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Swedes Ship the Unemployed Off to Norway (Watch Out, Canada)


Kicked out

Open, as I am, to creative innovations from elsewhere, color me impressed by the crafty Swedes. Rather than keep a nagging problem at home, where it drinks all the beer and leaves dirty dishes in the sink, Mikael, Lisbeth and friends shipped it off to a neighbor. Specifically, national and local officials are paying some of the jobless in the more afflicted regions of the country to take a hike to Norway.

From the London Daily Telegraph:

Under a scheme organised by the local authorities in the town of Soderhamn and by Sweden's national employment office, anyone aged between 18 and 28 can volunteer to take a "Job Journey" to Oslo and attempt track down gainful employment.

Those who sign up get a ticket to the Norwegian capital and are put up in an Oslo youth hostel for a month, with Soderhamn council picking up the £20 a night bill. The package also includes on-the-spot guidance on how to get a job in Sweden's northern neighbour.

Soderhamn apparently has an unemployment rate of 25 percent which does seem a bit stiff. Old-fashioned countries might ease labor and business regulations so that it's easier to start new firms that create jobs and are willing to take a chance on hires. But why change anything when you can hand out train tickets to your at-loose-ends labor?

Based on that outside-the-box reasoning, I can think of a host of truly challenging problems that could be resolved through the purchase of bus tickets to Mexico City or Toronto. In particular, there are a couple of shiftless political types wandering the landscape who we could put out of our misery by sending them out for some poutine.

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  1. …how to get a job in Sweden’s northern neighbour.

    Wow. European education is so superior to ours.

    1. It’s the failygraph, Soderhamn is of course closer to the Arctic than Oslo.

      1. There’s the thin strip that’s north of Sweden, but east/west makes a lot more sense. It’s like saying “Wisconsin’s northern neighbor, Minnesota.”

  2. Can we do this here, but instead of the jobless, we offer this to people who like Con Air? They’re certainly tasteless enough to accept.

    1. Poe’s friend needed insulin, but it got destroyed so he couldn’t leave him on the airplane to fend for himself when he had the chance. It didn’t matter that he was a convict, it was his friend.

      1. FoE, how would you like an all-expenses paid bus trip to Calgary? There’ll be Kraft dinner! With ketchup! And dill pickle flavored potato chips!

        1. Welcome to Canada,
          it’s the Maple Leaf State.
          Canada, oh Canada, it’s great!
          The people are nice and they speak French, too.
          If you don’t like it, man, you sniff glue.
          The Great White North, their kilts are plaid,
          Hosers take off, it’s not half bad.

          I want to be where yaks can run free,
          Where Royal Mounties can arrest me.

          Let’s go to Canada, let’s leave today,
          Canada, oh, Canada, I s’il vous plait.

          1. Hey, that’s pretty good.

            One small adjustment. We have caribou and not yaks. Royal Mounties like Dudley Do-right I hope.

            1. Tell it to Five Iron Frenzy.

        2. Dill pickled flavored chips? Yuck! No one eats dill pickles, right? Strictly for masturbation, the dill and vinegar puckers up the poop hole and clears the membranes around the piss bucket for more fierce penetration. You couldn’t possibly want to eat those after where they have been.

    2. I like your face…. off. UHHAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH.

    3. You know that song, Rocket Man? I only ask because… UHHUH-HUH-HUH-AH-HAH- ITS YOU!!!!!

      1. The only reason I didn’t include people who like Michael Bay films was to be nice to Hugh, but you’ve completely swept that goodwill away.

        1. There’s only two men I trust. One of ’em’s me, the other one’s not you. HUH-HAH-HAH-HAH.

        2. Are you a superman fan? I am.

    4. Unfortunately, most countries will take Gitmo prisoners before Bruckheimer fans.

  3. I’d settle for shipping the progs to Cuba.

    1. So they can screw hot Latin women? I think you need to rethink your plan.

      1. Progs won’t screw Latin women, in keeping with their policy of not spoiling the native cultures.

        That’s why they’ll be the first ones to buy those precious ’57 Chevys once full diplomatic and trade relations are reestablished after Fidel goes to the Soviet collective farm in the other world.

