Election 2012

Nail-Biter Presidential Race Has Media Stumped

Polls are unclear and the storm has thrown a curve ball


Gov. Mitt Romney's campaign says it still has momentum. President Barack Obama's campaign says that's all spin.

Meanwhile, there isn't a single well-informed pundit between them who can tell you who's right.

"The problem is: there are so many variables. And now, with the storm, turnout may become an issue in closer Obama-leaning states like Pennsylvania," Time Magazine's Joe Klein told POLITICO. "Polling is inexact, especially with the cell phone factor—not enough data over time for pollsters to be absolutely sure they're getting it right."

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  1. one of the reasons it’s all so confused is the stubborn unwillingness of the media by and large to ignore polls that have dems +8 or something similar. it’s still way too close to call, because you’re factoring those in with the more legitimate polling. still could go either way, but the sense that, even if his momentum has stalled, romney has merely a 25% chance, as nate silver wants us to think, is obviously flawed.

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