Mitt's Divorce Testimony, Barry Is No Objectivist, Hurricane Sandy Targets the East Coast: P.M. Links


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  1. Britain has reportedly declined the honor of being used as a giant aircraft carrier for an American strike on Iran.


    1. Don’t mention the war!

    2. The Simpsons did say that they are going to save our ass in WW3, so maybe we should give them a pass.

      1. I’ll see that when I believe it.

        1. Maybe WW3 is against dentists.

      2. In 2010, though.

        Musta missed it.

    3. Airstrip One is the sole property of the People’s Ministry of Peace.

    4. Hey, come on. You know we’d never let anything happen to their bacon.

      1. The Canadians’ bacon we could do without the though.

  2. Break out the candles and stock the liquor cabinet. Hurricane Sandy is merging with a winter storm to treat much of the East Coast to some character-building weather, next week.

    This is some kind of Republitard Voter Suppresssiongarrbl

    1. Bush dusted off his weather machine for the first time since Katrina.

    2. It’s climate chaos that will suppress the vote on the east coast and hurt Obama. Obstructionist and Denier Republicans are to blame.

      1. Gonna be a *big* push for early voting.

  3. Purple and drunk is no way to go through life.

    1. She must have been at a purple jesus party.

      1. Probably a Ravens fan.

        1. Easy now

      2. I’m thinking she was the purple one at a rainbow party.

        1. So, the purple people eater then?

          1. So she’s a Vikings fan, then?

        2. Maybe she was just into Mr. Grape Koolaid

  4. Breaking News! New York Times columnist refutes the law of supply and demand, claims that federal student aid does not cause tuition to increase. Nay, we need more of it!

    1. It’s a letter to the editor from a lobbyist for colleges, what you expect?

    2. That’s not a columnist; that’s the president of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities. No ulterior motives there.

    3. That’s a lot of gainsaying for such a little man. And it’s rather dishonest to freely bounce between “institutional student aid” and “Pell Grants” as though they were one and the same.

    4. This is like people who claim that the existence of Medicare and Medicaid played no role at all in the rising cost of healthcare.

      “Nope, these programs only had positive effects! Any concurrent negative effects were the fault of something else!”

  5. After reporting on the impressive wealth of China’s premier, the New York Times found its Website blocked in that country.

    He really just meant to block it for the Chinese IRS.

  6. That doll you found on ebay may be cursed

    1. How on Earth could you mention a haunted doll without the appropriate reference.

      1. Talky Tina doesn’t like that reference.

    2. “The paranormal investigator selling this porcelain doll says it contains the spirit of a 9-year-old girl who was hanged as a witch in England, and it has been recorded saying, “not me.”‘

      Those centuries old ghosts always seem to know how to depict their histories through modern lenses.

    1. It’s not just the vote fraud that cancels my ballot, but the legit votes of dolts such as these.

  7. Dinosaurs may have used feathers to get off, just not off the ground.

    1. Feather massage with a happy ending? Al Gore approves.

    2. Actually, that makes a lot more sense than the idea that velociraptors decided to fly one generation. Mutations only last if there’s a selection advantage. Lady dinos swooning for you random screwed up scale counts as a selection advantage.

      1. Mutations don’t randomly occur. We are pre-programmed by the Prime Programmer with lots of options to adapt to changing conditions.

        Even evolutionary theorists have pretty much scrapped the idea of natural selection by the gradual accumulation of mutations, in favor of punctuated equilibrium, periods of rapid change precipitated by environmental stress.

        1. “natural selection by the gradual accumulation of mutations” and “punctuated equilibrium, periods of rapid change precipitated by environmental stress” are not different things.

          What punctuated equilibrium changes is the notion that all change happens slowly and gradually over long periods of time. The fossil record shows that what really happens is that changes in the environment (the natural selection) will produce rapid and often radical changes.

    3. You’ve never heard of a French tickler?

      1. English Tickler is the generally accepted term.

        (French Letter is a sheepskin rubber.)

  8. Break out the candles and stock the liquor cabinet. Hurricane Sandy is merging with a winter storm to treat much of the East Coast to some character-building weather, next week.

    1. Couldn’t be worse than what happened the same week last year.
    2. I’m betting it blows harmlessly out to sea.

    1. I think that is at least a fifty fifty shot. The weather forcasters all say they have never seen anything like this. So they really don’t know if their models are correct under these circumstances.

    2. Meh. It’s a storm. Damn flatlanders are wusses.

  9. Do ugly people have more fun?

    1. Epi says all the ugly people he’s boned have been total givers.

      1. All?!?

      2. I wonder…hmm

        What do all the ugly people say about Epi?

    2. The jezzies must be creaming their jeans at this thought.

    3. As an Ugly-American I wholeheartedly agree with the premise of that article.

      1. Ugly-American? I don’t believe that for a second! I’d need to see your birth certificate to make sure you were born here.