      2. +1000

        Why the fuck would they get Cuba? I was thinking more Antartica

        1. *Antarctica

          1. No. I claimed it all a few years back. It’s going to be bloody libertopia once we’ve got the nuclear plants set up.

            1. Well then … I guess they could team up with Newt Gingrich and set up a lunar colony?

              1. Had that idea middle school. I’m a Mars person now.

            2. So rich they’ll be importing ice from the North Pole.

  4. It looks like Norway is going to have to build a fence.

  5. Back from Trick ‘r Treat, what did I miss? Nothing?

    Here’s a story that will chill your hearts this evening.

    A tale of currency manipulation and Dracula!


    each [of which] led to the introduction of a more debased ? lighter weight type of ducat ? [in order to] increase of the amount of the coinage needed by ? expanding political payments.


  6. Q: What’s the difference between Sweden and Norway?
    A: The Swedes have decent neighbors.

    1. One welcomed the Nazis, the other didn’t?

      1. Actually, there are those who might say that Germany didn’t need to invade Sweden since it was already full of Nazi sympathizers.

        In fairness, I have to say that while the Swedes were Pro-German, once they really understood the Nazis bizarre racial ideas and the nutcase militarism they were definitely not Pro-Nazi. Didn’t stop them from giving German troops safe passage to travel through Sweden from Norway to Finland and back, though.

        Fact is, the “neutral” Swedes got have gotten a free pass on being a huge supplier of the German war machine while Swiss banks have been sued every which way over shenanigans that were mostly perpetrated by German con-men exploiting naive German Jews.

        1. In fairness, I have to say that while the Swedes were Pro-German, once they really understood the Nazis bizarre racial ideas and the nutcase militarism they were definitely not Pro-Nazi.

          Shorter: the Swedes got wind of that Nazi work ethic and said, “Pff, too far…”

          1. Well, I have to admit that I’ve heard that from more Canadians that I find comfortable with too.

    2. Swedish joke I heard from a Finnish exchange student:

      Q: Whats the flag of Sweden?
      A: A white cross on a white background.

  7. The more people are forced to pay for each other, the pickier they get about who they’re willing to pay for.

    First they turned against their immigrants…


    …now they’re starting to turn against their own?

    I guess they’ll try anything so long as it doesn’t stop forcing people to pay for each other.

    1. From the link:
      “MALMO, Sweden ? Nick Nilsson, 46, decided to vote for Sweden’s far-right party last fall because of a growing sense that his country had gone too far in letting so many immigrants settle here.”
      Sorry, the problem *isn’t* the immigrants. Why does he care whether it’s immigrants or Swedes getting the freebies? Does he think kicking a couple of immigrants out is going to make a difference? It’s not like Sweden is in the EU and has to accept everyone crossing the border.
      Bed—made—sleep—stuff it.

      1. Exactly.

        Show me a tolerant society where people are forced to pay for each other, and I’ll show you a society that doesn’t have much in the way of diversity.

        Show me a truly tolerant society, and I’ll show you a society where people aren’t forced to pay for each other.

        It works that way here in the U.S., too.

        I don’t think it’s a coincidence that states like Arizona put their draconian immigration laws in while ObamaCare was looming large in the background. I’m not saying that’s the way it should be, but I think that’s the way people are…

        People are a whole lot more tolerant of each other’s differences when they’re not being forced to pay each other’s bills.

      2. Of course the hard working immigrants committing the rapes that Swedes won’t, doesn’t have any thing to do with some Swedes getting fed up about the Muslim invasion.

        Or maybe he cares because Swedes are “family” and the immigrants aren’t. We can’t have people willing to look after family but not the dregs of Northern Africa.

        1. “Or maybe he cares because Swedes are “family” and the immigrants aren’t. We can’t have people willing to look after family but not the dregs of Northern Africa.”

          Once again, nothing brings the intolerance to the surface like making people pay for each other.

