Running Away from Sandy, Gary Johnson Storms Colorado, Donald Trump Helps Democrats: P.M. Links


  • Let's all run away from our troubles!

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg is insisting on going forward with the New York City Marathon this weekend, which is causing a bit of a backlash.

  • Businesses in Brooklyn who can't get flood insurance because they're in a high-risk area want free money from the government to recover from Sandy, not loans.
  • Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson is drawing crowds in Colorado, and Democrats there fear he'll be siphoning votes from President Barack Obama.
  • A judge has ordered some Watergate documents unsealed. The government, though, argued for contents of illegally obtained wiretaps to remain sealed. The judge agreed for now, but is demanding the government make a case for not releasing them.
  • People hate Donald Trump so much that his comments and stunts are actually encouraging voters to support Democrats.
  • Hundreds of New Yorkers lined up not for gas, but for iPad minis.
  • A Secret Service agent appears to have committed suicide over the revelation of an extramarital affair with a Mexican woman. Agency rules require its agents to disclose relationships with foreign nationals, and he was subject to an internal investigation.

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  1. Where is FoE?

        1. I have that on vinyl but have never seen that video .. I thank you.

    1. Oh, shit. He said your mom, FOE.

      1. I don’t even read his comments.

        1. YOU LIE.

        2. Which makes your responses to the same even more diabolical!

          1. What’s great is, with this little “First!” display, he’s surrendered the high ground.

  2. People hate Donald Trump so much that his comments and stunts are actually encouraging voters to support Democrats.

    I knew he was a plant.


      1. Wow, that’s twice in one day…

    2. about time you showed up.

  3. …and Democrats there fear he’ll be siphoning votes from President Barack Obama.


    1. Everybody knows Libertarians only siphon votes from Republicans.

      1. Whether you used to drive a Chevy or a GMC, if one ever turns out to be a shitbox, you don’t go buy the other hoping it’ll be different this time.

        1. Then how do you explain the continued existence of either miserable brand?

          1. “I’ll take ‘Government Bailouts’ for….tens of billions, Alex.”

          2. To be fair, their trucks are actually decent. As long as you get rid of them before they hit 100K. That’s been my dad’s trick for 30 years.

            1. I’ve been taking Chevy trucks to 250k for over 25 years. I have 232k on my Blazer right now, going to put another 100-150k on it before I trade it in.

              … Hobbit

          3. Because Dodge has friday trucks, Toyota wants the goddam moon for theirs, and far too many people have driven a Ford* lately.

            *Although, as pointed out below, Ford and Chevy actually make pretty good trucks. I just think full-sized trucks are expensive as fuck now.

            1. What’s a friday truck?

    2. This whole theme of libertarian candidates “siphoning” votes from one candidate or another needs to fucking die.

      My vote doesn’t belong to anyone other than the person I fucking choose to give it to. If a Republican or a Democrat isn’t that guy, it’s their own fucking fault not having earned it, not some “spoiler” for having “stolen” it from them.

      1. I have a libertarian vote. It can be earned by one of the major parties, I suppose, but it doesn’t belong to either.

  4. Businesses in Brooklyn who can’t get flood insurance because they’re in a high-risk area want free money from the government to recover from Sandy, not loans.


    Businesses in Brooklyn who can’t get flood insurance because they’re in a high-risk area UNEXPECTEDLY want free money from the government to recover from Sandy, not loans.

    1. Businesses in Brooklyn who can’t get flood insurance because they’re in a high-risk area want free money from the government to recover from Sandy, not loans.

      Jesus Fucking Christ.

      The problem is that we all know that they’ll get money, despite knowingly and willingly planting their businesses in a flood zone where they could not get insurance coverage, because fairness and stuff. Nothing like incentivizing piss poor decision making, and on my fucking dime no less.

      These fuckers don’t deserve a goddamn penny. Fuck ’em.

      1. FTA:

        “No one in this room has flood insurance,” said Jackie Summers, gesturing at his fellow business owners.