        1. I was born in Nastystan, but in ’57 moved over here, met your mother and got my greencard. The rest, as they say, is history.

          I take my citizenship very seriously.

          1. You would. I take mine for granted, like any true-blooded AMERICAN.

            1. There ain’t no “true-blooded”-ness about it.

              You’re straight up, 100% anchor baby.

              1. In that I drag everything to a stop.

  10. Newly released court documents raise questions about the veracity of Mitt Romney’s testimony in a high-profile 1991 divorce. You mean, he might have lied for a buddy?

    Treating distractions as if they were serious news is no way to help GayJay get elected. We have to run with facts, sound theory, and honor, not National Enquirer worthy innuendo.

    1. Also, Republicans: Why do they hate Women?

      Here they go again, testifying in divorce cases.

      1. On behalf of the men, no less.

    2. Bros before hoes!

    3. So he testified that the stock might go up or it might go down, and that he was setting up his position accordingly. That would be lying how?

      The wife had seller’s remorse because the stock rose after she sold it. The hell with her. Anyone who thinks this is some sort of scandal is an idiot.

  11. Shockingly, Barack Obama is no fan of Ayn Rand, dissing her as fit only for teenagers “who feel misunderstood.”

    She was the Imogen Heap of her day.

    1. mmmm, whatcha say?

  12. Newly released court documents raise questions about the veracity of Mitt Romney’s testimony in a high-profile 1991 divorce.

    Compare what Mitt actually did with his testimony. Did he buy Staples stock around that time? What price did he pay? Did he have opportunities to buy it that he passed on? If, say, he had the chance to buy stock aruond that time at around that price, and bought part of what he was offered, that would strike me as consistent with his testimony about what he thought it was worth.

    The fact that the IPO was priced a lot higher than his opinion of what the stock was worth a year earlier is pretty much meaningless, you know.

    1. RC, See my analysis below.

      He set the price based on a sale to a new round of investors a few months after the husband filed for divorce. He was answering a question of how much the shares were worth in Feb 1987, and he used the only sale in 1987, one made in Dec as his benchmark.

      And, she agreed to the price as part of pre-trial negotiations.

      Having recently gone through a divorce in MA, I have 0 sympathy for this woman. She negotiated this deal, and Romney’s involvement is utterly tangential. If she got screwed, it was because her lawyer gave her bad advice, not because Romney lied.

      There are a zillion reasons not to want Romney to be president. This is not one of them. It’s total bullshit.

      1. I figured it had to be something like that.

        My theory: nobody cares, not even Gloria Allred, about the actual facts. What they want is a new hook to parade some Aggrieved Woman through all the talk shows to bash Mitt to keep their WoW meme going.

        1. All part of Obama’s “squirrel a day” re-election strategy.

        2. The Democrats are running a campaign based on World of Warcraft? 🙂

    2. Why do the Republicans hate Women?

  13. In other court documents, U.S. prosecutors had said Thompson never showed remorse or accepted responsibility, so they requested a mental health evaluation.

    It turned out he was just a law enforcement officer.

  14. UCI calls on Lance Armstrong to return prize money.

    1. christ, and noone has proved a thing? Just detailed stories about how they believe he did it, right?

      1. Yep.

    2. Look, we’re French, we could really use that cash right about now…

    3. I’m guessing Lance Armstrong will soon call on the UCI to eat his ass.

  15. I’m a gay man and my best friend is straight. I know I don’t have any hope of ever being with him ? as much as that pains me ? but seeing him at clubs with women has now become something that I find deeply depressing. I know I mean more to him than they do but the relationship I would want is a total impossibility. Should I let him know how I feel? It would obviously change things, possibly for the worse. I don’t want to ruin my friendship but having this secret is killing me.

    1. Shut up and enjoy the friendzone.

      1. Exactly. Infatuations never last. Keep it bottled up and in a few years it wont even matter.

        1. I disagree with this statement if it’s two gay friends or two hetero friends. There’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, but don’t write off feelings just because the friendship is so good.

          A (assuming closeted) gay guy crushing on his best guy friend who actively pursues women? Yeah, leave those feelings in the closet a bit longer.

    2. Back in high school days, my best friend and I hung out every day, going record shopping and talking about everything under the sun.

      I then got my first real serious girlfriend. Right away, he didn’t like her but eventually accepted the fact that we were together. The friendship became a trio.

      A few years later, my friend came out of the closet. I really didn’t mind, but he was the new “uber-gay” and couldn’t accept anyone who wasn’t. The friendship didn’t last very long after that. In hindsight, I realized he was in love with me! (not that I can blame him)

      1. This is some weird Mad Max slash fic.

        1. that’s how the whole metal mask thang started.

