Mom Convicted After Dressing-Down TSA Agents Groping Her Daughter

Think of the children. Oh. Wait. They did.


A woman was found guilty Tuesday of disorderly conduct for berating security officers trying to pat down her teenage daughter and then refusing to submit to the procedure herself at a Tennessee airport.

Jurors deliberated four hours before convicting Andrea Abbott. She had faced up to 30 days in jail and a $50 fine for her conduct in the July 2011 confrontation at Nashville International Airport, but the judge placed her on probation for a year because she has no criminal record.

Judge Joe P. Binkley Jr., warned the 42-year-old "to be certain you don't get into any further problems with the law."

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  1. Hey Binkley Jr……go fuck yourself!

  2. That’s one jury I wish I was on. Can you say “jury nullification”?

    1. My thoughts exactly. The message of nullification needs to be spread wider, farther, and faster.

      1. Jury nullification would not have stopped this. The jury voted to convict! TO CONVICT! It’s fantasy to think that a mimeographed FIJA handout would have made them all come out of the jury room singing Kumbayah.

        All it would take would be one juror, ONE JUROR, to vote not guilty, and she would not have been convicted. You don’t have to even talk about nullification, just tell your fellow jurors you don’t think she’s guilty. But not one of them did that. All twelve thought she was guilty of a crime. Fuck them.

        1. They’re all f*ng sheep.

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