        That’s not for lack of trying. Red Hook, an industrial waterfront community, sits squarely in the kind of high-risk zone insurers won’t touch.

        Ikhmies said he carries fire, theft, liability and other coverage on his 13-year-old printing business. But when it came to flood insurance, the only coverage he could find had sky-high premiums and a too-small coverage cap.

        “They only went up to half a million,” he said. “The equipment cost $4 million, $5 million. What good would half a million do if things got damaged?”

        That’s the nightmare he’s currently living. Ikhmies sealed his building up as Sandy approached, but floodwater pushed through the windows, covering all of the shop’s printing presses in several feet of standing water. This week’s projects are now papier-mached to the warehouse floor.

        So because you took an ill-advised risk with millions of dollars of equipment and lost the gamble, one that companies whose entire business is about risk assessment wouldn’t touch, I’m supposed to fucking pay for it.

        Go fuck yourself with a pole.

        Next time do some risk assessment. Don’t ignore all of the circumstances that you don’t like, then expect that others pick up the slack.

        1. “They only went up to half a million,” he said. “The equipment cost $4 million, $5 million. What good would half a million do if things got damaged?”

          That quote absolutely sends me into orbit with rage.

    2. Sounds like a “pre-existing condition”.

      What happened to that federal flood insurance anyway? Don’t tell me someone actually got that boondoggle cancelled.

      1. It appears that it still exists:

        Right here

        Funny/sad that they use Google AdWords and thus pay per-click.

        1. They still have the federal one that insures ANYBODY who signs up? These people really do need to drown in their own debt.

    3. Well can you really blame them?

      I mean after the government bailed out the banks and the auto manufacturers it only seems fair that these little guys would get bailed out.

      I mean heck it’s not even like their decisions were as bad as the big guys since it took a 100 year storm to cause the problem for them.

      Not saying I think they should get anything but when you look at government actions over the last few years can you really blame them for demanding a cash bailout?

      1. Can and will, thanks!

      2. Don’t give a crap about the printing company, it’s the artisanal mayonaisse
        place I’m worried about.

        1. Now you’re in for it.

          1. That is pure sloopy bait, inn’it?

        2. We can pickle that

  5. American mom sings praises of French socialist child care policies.

    I hope she keeps her family there for when things go to shit under Hollande.

    1. She’s not even seeing the irony that France is so broke, that Hollande had to propose a tax hike to 75%, a rate even rich liberal Americans wouldn’t pay.

  6. Beer at work makes people happy

    1. There was no beer when I clicked that like. I am disappoint.

      1. *link*, not “like” – dammit!

  7. Abbotsford hockey team costs taxpayers another $1.7M

    Taxpayers in Abbotsford are once again on the hook to cover major financial losses by the city’s professional hockey club after the Abbotsford Heat finished last season with a $1.76 million shortfall.

    For once the comments are, for the most part, not shockingly stupid.

    1. Wait, people have heard of Abbotsford? Weird. And, the comments are fairly stupid. That guy who made the crack about the drug dealers and churches forgot about berry farms, for instance.

  8. This elephant learns human speech.

    1. Rick Santorum can now be understood?

      1. Yes, we know your name already.

    2. Well if an elephant could start speaking, it would be in a language with the phonology of Korean. Wake me when there’s an elephant that can speak Georgian or !Kung.

      1. Crap you mean there’ll be an elephant doing Gangnam Style. I can’t get away from the original as it is.

  9. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is insisting on going forward with the New York City Marathon this weekend, which is causing a bit of a backlash.

    “Oh, no!” Boomberg cries. “Not a backlash! I fear the backlashes!”

    1. But remember. It’s the media and mainstream culture that is moving ever rightward creating a sociopolitical environment where right wing extremism is the norm.

      MSNBC told me so.