      2. Re: Lord Humungus,

        The friendship didn’t last very long after that. In hindsight, I realized he was in love with me! (not that I can blame him)

        Wait – that is the script of a “That 70’s Show” episode!

      3. I can say that I would have no problem with it. For instance, I know that most people here are very attracted to me, but whether they profess it to me or they refuse to admit it (possibly even to themselves), it doesn’t matter. It’s all good.

        1. You’re so conceited!

          Uh, you, uh, want to get a drink some time?

          1. Go. Or stay! But do it because it is what you WISH to do.

            1. (crying)

              I…I want to stay.

                1. And why do you wear your hair in such an uncomplimentary fashion?

                  1. Do you know your Milton, FoE?

                    1. It’s better to not rule as a libertarian than serve as a partisan?

                    2. THIS IS H&R 2.0!!!

          2. You’re so conceited!

            Uh, you, uh, want to get a drink some time?

            Says every woman in the bar to the biggest douchebag there.

    3. Re: Archduke Pantsfan,

      Should I let him know how I feel?

      My son, you can find comfort on the fact that, if in a bout of outrage at the mere thought of being with you, he punches you in the face, you can seek your revenge by having him arrested and prosecuted for a “hate crime” in the Queen’s old country.

    4. Wait…wait…I thought gay men werent interested in the straights?

    5. If you know you can never be with him, and if he’s truly straight you can’t, then why mess it up? Pass it off as infatuation and find yourself someone with whom you can share those feelings. Telling your friend is a BAD IDEA.

      1. Most gay/bi people I’ve known claim “you can’t be 100% straight”.

        1. Can you be 100% gay?

          1. That usually depends on if the person saying it is gay or bi.

      2. Whatever…WhoreMonger!!

  16. French lawmakers pass bill that would provide free abortions.

    Interesting considering the low birth rate in France and in Europe in general.

    1. Is socialism a self correcting problem?

      1. Let’s hope so

      2. I want to say yes, something about being too decadent to undertake the responsibility of raising a child, but that’s just my social neocon prelibertarian past breaking through for a moment.

        Yes, but not reproductively. I suspect when the Euros realize their birth rates are much too low to support the welfare state, they’ll start mandating x number of births per women.

        1. They just import North Africans instead.

          1. Well, if you go through Gibraltar, the boats don’t have to be very high quality, so I’ll give you that.

    2. The problem with France? Too many Frenchmen. Glad to see the French are working on correcting this problem.

    3. Actually, France has one of the highest birth rates in Europe.

      1. Not among the natives.

    4. Free abortions – can miniature French flags be far behind?

  17. The sex lives of conjoined twins.

    1. Is that a new porn flick?

  18. You mean, he might have lied for a buddy?

    I hate to break it to Obama and anyone in the media trying to gin interest in this, but no one is going to give a shite about some boring testimony 20 years ago. As far as October surprises go, this is weak tea.

    1. Aren’t you notorious for loving weak tea? Or maybe hating it. Either way, my point stands.

      1. I load my tea up with sugar, if you must know. In fact, sometimes I wonder if the tea part is even necessary at all.

        1. You’re a little Irish away from a four loko there.

        2. I load everything with sugar, just to make sure SugarFree can’t steal it.

          1. Is that why you’re so fat?

            1. No, that’s the drinking.

              1. I thought the drinking made you stupid, not fat.

                1. No, it’s living near Harvard that makes me stupid.

                  1. I thought the living near Harvard made you a Masshole, not stupid (though of course it CAN be both).

                    1. No, it’s the Celtics 2011 Playoffs t-shirt that I’m wearing right now that makes me a Masshole.

                    2. I thought the Celtics t-shirt made you an idiot, not a Masshole.

                    3. No, it’s thinking the Pats might stop a deep throw sometime this season that makes me an idiot.

                      This is some really basic stuff. God, you’re dumb.

                    4. I thought it was thinking the Seahawks would beat the 49ers that made me dumb.

                    5. That did make you dumb. You should do the pick em league.

                    6. Massholes may be insufferable, but of all the Northeasterns they are the least worst, IMHO.

                    7. What?!? All New Englanders agree (people from New York and New Jersey don’t get to have an opinion on this) that Massholes are by far the worst. The views of anyone else are beyond irrelevant as you’re all southerners anyway.

                    8. My favorite are the rural Vermonters. My least favorite are the Burlington Vermonters.

                    9. New Yorkers suck. I hate them and hate living here. However, after attending a Rush concert in Newark, people from NJ are the absolute worst of the lot.

