C.?


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Real estate agent (and Reason Foundation donor) Bruce Majors isn't running to replace Eleanor Holmes Norton as D.C.'s non-voting delegate in congress just to get the Libertarian Party permanent ballot access in the District. The driving force for Major–who was active on the 1980 presidential campaign of Ed Clark–is actual frustration with Norton, a two-decade incumbent.

"She likes to talk about her defense of D.C. gay marriage against the Republican congress, which is nice. It's also true that the Democrats controlled congress for two years and the presidency and the Senate and didn't repeal DOMA," he said.

Majors says he would submit a bill that would give the District the same status as Guam and Puerto Rico, effectively exempting Washington from federal income taxes in exchange for not having the rights of statehood.

Norton, a supporter of D.C. statehood, submitted this kind of legislation earlier in her career but has since stopped in favor of other kinds of statehood legislation. Majors thinks it would be even better to have this kind of legislation put to a district-wide referendum as a way to embarrass Washington's political class.

"My position is it would be great to have no federal income tax. I think if you put it to the average voter in D.C., that is what they would pick," he said.

Majors says he is unsure that he'll get enough votes from anti-Norton voters to get permanent ballot access for Libertarians, but is optimistic about the eclectic coalition he's cultivated since declaring his candidacy.

Full disclosure: Majors is a donor to the Reason Foundation. 

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  1. “Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.”

    Oh, wait. Wrong Majors.

    1. I was wondering where the track suit was.

    2. Secret love child of Bruce Lee and Lee Majors. Back then in Hollywood they didn’t talk about that kind of thing.

  2. (Drool.) No federal income taxes. (Drool.)

  3. I get the whole taxation without representation thing, but this is a city that is essentially a giant welfare recipient. Almost everything produced by it is paid for by federal dollars.

    I am also STRONGLY opposed to DC statehood — those two senators would be the greatest lobbying monsters the world has ever seen. portion out the areas of the city that are federal or embassy land, and toss the rest back to Maryland.

    1. ^this (2nd paragraph)^

      1. 2nd Paragraph is why DC isn’t a state in the first place. The founders were pretty smart guys, and they predicted well who the political crack whores were.

    2. DC’s $10 billion annual budget is over $7 billion from local taxes, only a little under $3 billion from the “federal payment” DC gets because it cannot tax federal buildings.

      Of course DC’s high incomes and insulated real estate bubble are the result of the expansion of federal jobs, which have also reduced the black population of DC Dom 75% to 49% by importing mainly white lawyers and technocrats.

      I am happy to propose only exempting non government workers from tax; or dropping federal salaries of any ‘crat living in DC free of income tax.

  4. DC statehood is a bad idea. States have police powers that collide with the federal government’s supremecy. The State of Columbia and the federal government would be in court constantly, and supremecy would essentially abolish the police powers of Columbia anyway.

    That said, there’s no reason DC can’t have a full Representative and 2 Senators and the right to organize its government as it sees fit. A constitutional amendment granting permanent Home Rule and full voting representation seems fair enough.

  5. effectively exempting Washington from federal income taxes

    Fuck that. They should pay double taxes for the privilege of stealing from the rest of us.

    1. But then they’d just vote themselves quadruple the income. :p

  6. Give it back to Maryland.

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