  10. Residents of Bridgeport, CT so happy to see utility workers they throw a party.

    United Illuminating workers reported eggs and other objects being thrown at them a day after Mayor Bill Finch said the utility was taking care of wealthy suburbs while his constituents suffered. The unrest caused United Illuminating to pull its workers out until the city agreed to provide police protection.

    1. Bridgeport is a complete and utter shithole. Shittiest city in CT, and that means it’s shittier than New London. Now that’s saying something.

      1. Second-largest city in the country to have filed for bankruptcy. Largest until Stockton, CA this year. CT represent!

        1. But it does have the Barnum Museum. There’s a sucker born every minute in Bridgeport.

          1. And I truly can’t think of anything else good that’s there…

            1. I am merely glad that one can get by it on 95 so quickly.

      1. You know, you’re probably the only schmuck who clicks through that 24/7 crap.

        1. He’s really more of a schmendrick.

            1. I’ve always seen you as more of a schlemazel, myself.

        2. 24/7 crap.

          I still don’t understand the point of it.

          Is it supposed to be an aggregate site like Drudge?

          If so then why don’t they imitate Drudge’s look?

          That is the only reason why I go to drudge…it gives me one page to look at all the stuff of the day and pick and choose.

          The 24/7 may as well be a blog…but without the commentary.

  11. More outsourcing…

    …from Japan to the USA.

    “They stored ahll jobs!”…..=Top+Story

    1. Actually, Japanese people have trouble with English conjugation, so they wouldn’t be able to make the jump from “steal” to “stole”. Therefore:


    1. how can you find the melanoma with all those freckles in the way?

      1. Look for the one that bleeds.

        1. I thought developing melanoma required one to possess a soul.

          1. Those with ‘soul’ usually have enough melanin as to be at low-risk for melanoma.

            Jus’ sayin’

            1. Yep, and a high(er) risk for a host of other diseases. 6 of one, half dozen of the other.

              Jus’ sayin’ -))))

              1. That’s why you gotta go asian, ladies. (All two or three of you who read this blog).

                1. For what, a higher risk of osteoporosis?

                  1. Diabeetus, HTN, asthma and other pulmonary disorders, stroke, and certain forms of cancer occur in markedly higher percentages of those with “soul”, as far as risk factors go. Sickle-cell is almost exclusive to this group as well.

                    1. As Animal Mother said in “Full Metal Jacket”, “Thank God for the sickle cell….”

                    2. That was a comment to hamilton.

                      When I went Asian, we ended up with a daughter with alpha and beta trait thalassemia and hemoglobin H disease.

                    3. You go Asian, there’s no need for persuasion!

                      Are sex trafficking jokes worse than rape jokes?

                    4. Shoulda gone full on brahmin, HM.

                      (Though, seriously, I hope your daughter is well; I do not know of these disorders, so forgive my ignorance).

                    5. Thanks hamilton.

                    6. I do wonder if the strokes and cancer rates in darker populations in northern climes are from lack of vitamin D.

                      The melanin does tend to filter out the UV rays that help create vitamin D. Which is not such a problem closer to the equator, as people are out in the sun with less clothing for more time.

    2. This will have Heinlein spinning in his grave.

  12. Toews says long-gun registry data deleted, gun fans cheer

    The federal government says millions of records of registered long guns have all been destroyed, with the exception of court-protected data from Quebec.

    Our gun laws still really suck though.

    1. Hey, Awesome! Now you guys have to get to work changing your machinegun laws back to the way they used to be (way better than the U.S.)!

      1. Fat chance.

        When most people (here) are quite sure that Oklahoma will turn into a 24/7 wild west shootout, for example, I think our future gun laws are more likely to become much more sucky than less.

        1. I was talking to some Canadians at the Knob Creek Machinegun shoot a few years ago, and they were telling me about how they were hoping to get the long gun registry ended. It sounds like it took a bunch of advocacy and hard work. If you can do that, you should be able to accomplish other reforms in your gun laws. Of course, it’s possible the main reason the registry was abolished was because of its cost…

          1. Of course, it’s possible the main reason the registry was abolished was because of its cost…

            Cost was the main justification, plus the fact it placed a burden on hunters and farmers.