                    10. I’ve actually found some Mainers to be quite pleasant. And there are the free staters.

  19. A Brief History of Obama
    How sarcasm and insult took over the Democratic Party

    wait, I thought we were the sarcastic ones…


    The Democrats allowed the progressive movement’s hatred of Bush to take over their old and storied political party. That party and movement found a champion and a path to power in Obama, but the electoral forces on which his power relied were unstable. In 2008, he satisfied the left and won the middle. Once in power, though, he kept the left satisfied and lost the middle and right.

    In 2012, there is just the left. The Democrats are back where they started eight years ago. And this time, Barack Obama cannot save them.

    1. Dude needs an editor. (Not you; the Beacon dude.)

        1. Gillespie could probably help. He seems to have a lot of free time on his hands judging by how little he checks the contributors’ posts here (and how many typos get through).

          1. Engrish is the new English.

    2. That just proves how stupid “the left” is – if they had any sense, Barry would have lost them, too.

      1. That’s what I was thinking. He has governed as a fiscal liberal and a social conservative – except he hasn’t raised taxes on the wealthy. Exactly what is there for a good lefty to love? That he was in office when Pelosi’s gang passed “healthcare reform”?

  20. The Insane Defense of the “Castle Doctrine” Gone Wild

    The response to this week’s New York Times story about Fredenberg’s death and Corrigan’s decision not to prosecute includes the claim, from Jacob Sullum of Reason, that Harper’s decision to shoot would have been justified “even without the changes that the state legislature made to Montana’s self-defense law in 2009.” Corrigan said the key for him was that the law used to give people the right to shoot to kill intruders only if they entered in a “violent, riotous, or tumultuous manner,” but the new version of the law deleted the “violent, riotous, or tumultuous” part. Sullum argues that Fredenberg was being violent or riotous or tumultuous. I don’t see it?belligerent, maybe, but not actually violent.

    1. I don’t see it?belligerent, maybe, but not actually violent.

      I guess you can enter the Slate guy’s house without even the blandishing of a No. 5 iron as deterrent, lest he goes back on his “principles.”

    2. The deadee was a wife batterer with a history of drinking and violence that charged an armed man in his own garage. There isn’t a jury west of the Mississippi that would have convicted.

      1. Wait, wait!

        California is west of the Mississippi and there is absolutely no predicting what a California jury will do.

        1. California is like Star Wars Episodes I-III. I try to pretend they don’t exist.

    3. “I can see why Harper thought Fredenberg would beat him up. I can’t see why he put himself in the position of either getting beaten up or gunning him down.”

      As Sullum points out, a Montanan’s reasonable fear of assault justified using that degree of force needed to fend off the assault in one’s own home. What on earth is wrong with this?

      1. Also, ” put himself in the position of either getting beaten up or gunning him down.” WTF? The attacker went to his house to confront him. What was he supposed to do, look in his palintir, see the guy coming and go stay in a motel until he cools off or something?

  21. Shockingly, Barack Obama is no fan of Ayn Rand, dissing her as fit only for teenagers “who feel misunderstood.”

    “In my times,” said Barry with a broken, deep voice, “we did not read Ayn Rand – we read chicken entrails and the dung of sabertooth tigers!”

      1. Why do you have two esses in there?

        1. The excitment of it all caused me to twitch

    1. I’m sure he views Atlas Shrugged as a primer on how goverment should operate and Wesley Mouch as the hero.

      1. Was Mouch a frustrated teenager?

      2. Wait…isn’t “Choom” “Mouch” spelled backward? hmmmm….

        1. Mind = blown

  22. Gawker and Double X are predictably smug about the reactions to the creepy Dunham ‘First Time’ ad.

    I wonder how’d they react if Team Mittens released a similar ad?

    1. Team Mittens should just run that very ad as is. If team Obama thinks its a boost for their side that a homely fatty from one of the worst shows to ever run on HBO makes double etendres about smoking Barry’s cock, they’ll lose even France.

      1. Oh thank god someone else sees how horrible Girls is. If HBO wants to make a ton of money, they just need to keep endless production up on Game of Thrones, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Hard Knocks.

        1. While it doesn’t cost much to produce, every dollar that is spent on making ‘Girls’ is money that could be spent on ‘Game of Thrones’. Just think about that.

          1. HBO, like any network, has dud shows. That’s part of trying new things, which sometimes results in GoT or Entourage but sometimes results in Dream On or Girls.

          2. You can have supremely unlikable characters only if you’re show is funny, and the Girls are no Larry David. The thing is unwatchable to all but what can only be a very narrow target audience.

            1. So, basically, NutraSweet is the target audience.

              1. I think it’s slightly broader than masochists. The bulk is probably people who identify with the characters. Unfortunately all of those people have columns.

        2. You left out Boardwalk and Veep, two fantastic shows.

          Though this season of Boardwalk is not quite as brilliant as last season.