          Incidentally, Vermont’s like that, too. They think of themselves as the most tolerant people in the world.

          Vermont’s population is 98% white. They’re tolerant alright. …of minorities who live hundreds of miles away!

          What percentage of Sweden’s population is Muslim? I’m seeing numbers suggesting that they only make up 5% of the Sweden’s population.

          1. “Incidentally, Vermont’s like that, too. They think of themselves as the most tolerant people in the world.”

            You know what really is intolerable?


        2. Fuck off, Mallory. Since the 1950s Sweden has had no problem at all raising a whole generation of Swedes who reject Lutheranism and the Protestant work ethic.

          The immigrants at least have the excuse that the Swedes have always given them the pass that being from an inferior culture they can’t understand Lutheranism and the Protestant work ethic so they have put them away segregated in their own ghettos living on government handouts.

        3. Seriously, I’m pro immigration. Of course the immigrants we get in America are, despite the histrionics, just about as dangerous and violent as the average American.

          The European immigration is a lot more like the Mariel boatlift then any comparable American experience.

          1. any other comparable American experience, I mean.

          2. Um, on a percentage basis, we have waaaaay more Latin and Asian immigrants than they have Muslim immigrants.

            It’s not even comparable.

            1. But our Latin and Asian immigrants are, generally speaking, as peaceful and law abiding as the rest of us. Despite the rhetoric about MS-13 and other criminals you hear from some people here. Furthermore, the majority of American immigrants are generally productive. Plus we already have plenty of Hispanic citizens and Asian citizens, so it’s not a huge culture shock.

              This is not the case in Europe. The immigrants they have are overwhelmingly from Muslim nations, and the cultural differences are immense. The crime is also a valid issue, even though some scream racist when it’s brought up. The vast majority of rapes in Sweden are committed by immigrant Muslim males.

              The vast majority of cultures in this world are fine. But there is a particularly nasty subculture in the Islamic world that manages to combine sloth, violence, misogyny, and fanaticism in one nasty package. That’s what Europe has allowed into their countries.

              1. I would counter that socialist countries typically don’t have a lot to offer unskilled immigrants by way of opportunities, and that isn’t because of the culture of the immigrants. It’s because socialist economies aren’t very good at creating opportunities–period.

                If we’re better at assimilating immigrants, it isn’t because we get higher quality immigrants. It’s because our relatively capitalist economy is better at generating opportunities for people who come here with nothing but a work ethic.

              2. Muslims certainly haven’t had big problems integrating into the American economy.

                “According to a 2004 telephone survey of a sample of 1846 Muslims conducted by the polling organization Zogby, the respondents were more educated and affluent than the national average, with 59% of them holding at least an undergraduate college degree.[92] Citing the Zogby survey, a 2005 Wall Street Journal editorial by Bret Stephens and Joseph Rago expressed the tendency of American Muslims to report employment in professional fields, with one in three having an income over $75,000 a year.[93]”


                So, what’s the difference between the U.S. and Sweden?

                Hint: It might have something to do with the economic opportunities our economy offers when compared to Sweden.

                1. That’s obviously a factor, prosperity soothes a whole lot of grievances. Still, you can look at places like Dearborn here in the US and see a much lighter version of what I’m talking about.

                  The discrimination/oppression argument for fanaticism doesn’t hold much water in my book. In the United States Asian immigrants, particularly the Japanese, had a much more difficult time with the prevailing culture then the current Muslim immigrants in France, for example. Remember, France has lavish social support systems that provide housing and medical care and all the other necessities of life to “refugees”. Contrast that with, say, the Chinese in America who first came here to do the most backbreaking and menial jobs, and faced legal discrimination, but didn’t demonstrate a culture of violence the way European Muslims have.

                  Culture does matter, and the issue with European immigration is they have picked the worst culture to import. France has its historical ties with North Africa, but what is Sweden’s excuse? SLD applies, I can tell you who I’d be giving lots of spots to, and who I’d be giving very few or none at all to.