            Very few people here think of guns in terms of fundamental rights, or self-defence, etc., but almost purely in terms of hunting and pest control on farms. That’s why there’s still a handgun registry, handguns can only be transported with permission from the RCMP to and from gun ranges/your home only (using the most direct route!), they must be doubly-locked up at all times except at a gun range, etc. etc.

            1. As I sit here with my P3AT inside my waistband, I feel a sort of pity for you. However, since Canadians aren’t quite human, that pity is tempered with disgust, especially for All Dressed chips.

              1. Salt & vinegar and BBQ were made to be combined on the same chip. And there’s that odd, lingering acidic sweetness to them as well. Excellent example of truly disgusting junk food. You secretly made this petition, didn’t you?

              2. You are right to despise All Dressed chips.

        2. Oh horseshit, rts. That’s just a bunch of pants wetting. Although I will enjoy open carry for a few days.

          They have been bitching about that to no avail, and CCW has been here for a number of years and violent crime has actually decreased overall.

          Besides, any business that doesn’t want to allow guns on premises are still free to disallow them, and federal laws governing federal buildings still apply.

          The training doesn’t change but the name of the permit does. That’s it.

          1. Oh horseshit, rts. That’s just a bunch of pants wetting.

            It sounds like you’re calling me out, so I just want to be clear that I am in the “pretty much anyone should be able to acquire and carry (concealed or not) pretty much any sort of firearm as they see fit” camp.

            1. Not at all, rts. Apologies to you. The rags here were wetting their beds about “OMG!!! GUNS! On ‘Citizens!’ In plain view! Quick get meh mah smellin’ saltz!”

              They had to drag Gov. Fallin over that finish line, as she got cold feet and wanted to punt until the next legislative session.

              1. Not at all, rts.

                In that case, uh, sorry for the misread.

                “OMG!!! GUNS! On ‘Citizens!’ In plain view! Quick get meh mah smellin’ saltz!”

                I’ve never understood how a uniform magically pacifies hoplophobes.

                1. “I’ve never understood how a uniform magically pacifies hoplophobes.”

                  They would be shitting themselves in terror if they saw as many negligent discharges as I have seen in uniform heh heh heh.

                  1. So how many gay military porn movies are you responsible for anyway?

        3. Not to over-generalize, but I think that to most Canadians, Oklahoma is only a sort of hazy, theoretical concept in the first place.

          1. It’s just like Canada, but with more cowboy hats and less French.

        4. Oklahoma will turn into a 24/7 wild west shootout

          I was all around town today and can say, with much disappointment, that this did not happen. In fact, I didn’t see a single person carrying.

          1. In PA we have had shall issue CCW for nearly 20 years in all counties. Open carry has been popular for many years as well. As you can see, we are not a bloodbath.

            1. What? No blood? No monocled individual standing over his victim? I want wild west shootouts between that woman and the local cheese vendor! “I came in for a bite and shot the bastard” kind of thing. I am disappoint.

  13. Oh look, E.J. Dionne is saying really stupid shit again. Why do idiots like him (and by that I mean: Obama supporters) love mentioning the fucking Lilly Ledbetter Act? First thing that useless asshole did, and it was as meaningless and dumb then as it is now. And that’s his best accomplishment they can cite in four goddamn years.

    1. Because WAR ON WIMMINZ!

      1. Actually, the Lily Ledbetter act makes hiring a woman particularly dangerous; years after the fact she can sue your ass for a huge amount of money.

        1. You say that like results matter, or some such silly thing. The LL is legislation that cares about women, so what if less are employed as a result.

          1. That’s what pissed me off about it way back in 2009 and why it’s so gross that people are still talking about it. It was totally unnecessary, pandering, and actually counterproductive and yet Obama’s worshipers were ready to give him a medal for displaying warm fuzzies.

