Sandy's Death Count, Jill Stein Arrested Again, Rhode Island Sues Curt Schilling: P.M. Links


  • Look at all the untapped economic growth!

    Sandy's North American death toll stands at 82 this morning and may grow as rescuers search through coastal towns.

  • Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was arrested again, this time while trying to deliver supplies to activists attempting a blockade of Keystone XL pipeline construction in Texas.
  • Argentina has lowered its voting age to 16, in line with South American countries Brazil and Ecuador. Critics argue the president is trying to appeal to the youth vote as her popularity drops.
  • A Massachusetts man who plotted terrorist attacks (with, of course, the secret help of federal agents as a sting) has been sentenced to 17 years in prison.
  • Imprisoning musicians for offending the sensibilities of Christians isn't just for Russians: Poland is doing it, too.
  • Rhode Island is suing Curt Schilling and the former head of its own redevelopment corporation over the $75 million loan guarantee the state gave to Schilling's now-bankrupt video game company.

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