                  1. Last sentence should read:

                    SLD applies, but if you’re going to have a quota system I can tell you who I’d be giving lots of spots to, and who I’d be giving very few or none at all to.

                    1. “if you’re going to have a quota system I can tell you who I’d be giving lots of spots to, and who I’d be giving very few or none at all to.”

                      Yeah, and you’re not better at picking which immigrants we need than you are at picking stocks in the stock market.

                      Cheap labor is great for the economy. Access to uneducated, immigrant labor is one of the secrets to our success here in the U.S. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if cheap labor is bad for economic growth, then China must have had the slowest growing economy in the world over the past 15 years.

                      If you don’t understand how important cheap labor can be to economic growth, then you’re the last person who should be making decisions about who can and who can’t immigrate here to the U.S.

                  2. You’re making all the wrong comparisons.

                    Is there a nation in the world from which the U.S. doesn’t have any immigrants? Some North African Muslim country Sweden’s taken immigrants from, but that we’ve somehow neglected?

                    Does Sweden have a higher percentage of immigrants than the United States?

                    The correct answer to all these questions is no.

                    Why not admit that Sweden’s socialist system has failed to sustain true tolerance?

                    The comparison isn’t between the cultures of the immigrants. It’s between the economic systems of the host countries.

                    We have assimilated more immigrants from brutalized nations than Sweden has. And it isn’t becasue the U.S is more prosperous–we offer immigrants less government assistance than Sweden does!

                    It’s because capitalist economies offer people in dirt poor poverty more opportunities than they’ll ever get in a more socialist country like Sweden.

                    1. Ken fights the war on straw! Or is incapable of reading. Maybe I didn’t say cunt enough?

              3. Despite the rhetoric about MS-13 and other criminals you hear from some people here.

                I don’t know about that. Lots of immigrants in my area…sure we have lot of MS-13 tags but all the violence we get is some dude gets dumped and shoots his girlfriend or shoots her new boyfriend or gets shot by her new boyfriend.

                You never hear about the girlfriend shooting anyone…which also puts another myth to rest that Latinas are fiery.

  8. Well, even more obvious than sending them off the neighbors is all that cannon-fodder means Europe needs a nice war. That is the traditional way of dealing with surplus population.

    1. Aren’t they below replacement fertility though?

      1. “They”?
        Italy, certainly. And after being there, it’s no surprise.

      2. I believe Germany is.

  9. That’s odd. Tony always brings up Sweden as an example of a leftist economy that works.

    1. It’s all the left’s got.

    2. Tony’s basically retarded.

      If Sweden’s had any success, it’s becasue they’re a great example of austerity.

      They were at a budget surplus before things went to hell in 2008.

      They’re fiscally conservative like Tony wouldn’t believe. The Swedes may be socialists, but they aren’t stupid.

      1. Implied…

        They don’t use the Euro, so their austerity makes a difference.

        Considering Tony’s stupid economic ruminations, I don’t know why he’d use Sweden as an example of anything except his own monumental ignorance.

      2. Sweden become wealthy because they had one of the freest economies in the world in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, and they stayed out of the world wars. THEN they became socialist.

        This sums it up nicely


        1. Calidissident| 10.31.12 @ 9:24PM |#
          “Sweden […] stayed out of the world wars.”
          Well, they stayed out of the shooting. ‘Bout any decent WWII history makes clear Sweden stayed *in* the war supplying the Nazis (and profiting greatly by doing so) until the Allies made *very* clear threats regarding post-war trade.
          Suffice to say Sweden’s rep re: WWII is far superior to the facts.

          1. Sevo, all I meant by that was that they didn’t face the destruction the rest of Europe did. I’m familiar with the history of their involvement in WWII

            1. Calidissident| 10.31.12 @ 9:41PM |#
              “Sevo, all I meant by that was that they didn’t face the destruction the rest of Europe did. I’m familiar with the history of their involvement in WWII”
              Yep, Sweden ducked and weaved with great skill. And claimed neutrality where none existed.