            1. Meaningless gestures matter, results don’t. This is TEAM BLUE in a nutshell.

        2. Ah, but they’ll only sue the employer if they were unjustly discriminated against by patriarch oppressors! It only punishes people who would be bigots!

    2. I’m confused by it too. First they act like it’s the second coming of ERA, but when you point out all it does is make it easier for women to sue their employers they get all pissy and say that there’s more to be done and you must hate women for even questioning it.

      1. Why don’t the wimmenz just write “LAWSUIT” on their foreheads and then go job-hunting? That’s what the Lilly Ledbetter Act does.

        1. Pretty sure that was a problem before the Lily Ledbetter Act, but yeah.

        2. Yeah, that gender studies degree is gonna be real helpful in the job search.

  14. Who’s ready for the big, upcoming decision?

    Bama or LSU?

    1. I’ve got three words for you, and two of them are “roll”.

      1. Roll, egg roll?

        1. roll bones?

          1. Rick Roll (too easy?)

    2. Nothing can stop Alabama now.

    3. Doesn’t matter. Kansas State would beat either one by 2 touchdowns. Oregon would beat either one by 3.

      1. I’m not sure they’re even playing the same sport. Alabama is scary.

    4. Can we root for both of them to lose?

      1. If you are really libertarian you’re doing this all the time.

  15. NJ Sen. Bob Menendez caught underpaying Dominican hookers.…..d-hookers/

    Luckily for him, nobody in the state has power.

    1. That’ll teach them. Next time, get the cash…I mean, DONATION…up front.

    1. Here I was hoping that they would all stand in a room with a pipebomb and see if one of them was able to walk out and fix their tie before crumpling in a dead heap.

      Maybe next time.

      1. Why is Gustavo ‘Gus’ Fring like a million times more interesting then Captain Tom Neville?

        1. Because he drinks poisoned Tequila and fries the best damn chicken in New Mexico.

    2. I will be surprised if either Adam or Jaime is allowed to play with concentrated HF. Seriously, if your employer ever wants you to work with concentrated HF, assume they are plotting your death.

      Hydrogen fluoride gas is an acute poison that may immediately and permanently damage lungs and the corneas of the eyes. Aqueous hydrofluoric acid is a contact-poison with the potential for deep, initially painless burns and ensuing tissue death. By interfering with body calcium metabolism, the concentrated acid may also cause systemic toxicity and eventual cardiac arrest and fatality, after contact with as little as 160 cm2 (25 square inches) of skin.

      1. Aqueous sulfuric acid has the same contact toxicity, although I think it requires a somewhat larger area.

        1. Yeah. Its weird, but HF doesn’t dissociate in water as completely as many acids, so if you keep the dilution hihg, its not super strong. Once it gets above 70%, it becomes super acid – it burns you so badly that the nerves die almost instantly and it will eat you without you noticing. That said, if free fluoride ions get loose in your blood, your blood calcium levels can drop to fatal levels quickly.

  16. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is insisting on going forward with the New York City Marathon this weekend,

    When people who say climate change is a problems start acting like its a problem, I will, too. “Climate change induced destruction” cleanup less important than the NY marathon. Got it.

  17. Oh man my hat tip for the flood loans story is on the link, not in the main post. Boo!

    1. Revolt.

    2. You should cancel your subscription, Jimbo. Why, when Lucy was writing articles…


        1. Sorry, I mean Lucille Maul.

          1. Worry not, Epi, I’ll be gone soon enough. -))) Good job breaking kayfabe, Hero!

            1. Will you be gone for good or just while you relocate? I assumed that you would have your internet setup fairly quickly and wouldn’t miss much? Isn’t there internet in the Ukraine?

              1. Of course, Marshall. Reliable internet (meaning fibre optik) takes a couple of days to set up. Wi-Fi is no problem, but not quite as reliable at times. Relocating for a couple of years, after that, we will see. -)

                1. My point, Doc, is that I expect regular reports about life on the other side of the world. Just because you are leaving the continent is no reason to leave HampersandR.