      2. It’s not so much that she’s homely. Other girls are homely, but manage to work around it. The problem I have is that she chooses to look like a human glob of mayonnaise. I may not have rock hard abs, but I don’t run around in a half shirt, so I don’t have any reason to be self-conscious. A GIS of Lena Dunham reveals that she has no such self awareness.

        1. She does nude sex scenes for the show.


          NSFW or your digestion.

          Notice in that pic of her getting it doggy style cellulite runs down her legs where most people even fat people tend to be toned.

          That is the sort of edgy material that gets you Emmy nominations even if the writing and acting is the suck.

        2. I said in the AM links, but it’s the layers of purported irony that really annoy me. She’s fat, but she knows and exploits it, but she seeks sympathy for it, but she brags about eating a whole loaf of bread in the shower or eating cupcakes for breakfast or some shit. What is she doing? Is part of her seriously ashamed of her body, or is she all pride? Does she want to be fat or not? Is she genuinely aware that she can quite easily choose not to be fat?

          Fucking hipsters. I think my problem is that she’s the second generation of hipsters, hipsterizing its own phenomenon. She’s not really a hipster, cuz she makes fun of them, but she also kinda enjoys acting like a hipster!

          1. A chick with conflicting self-image issues? What are the chances?

            1. A liberal chick with conflicting self-image issues? What are the chances?

              Omissions are inexcusable, sir.

          2. She’s filled the void so many have felt since the comic strip “Cathy” was retired. Aaaaak!

    2. Dude, TEAM BLUE is currently engaged in mass hallucinations and fantasies that tell them that the creepier and more cult-like they are, the better. Expecting any sort of even remotely self-aware thought or contemplation from them is an absolute waste of time.

      1. prediction: If Obama loses, he will still have a cult following.

        1. Maybe. TEAM BLUE is pretty vicious about turning on those who lose or cease to be their current favorite. However, Obama is also a huge cipher for them, and they might hold on to that.

          1. That’s actually an interesting question for the Democrats. Is there life after Barack Obama? He’s young enough so that if he loses this year he could run again in 2016. Other than that, I just don’t see how they recover after placing all their faith and hopes for a great liberal social welfare state into him and seeing him completely fuck up.

            I know of no one else in the DNC that could be the ‘next Obama’.

            1. Hell, if he is reelected, what is he going to do with himself after ’16? His whole life has been a rising politician. Back to the Senate with him?

              1. Hell, if he is reelected, what is he going to do with himself after ’16? His whole life has been a rising politician. Back to the Senate with him?

                Increase the standing and powers of the General Secretary of the United Nations, and then run for it. Hell, this may explain why he backs blasphemy declarations (oathbreaking his sworn duty in the process) in negotiations with Islamic nations. He will need their backing if he pursues that route.

            2. Andy Cuomo is more appealing than I would like to admit. After the recriminations, he has the best shot of being well positioned if he distances himself and is critical of the hard anti-capitalist left that is now the party’s core then he could attract independents when Romney flubs it.

            3. I almost wonder if Obama loses if this is the split we’ve been waiting for/expecting for some time. The last change in the two major political parties was pre-Lincoln 1850s. The Democrat party has been around for a looooonng time. If Obama loses because he preached progressivism and tried to tow the centrist line for part of his presidency, we may have a hard leftist running against a centrist (or even Obama again) in the 2016 primary.

              We’ve looked at the Tea Party and Ron Paul as a possible splintering of the Republican party, but I wonder if the cultish loyalty to Obama by many is what forces a split in the Democrats. It happened with Teddy and Taft in 1912.

              1. Umm, tow the centrist what, generic one?

                1. Umm, tow the centrist what, generic one?

                  My humblest apologies. I had to get my comment in before having to shut down the comp for the day at 5:30. Obviously Obama tried to tow the moderate lion for part of his presidency, even though ultimately he moved us further to the left as a country.

              2. “I wonder if the cultish loyalty to Obama by many is what forces a split in the Democrats. It happened with Teddy and Taft in 1912.”

                We can hope. But who would be the non-Obama? Killazontherun likes Cuomo for the role, anyone else coming to mind?

                Bonus question: could Gary Johnson do/be the start of the same thing on the right? Consider Ron Paul and the Tea Party.

                1. It’s difficult to conceive of anyone else but Cuomo who has a similar profile and power base. Certainly not O’Malley in Maryland who impresses no one. Septegenarians and older boomers in California and the West Coast extending to Nevada have been greedy about holding onto power and not letting any up and coming talent get a crack at being the big next thing. Where does that leave the DNC? Deval Patrick? Lol!

            4. He’s young enough so that if he loses this year he could run again in 2016.

              God, I hope he wouldn’t take inspiration from Grover Cleveland.

      2. “TEAM BLUE is currently engaged in mass hallucinations and fantasies that tell them that the creepier and more cult-like they are, the better”

        Well, to be honest, we hallucinate and fantasize about people being reasonable every 2 – 4 years.