          2. Sevo, see my post above, 10.31.12 @ 10:26PM.

            1. “In fairness, I have to say that while the Swedes were Pro-German, once they really understood the Nazis bizarre racial ideas and the nutcase militarism they were definitely not Pro-Nazi”
              Ah, well, I do see your post. I don’t see evidence.
              Sorry, by my reading Sweden was pro *NAZI*, period.

              1. Sevo, for what it’s worth it’s worth remembering that both the Swedes and the Swiss were surrounded by hostile German forces, the Swiss by German and/or Vichy and the Swedes by occupied Denmark, Norway and Finland (who got the rawest of the deal since at one time the Allied impetus was to rescue them fom th Soviets).

                Both of them made a deal to cooperate with the Germans. The Swiss, at least were smuggling out miniaturization of watch and instrumentation stuff by shipping by air thru neutral Portugal while the Swedes were trapped.

                I think we agree that the Swiss have gotten a raw deal while the Swedes have gotten a free pass which they do no not deserve.

                1. It’s also worth remembering that after the Belgian surrender the Swiss command issued an order to every field commander that they were to fight to the last man to resist invasion. The Swedes issued no such order.

                  1. But counter to that it also must be remembered that Swedish diplomats were actually saving Jews from extermination, apparently with their superior’s approval.

                    1. But, yes, in the end, one has to admit that the Swedes have not been held nearly as accountable as they should have been.

                    2. Swedes have not been held nearly as accountable as they should have been.


                      I also feel Canada has not been held accountable for FDRs Japanese internment camps.

        2. Yeah, let’s talk about what’s happened to various European economies since 2007.

          Even the Daily Kos–EVEN THE DAILY KOS–seems to think our spending is out of control. And trumpets the joyous fiscal conservatism of Sweden…


          The Kos’ prescription of soaking the rich is ludicrous, but at least they can see what Sweden is doing in spite what’s going on around them…

          Growing! …and last I heard, they still have a budget surplus.

          There are all sorts of ways Sweden could improve its economy, but they’re way ahead of us in the debt department!

          They’re not adding to their debt like we are. I didn’t see much in the way of stupid stimulus coming from them for a loooooooong time.

          1. Ken, I have always jokingly said here at H&R that it is perfectly easy to create a welfare state if your entire population is less than eight million and consists entirely of Swedes and Lutherans.

            That, and if you impose Swedish levels of taxation.

            One of the problems was that in the end the Swedes themselves were not willing to accept Swedish levels of taxation.

      3. Ah, so that explains it. I thought something’d happened in the 3 days I was without electricity.

  10. I can think of a host of truly challenging problems that could be resolved through the purchase of bus tickets to Mexico City…

    Sorry to tweak my open border libertarian friends, but you realize that Mexico City had this idea along time ago, right?

    1. ooooooooohhhhhh somebody went there.

    2. but…drug war and stuff

    3. To send all of the productive, hard working people to America?

      No, you’re right, I see them everyday, working hard for a low wage that unemployed American Occupiers would consider beneath them. Because student loand forgiveness.

  11. Halloween Night… Monster movies…

    Best B Movie line EVER:

    Food for five years, a thousand gallons of gas, air filtration, water filtration, Geiger counter. Bomb shelter! Underground… God damn monsters.

    1. Sounds like my place on a Saturday night.

      1. Sounds like my place too, except for all the air filtration and water filtration. I don’t have that level of sanitation here.

  12. Actually, Swedes are going to Norway for better pay.

    1. That report is from Radio Sweden.

      “Hey, kids! Maybe you should get the hell out of Sweden!”

      This message has been brought to you by the Swedish government.

      Meanwhile, from your link:

      “I think we can find the answers on the oil fields”, he tells Swedish Radio News, “Norway has had a large income from oil extraction and has had good economic development for a large number of years. Then you can pay higher wages and have lower unemployment.”

      I hear they’re paying well in Kuwait, too.