                  1. Plus pics of teh hot Ukrainian wimminz!

                    1. Wait..what did happen to Lucy?

                      Also where is Tim?

                  2. H&R now.

    1. I’ve always found it amusing when Ebert just doesn’t “get” certain movies.

        1. Jeremiah Johnson was the best movie of the 70s

      1. It never ceases to amaze me that the man who wrote the screenplay for Beyond the Valley of the Dolls went on to become one of America’s most popular film critics.

    2. Re: Caleb Tuberville,

      Roger Ebert gives A Clockwork Orange two stars.

      He gave a thumbs up to “The Entity” for the “good special effects” and Gene Siskel just laughed at him.

      It’s a shame that Siskel died, because it was fun seeing him bitch-slap the fat one.

    1. I wish I could say that that was the worst garbage I’d ever read, alas…

    2. I wish Obama and his posse would just go the fuck away.

      1. No shit. It isn’t that I think Romney will be materially better, but Science I am sooo sick of that smug bastard.

        1. Even as a Johnson voter, I must say that Romney will get a bit of a honeymoon period from me, just because of the joy I’ll feel in seeing the current administration leave.

    1. “As we could not guarantee that angry mobs would not hang runners and volunteers from streetlamps, we are cancelling the event.”
      –My dream quote

    2. Second worst November marathon canceling after Comedy Central failed to run a Turkey Day marathon in 1996.

    3. Politics in action.

      “We’re having the marathon.”


      “We’re not having the marathon.”

  18. Hundreds of New Yorkers lined up not for gas, but for iPad minis.

    And I’m supposed to feel for these people because they suffered through The Worst Storm Ever to Hit Anywhere??

    1. Everything that happens in NYC is the most everything ever. Those people seem to be professional drama queens. Everything takes on an artificial significance when it happens within the Big Apple for some ridiculous reason.

      1. My mother taught me to hate New Yorkers when we watched the 2001 World Series and rooted for the Diamondbacks. Best thing she ever did.

      2. And this is the portion of tonight’s program where the Yokeltarians complain that the most populous city in America gets proportionate news coverage.

        1. I don’t give a shit what happens in NYC. Sorry.

          1. It’s true. He didn’t even stop to look at a television on 9/11.

          2. No one is asking you to give a shit. I’m just tired of people complaining about the news marketing their product to their biggest market of consumers.

            You’d think advocates for a free market would understand how said market works, yes?

            1. This “I hate New York” KULTUR WAR shit is extremely stupid. It’s collectivist as hell, too.

              1. I never said I hate New York.

              2. They treat those of us up in the Catskills like shit.

                Seriously, they’ve got a bunch or reservoirs up here, which unsurprisingly shrinks the tax base. And the discharge from the one closest to me has fucked up the river downstream.

            2. Or, you could say that the big media companies in New York have benefitted from some regulatory protections that allowed them to have privileged position in America for a century and a half.

              Nothing 100% “free” market about any of it.

              1. …and that sports team have benefitted from a municipal and state government that is often too eager to pay for stadium construction.

              2. Or, you could say that the big media companies in New York…

                So how does that explain CNN?

                1. The expansion of cable television, allowing media firms from lower markets to gain an edge on the more entrenched New York firms.

                  1. The expansion of cable television, allowing media firms from lower markets to gain an edge on the more entrenched New York firms.

                    Absolutely, but Atlanta-based CNN is still giving events in NYC pretty heavy coverage, right?

                    1. True. But now it represents a truer proportion of the American television audience, and other smaller regions receive a much more coverage than they once did.

                    2. New Yorkers can be pretty whiny. And the population doesn’t account for the coverage at all. There are a lot of people in other places, you know. In fact, a whole lot more.

                      That said, the storm was much worse in effect that I expected from a lame tropical storm. Not sure yet whether its because the region just rolled the dice–like New Orleans–or because the storm was a bitch.

