Gay Marriage

Teens With Lesbian Parents Do Better at School, Claims Study

Another argument for gay marriage


LOS ANGELES (CBS Las Vegas) – Teens living in homes with lesbian mothers are proving to be more successful in school and generally happier in life.

A new study has found that 17-year-olds with lesbian mothers had high school GPAs ranging between A-minus to B-plus, while having strong family bonds with their mothers, whom the teens consider good role models. The Williams Institute at UCLA, which conducted "Adolescents with Lesbian Mothers Describe Their Own Lives," tracked 78 adolescents over a 26-year period.

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  1. This is not hard to understand. If you are the offspring of a household with two women, you cannot possibly be the child of Rick Santorum…

  2. I don’t trust any teenager who says they are happy and their parents are “good role models”. Where is the normal, healthy angsty rebellion?

    1. btw, I wouldn’t second guess this study if it said “children raised by lesbians perform just as well in school, and are just as happy, etc.” But the “lesbian parents are better than heterosexual parents!” suggestion just strikes me as too fishy. And seriously, teenagers who ooze tolerance and love for all humans, especially their wonderful perfect parents are either brainwashed or lying.

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