    2. If I could foist the feckless, perennially unemployed off to my neighbor with the promise of higher wages and better benefits, I’m gonna sell that prospect hard. Look! LOOK! HIgher wages over there! Go.. GOOOO! You’ll be so much happier!

  13. Based on that outside-the-box reasoning, I can think of a host of truly challenging problems that could be resolved through the purchase of bus tickets to Mexico City or Toronto.

    Have you ever tried to get into Canada for work without proper papers? That is a tickets to instant deportation, let me tell you.

    1. “Have you ever tried to get into Canada for work without proper papers? That is a tickets to instant deportation, let me tell you.”
      So the Canucks are a bit testy regarding an extra one or two folks getting all those freebies?
      See Ken S. above:
      Free stuff = forget immigration.
      Earn what you want = c’mon in!

      1. Not really. It seems the Canadians defend very thoroughly against those who might tik thuur jerbz! Due to a fuckup at my company, I was subjected to a very unpleasant interrogation and lecture about trying to enter Canada to do Canadian work that could be done by Canadians.

        1. What a bunch of racists, or so I’ve heard from Randian.

          1. Xenophobes is the term you’re looking for Tulpa

            1. Same thing.

              1. Not unless you’re a moron who doesn’t understand the meaning of words

          2. Are Canadians a race?

            1. Yes

              1. Interesting. I knew a black guy from Canada once, he seemed whiter than I was. More I think about it, you’re right.

              2. Of course it’s not a race.

                If we were a race we’d be a much greater menace to the USA.

                As for xenophobia, we blabber on about multiculturalism from one side of our mouths and exhibit anti-American tendencies on the other. We love other cultures but the one that actually feeds us we hate.

                Canadians are the most vapid faux-nationalists this side of James Bay. Our inferiority complex is both sad and funny at the same time.

                And don’t come to Quebec. Here we’ll fine you for having an English sign, quibble and whine on the radio (because that’s what the French do – whine), about not enough French-Quebecers on the crappy Montreal Canadiens, think the STM public transit system doesn’t need to speak English to anyone and so on and then turn around and tell people they’re not “xenophobic.”


                There’s one sports guy writer here who does nothing but look for “English injustices” and demands our coaches for the Habs speak French and then takes offense when he’s told he’s prejudicial. He cried like a chump telling people he wasn’t racist and that’s it’s just a matter of respect a coach speaks French.

                Fuck off. You’re prejudiced.

        2. db,
          Whether it’s claims of ‘jobs’ or facts of ‘freebies’, I’m having a hard time seeing a difference rather than a distinction.

        3. Clubbing seals or tapping maple trees?

      2. The Canadians have an immigration policy that highly favors highly-skilled and highly educated immigrants. This replaced their earlier policy of favoring immigrants from Great Britain (a policy that got them a bunch of socialist bludgers), immigrants from Northern Europe, which at least got them some quite entrepreneurial folks and to a lesser extent from Southern Europe, which got them the Italians who are the backbone of the construction industry, especially road building.

        They also now have a stringent health examination to make sure that no one comes into Canada to drain the Treasury by using too many healthcare resources.

        1. Our early immigration policy was rooted in racism based on eugenics. Superior races from Britain and all that garbage.

  14. Get a life people. It is the greatest movie night of the entire year, and ya’ll have nothing better to do than comment about Norway and Sweden?

    Give it a rest. Grab the adult beverage of your choice. Turn on the tube. Watch a really bad horror flick!

    The world will still be around to save on All Saints Day.

    1. I’m cleaning the house in preparation for out MegaHalloween party this weekend. But I am drinking adult beverages.

      1. I’m bouncing back and forth between Tremors (the greatest B movie ever made) and Halloween II. I don’t want to miss the scene where Michael stabs the nurse and her clogs fall off. Another classic scene!

        1. I thought Touch of Evil was the best B movie ever made.

          1. Touch of Evil is an “A” picture. Look at the director and cast; Heston, Leigh, Welles,Dietrich, McCambridge, Cotten. There are a slew of Academy Award-winners past and future involved in that production.