        1. Speak for yourself, dude. I have no such illusions.

      3. I seriously wonder what happens after Obama.

        Do the Democrats try looking for a Clinton type as a form of damage control?

        Or do they keep chasing the butterfly until they get Obama II into office 60 years later?

        1. Obama becomes the new 1960s

    3. Has any leftist grief artist spoken out against the ad? There’s a whole lot in it to claim offense, and if some white douche bag can write a huffpost essay about how blackface is mean, surely someone on the left can at least get a blog post out of it. If they’re not looking the other way because it’s their team making the ad.

  23. Damn Apple stock. The stock will take a dive even if they release great numbers. Makes no sense sometimes.

    1. Trees don’t grow to the sky. Just sayin’.

  24. Still thinking of voting for Obama?

    1. First half good. Second half, not so much.

      1. Concurred. Could have just ended with a Gary Johnson 2012 logo or Ayn Rand quote and faded dramatically, but no.

    2. Started out strong, but after about 2 minutes it won’t win over anyone new.

      1. I agree. Cut it off at 2:21 and it’s very effective.

  25. “It’s almost 5ET Friday! Everyone upload twenty articles you didn’t get around to doing the whole rest of the week!”

  26. Shockingly, Barack Obama is no fan of Ayn Rand, dissing her as fit only for teenagers “who feel misunderstood.”

    I’m not what anyone would call a fan of Rand’s, but this is ridiculous. Rand ain’t J-D-fucking-Salinger — her writings weren’t meant as subjective self-exploration and don’t read that way; they are written as revelations of various truths about the world. They have nothing to do with people who “feel misunderstood”; if anything, the characters and their motivations/feelings are the weak points in her writing. The characters’ feelings are described very little — the objective wrongs done to them are described in detail.

    There is a reason that Objectivism has been likened to a religion by some, and it is because the vantage point, parts of the writing style, and authorial intent of Rand’s work is similar to that of religious polemics written by deontologists. Suffice it to say, such writings are far from the “self-examination” BS that Obama and others are selling.

    How ridiculously wrong would it be if Republicans talked about how Das Kapital was a book that appealed to homosexuals on a personal level because of a need to feel accepted? That’s the level of silliness that we’re operating on.

    1. How ridiculously wrong would it be if Republicans talked about how Das Kapital was a book that appealed to homosexuals on a personal level because of a need to feel accepted?

      And how likely is it that some Republican congressional candidate will opine just that?

      1. If that were to happen that candidate would be laughed out of the room (as well he should).

        In today’s world, Obama’s “response” is praised, even though it’s at the same level of nonsense.

    2. Obama is the most conventional lefty you will ever come across. He can’t conceive of a reality outside the touchy feely environment he was raised. A teen who did not give a fuck about being understood or not is outside his sphere of understanding.

  27. OMG, Reading the Romney thing, I am amazed at the idiocy of the accusation against him.

    So. In February 87 the marriage breaks down.
    In December 87, Staples issues preferred stock @ 2.90 a share.

    In 1990, Romney is asked to value the wife’s non-prefered stock for what it was worth when the breakdown occurs. He uses the later December sale as the benchmark, because there is no other market price to work with. She was entitled to do her own valuation, but she didn’t.


    It would be one thing if she fought it through to the point where the judge decided what he thought the shares were worth. Then she might have a point that she got screwed.

    Anyone who feels this is an indictment of Romney is a fucking moron. Period.

    Unfortunately, the U.S. is full of morons who insist on voting.

    1. Anyone who feels this is an indictment of Romney is a fucking moron. Period.

      But he solves a hanging question in a way that both parties agreed was reasonable!

    2. No, what this story is is proof that Republicans hate women.

      See, he testified in a wya that benefitted the man.

      Why do Republicans hate Women?

      1. Ummm…because they don’t put out enough?

        1. Your first time should be special.

          1. Only with someone with beautiful testicles.

            1. And a Nobel Peace Prize.

          2. It was! Because…it was the first time. Thank you Kari, wherever you are.

  28. NASA Wants Astronaut Pee

    And the sweat of gladiators.

  29. I’ve often wondered how long Apple could milk the same idiots (like my brother-in-law) to buy a new, very slightly upgraded version of the same expensive thing every six months.

    Looks like maybe they’re starting to come close to that limit.

    1. I seriously doubt it. Apple customers–the dedicated ones–enjoy the abuse Apple dishes out to them.

      1. Apple fanboy: “Spank me harder, ghost of Steve Jobs!”

        *Steve Jobs’ ghost spanks Apple fanboy with a new iPad*

        Apple fanboy: “Oh yeah, just likethat , ghost of Steve Jobs! Hurts so good! I’m a bad, bad boy! I looked a Samsung in a Verizon store the other day!”

