Nick Gillespie on Hating Breitbart, a Documentary with a Powerful Post-Partisan Message


Nick Gillespie went to see the new documentary Hating Breitbart, which tells the story of the late new media impresario Andrew Breitbart.

Although released in time for the election and filled with familiar political faces and subjects (Barack Obama, ACORN, Anthony Weiner, the Tea Party, and more), the movie is stunningly post-partisan and should be watched by anybody with an interest in the future of media….

There's some sort of strange and jagged line that runs from the explosion in unlicensed pamphlets in 17th-century England through the anonymous publication of The Federalist Papers through the creation of that first great alt-weekly the Village Voice through Wikileaks and beyond. That line runs through Breitbart just as surely as it does through Mad magazine, the Whole Earth Catalog,, and Arianna Huffington.