            They could have made a good B movie with the bit-part and supporting cast, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Dennis Weaver, Joi Lansing, Ray Collins.

            1. I could be wrong, but I think it technically was a B movie, premiering as an undercard to another film.

              1. Doesn’t matter, because Evil Dead 2 is tied with Bubba Ho-Tep as greatest B-movie ever made.

                Though They Live gets honorable mention.

              2. It was originally released as a B-movie, so you are correct. It wasn’t made with the intention of being released as a B-picture.

                1. It’s a good movie, either way.

                  The best noir film is The Third Man. I will brook no disagreement.

    2. I’m stuck at work for another hour or two, but that’s exactly what I’ll be doing as soon as I get home…

    3. I’m sick as a dog with the flu.

      1. All the more reason to have a medicinal shot and do something mindless.

        1. Capital idea.

    4. Some of us are in college (and, also, are boring nerds)…

      1. Then you should be out trying to get laid. Halloween…big night for getting laid in college. Think costumes. Even nerds can get laid in costume. (I know this from experience.)

        1. Meh, I threw on a leather jacket over a white shirt and went to a party as the Fonz. Some hot girls there, but I didn’t want to get drunk since I’m right now writing an essay on Antonin Scalia and textualism for a law class that’s due tomorrow. Being responsible sucks.

          1. I wrote the book on procrastinating in college. But, a truly “responsible” college student would have written the paper last night so he could get drunk and chase tail on Halloween.


            1. BTW, kudos on the simplicity of the costume. Minimal effort.

            2. Yeah, but I got a shitload of extracurricular activities, a full course load, and a part-time job, so it gets hard to stay on top of everything.

              And yeah, even I was surprised at how well it worked and how many compliments I got over it. Aaayyy!

              1. In my day, extracurricular activities = bangin’ chicks.

                Just kidding. Sounds like you have your shit in a sock. I didn’t have to work through school. Parents paid half. I respect the shit outta those who did/do. Not sure I would have made it if I had to work.

                Get your paper done.


          2. I went as the Unabomber one year.
            All you need is a hooded sweatshirt and a pair of dark sunglasses.

            My ‘Manifesto’ was a copy of The Onion.

    5. Francisco d Anconia| 10.31.12 @ 9:33PM |#
      “Get a life people. It is the greatest movie night of the entire year, and ya’ll have nothing better to do than comment about Norway and Sweden?”

      Sorry, Franxco, the ‘greatest movie night’ is a great night to read a book.

      1. I guess that’s why I was always an underachiever.

        So what are you reading?

        1. Last night (the night of which you write) I read “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by candle, because I didn’t have electricity. Tonight I was going to try a candle-lit bubble bath (using my foaming mixture which I have in profusion), but the lights came on. I wanted to find out what that bubble bath by candles thing was about, but not eager enough to forego better light.

    6. It’s over 25 years I’m trying to watch ‘It’ in its entirety. If they showed the clown more maybe I’d be able to. Bah.

    7. We watched the new Disney film ‘Brave’. I don’t know why.

      I’m going to spoil it for you, as if anyone here cares, but …

      The essential message of the story is:

      “Now, girls, it’s wrong to turn your mom into a bear, no matter how TOTALLY unfair she is.”

      also …

      “It sucks being a Princess.”

      Personally, if I end up raising a spoiled princess who attempts to poison me, and turns me into a bear, I’m definitely eating her.

  15. Quit sending us your deadbeats. We still have Draft dodgers.

  16. After he loses the election, Obama will reveal his true self.

  17. You have got some nerve, Tucille, calling Obama “shiftless” and Romney a “type.” !!!

    1. That was heavily edited from the original —

      Jackwad dipshit parasitic abomination upon the human race host’ for Obama


      ‘blood type 10w40’ for Romney.

  18. One of the ways Australia was populated by British immigrants. Upper class people with an embarrassing, permanently unemployed, or drunk family member would pay him or her to emigrate to Australia and supply a stipend once there (for not coming back).

  19. Sounds like one hell of a plan to me dude. WOw.

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