        *Steve Jobs’ ghost shoves iPhone 5 up Apple fanboys’ ass*

        Taken from a fanfic on some Apple fanboy’s blog somewhere, I’m pretty sure.

    2. I’m still using an old 3GS phone and an Ipad 2 – the horror, the horror.

      1. My mom loves her Ipad2 more than she loves anything. Sister complained she once called only to get a terse, ‘Not now. Angry Birds.’ before a hang up. Sis is a bit emotionally dependent on people. That is why she is the weak one in the family.

        1. This may be the most libertarian post in history.

      2. LH, you are a Philistine piece of shit.

        One of the reviews I read for the new Microsoft tablet actually poo-pooed it because he “left it laying out” everywhere he could, but no one asked him about it or commented on how cool it was.

        That was the basis of his dislike. Other people did not view it as hip, therefore the product (what is it again, some sort of computer thing?) is worthless.

        1. heh – I didn’t but Apple for the coolness factor but for the Apps – tons of synth stuff which has been a boon instead of buying hardware.

        2. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve read since joe posted yesterday.

        3. More proof that hipsters are all about “look at meeee!!!!!” -ism.

    3. I love my Nexus 7 for travel over our Ipad2. The mini is a joke. $130 more for crappier guts and screen.

      1. Isn’t the iPhone an iPad mini?

  30. how to be scottish

    1. Best of luck to them in getting independence. The Eurozone needs as much deadlock as it can get (presuming they join).

    2. Article is best if you imagine it being read by Fat Bastard from the Austin Power movies.

  31. Former Spokane Police officer Karl Thompson faces up to 11 years in prison for beating Otto Zehm to death in 2006.


    And nothing else happened.

    1. Is the usual sentence for a prole who beats someone to death more, or less, than “up to” 11 years.

  32. Propose a new drinking game add:

    “It was never like this when Lucy Steigerwald worked here.”

    *moment of silence*

    …and a sip for my homies.

    1. What did I miss, where did she leave us for?

      1. Probably some jerk magazine with an expensive car and athletic ability…

        1. They won’t appreciate her alt-text like we did!


            It’s upsetting and I’m a fragile flower.

            1. It’s your fault she left.

              1. The rumor that I’m starting is that she had inappropriate relations with a commenter. I can’t say who but it was the one who thinks he knows everything and who nobody really likes.

                1. Don’t look at me, asshole.

                2. …the one who thinks he knows everything and who nobody really likes.

                  She ran off with Tony?

                3. Well if it weren’t for the 3000 mile distance between us…

                4. Come to think of it, Hugh hasn’t posted for a few days.

                5. who nobody really likes

                  “Nobody really likes as” in “everyone explicitly hates Mary” or nobody really likes as in “everyone secretly hates” Pro Lib?

                  1. …as in “everyone secretly hates” Pro Lib?

                    That’s supposed to be a secret?

              2. It’s your fault she left.

                Probably. But you can’t prove that!

                1. Just a minute. Let me go down to my basement pit and ask her.

                  1. Don’t forget the lotion.

    2. Did she actually leave? I have noted a lack of her articles recently…

      1. I don’t know the circumstances, but according to her Twitter she’s now freelance. I’m sure she’ll land on her feet.

        1. WHAT?!?!?!

          I hate to be the one to start pointing fingers, but we all knew that Epi’s BO was a problem.


            1. Axe Body Spray is certainly a different fragrance than what usually accompanies your physical presence, but I don’t know if it would be accurate to go so far as to call it “better”.

              1. Have you seen their commercials?!? Any second now insanely hot women will be crawling all over me uncontrollably! Well, more than usual!

                1. You’re not counting your collection of cats as women, are you?

                  1. Some of them are females!

                2. That’s what happened to Lucy, isn’t it. She found herself uncontrollably aroused by the musky scent of Axe Body Spray and did what any woman would in that situation: fled to a monastery far, far away in the hopes of someday overcoming her sense of shame to join society once more.

                  1. You mean a convent, right?

        2. I bet she’s getting married to a commentator.

      2. Does this mean Mike Riggs is doing the *Morning* Links again?

    3. I…I didn’t know…now I has a sad.

      That’s it. I’m done working for the day.

  33. According to the father of the Navy SEAL killed in Benghazi Vice President Biden asked him, at the ceremony where the body was returned, ‘Did your son always have balls the size of cueballs?’

  34. Shockingly, Barack Obama is no fan of Ayn Rand, dissing her as fit only for teenagers “who feel misunderstood.”

    There was a thread a couple of weeks ago where T o n y said something similar about Rand. I think his quote was something like “I read Ayn Rand as a teenager, but then I grew up” or some such condescending tripe. I think I just realized something: T o n y IS Barack Obama. Think about: the economic illiteracy, the snide condescending comments, the unjustifiable smugness, the constant Obama fluffing. It all fits.