                    3. “Not sure yet whether its because the region just rolled the dice–like New Orleans–or because the storm was a bitch.”

                      I’m going with rolled the dice like New Orleans. I mean it was really just a matter of time and this probably isn’t anywhere close to a worst case for the region.

                    4. Have you not considered that it was because Global Warming?

            3. I don’t have a problem with the volume, I expect it. I have a problem with the MSM labeling every weather event the SuperStormoftheCentury!!!!! I just wish they could tone down the apocalyptic rhetoric and just report the facts.

        2. That makes no sense. All you have to do is broadcast it in the NY media market to get “proportionate” coverage.

          1. Except for all the people who have family and friends in New York City.

            C’mon son, you know better.

            1. Yeah, OK. I’m just tweaking you anyway. You certainly can understand that the constant focus on NYC in media can make it seem that NYC-centered media outlets only know their own and attach a certain special significance to things that happen there.

            2. There are roughly the same number of people in Missouri as in NYC, but stuff that happens to Missouri never gets the coverage that mouse farts in NYC get.

              1. Come on Tulpa, you understand the concept of population density.

              2. Missouri: 6m
                NYC: 8m
                NY metro area: 18m+
                Population affected by storm: 50m

        3. Er, NYC contains less than 2.5% of the US population.

          And most people who don’t live in NYC are not rural.

          1. They are if you ask someone from New York.

            1. “Yokeltarians”

            2. You mean “Yokeltarians?”

  19. Drugz Kill!

    A stranger, wanting to repay Otwell for helping find his cell phone, offered Otwell a free dose of 25-I, a new synthetic hallucinogenic drug. As Newell watched, her friend knelt and the stranger plopped a single drop from a vial into Otwell’s nose.

    Otwell immediately started babbling incoherently, Newell said. She got him to the medical tent at the festival, but within 30 minutes, he had a seizure and never regained consciousness. Taken to Tulane University Hospital, he was placed on life support Saturday night; he died Tuesday.

    A single drop can kill you!!!!

    1. Drugs kill people stupid enough to try new ones they’ve never heard of offered by strangers.

    2. Synthetic drugs have grown popular especially among people who have to pass regular drug screenings, including athletes and soldiers, because the drugs are not detectable on current drug screens, DEA officials said.

      MOAR “unintended” consequences.

    3. …the Drug Enforcement Administration considers [25-I] analogous to LSD…

      Considering that LSD is not a particularly lethal drug (only one confirmed overdose death), it looks like the DEA is doing their usual fine job regarding health hazard assessment.

  20. What Do I Tell My Black Child If Obama Loses?

    Phew! It’s a Larry Elder article.

    1. Two step forward, then gravity. That’s what you tell him.

      1. But put a lisp at the end of ‘step’ so it sounds literate.

    2. I had a friend a few years ago who said she just wanted Obama to win so she could tell her son with conviction that he could aspire to the Presidency. I sort of sympathized with her but ai don’t really think my parents said that with any conviction when I was little. I once asked my Mom why I should even want to be president, and she didn’t have an answer.

      1. Kill lists, endorsement deals, kickbacks from everybody, no accountability…Why wouldn’t you want to be President? Oh, you have a conscience? That’ll get ya every time.

      2. And your friend should have no problem telling her kid that he can aspire to be President. As long as she tells him that he needs to have a functional understanding of the Constitution and economics. Just because Obama is a fuckup doesn’t mean there will never be another black President.

      3. why I should even want to be president, and she didn’t have an answer.

        How about lots of BJs from fat groupie interns.

  21. Taylor Swift didn’t sweep the CMA this year?…..swift-now/

    Confession, but for the fact she sounds like Alanis Morissette lost her soul, I would not know her from Kelly Underwood, or is it Carrie Clarkson?

  22. Comeon dude lets roll with it man, Wow.

  23. Cato Institute files brief supporting the First Amendment right of a wedding photographer to photograph who the heck they want, even if it means gay couples have to look for another photographer:…..aphy-case/

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