Election 2012

DOJ to Deploy Hundreds to Monitor Polls Election Day

Will join all the lawyers being sent out by both sides to shriek about any possible violations


The Justice Department announced today it is deploying more than 780 federal officials to 51 jurisdictions in 23 states on Election Day to watch for voting rights violations.

State and local governments are responsible for administering elections, but the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division is charged with enforcing federal voting rights laws. The department has dispatched election observers across the country since the Voting Rights Act passed in 1965. On Election Day on Tuesday, they'll watch to make sure voters aren't discriminated against, to ensure jurisdictions comply with minority language rules and to make sure disabled voters receive proper assistance, among other things.

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  1. Now, when they say the Justice Department is sending out people, do they mean the Black Panthers? *snerk*

    I like that they say they are only looking out for minorities. All you white guys, go to hell! We don’t care if you get a fair election.

    Hubby and I live across the street from the polling place here. We already have our video camera set up. Evil can only thrive in the darkness. The more light you shed, the harder it is to do evil. Ignorance is darker than anything I know. Our neighbor down the street is a crusty Vietnam vet. He doesn’t let anybody get away with anything. In 2008, he actually got in a fight with a Dem over where she was standing (well inside the legal “protected” distance, I’d say about 75 ft closer than she should have been). We need more folks like him and there’d be no need for the “justice” anybody.

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