    1. Sadly, I think T o n y is far more literate than President Clownshoes. Furthermore, I beleive he is actually a Suderman sockpuppet.

      1. what’s your reasoning on the latter?

        1. I dunno…just a feeling…

    2. Most people do grow out of Rand. The self-selected group here are just the sad, stunted few who don’t.

      1. Thanks for proving me wrong about the whole “snide condescending comments, the unjustifiable smugness” thing I said earlier. Asshole.

        *And for the record, I’ve never read any of Ayn Rand’s stuff. I fully admit to not being anywhere near as well read as many of the commenters here. At least when it comes to non-fiction anyway.

        1. This is what I mean. It’s clearly a sockpuppet, meant only to engage us further. No one with half a brain and a better then slightly less than average intellect can in good fath say anything so idiotic.

          1. Right on cue. So predictable I’m starting to think it’s a bot of some kind.

        2. Let me restate: most people who possess the wherewithal to make it through Rand’s interminable books, usually around middle or high school, tend to remain readers into adulthood, moving on to more interesting, complex, and ambiguous approaches to philosophy and politics. Don’t ask me to explain adult Rand devotees, because I can’t, except insofar as they are like any other cultists. Not that seeking easy, pat answers to life’s biggest questions isn’t quite human.

          1. exactly how much is “most people”? i wasn’t aware a longitudinal study was done on readers’ attitude with regards ms. rand’s work. perhaps you could enlighten us all as to the findings of such studies and give us a more precise figure than “most”.

            or you could stop using weasel words and kill yourself.

            let me restate: kill yourself.

          2. Re: Tony,

            Let me restate: most people who possess the wherewithal to make it through Rand’s interminable books,

            Logically, you don’t have the wherewithal if you reached the point of concluding her books are interminable.

            Not that seeking easy, pat answers to life’s biggest questions isn’t quite human.

            Questions like “Why is Tony such a mediocre human?”

      2. When are you going to grow outta Karl Marx, tony?

        1. When he realizes why his 401(k) is useless and Social Security has collapsed.

          1. Watch. The sock will probably say something like…Social Security can never collapse, that’s a myth of the right. Or, your 401k will always be there because its guaranteed by the government…or something equally stupid just to get us going.

            Ignore it.

            1. I am gratified to see others spreading the word, Restoras.

              1. I credit you for opening my eyes.

        2. In Tony’s America, Karl Marx grows out of you!

          1. Talk about a malignant growth…

      3. Spacey Tony, if I ever need an expert on the “sad, stunted few”, I will ask you.

      4. So you don’t deny being POTUS?

      5. That is so condescending.

        I didn’t “grow out of” progressivism; I just decided that it was wrong.

        Stating that a belief system is something that you “grow out of” is the coward’s way to avoid debating whether you did so for good reasons or not.

        1. But aren’t most people liberals as youths and then keep becoming more conservative as they age? Talk about growing out of something.

      6. More people grow out of liberalism

  35. “Britain has reportedly declined the honor of being used as a giant aircraft carrier for an American strike on Iran.”


    Now we can close our airbases there and save a bunch of money.

    1. Cool. I’ll get the developers on the phone. Should Trump be on the list?

  36. Jim Geraghty: Barring Some Sudden Change, Romney Will Win the Popular Vote…..pular-vote

    The polling currently suggests President Obama has a hard ceiling of about 47 percent, perhaps 48 percent. Let’s take the 50?47 split found currently in the Rasmussen, Washington Post, and Gallup tracking polls. Presume that most of the remaining undecideds stay home, and that the vote for third-party candidates amounts to about a percentage point. Under that scenario, we would see a 51 percent to 47.9 percent popular-vote win for Romney.

    1. I dont think the EC can overcome a split that large.

      1. Actually it did, once – United States presidential election, 1876

        What’s funny, it’s by the exact margin stated in the article: Hayes won the electoral vote, 185-184, but lost the popular vote, 51.0%-47.9%.

      2. Let’s hope so!

    2. a hard ceiling of about 47 percent…

      So, Rombot was right all along about those 47%?

  37. “Break out the candles and stock the liquor cabinet. Hurricane Sandy is merging with a winter storm to treat much of the East Coast to some character-building weather, next week.

    It’s all a conspiracy to give Obama a chance to declare a state of emergency and look all presidential ahead of the election.

    I don’t know if it’s liberal weathermen in the MSM or that CIA weather machine I keep hearing about–but it’s somethin’!

  38. Hurricane Sandy is merging with a winter storm to treat much of the East Coast to some character-building weather, next week.

    If she’s any thing like my ex of the same name, they’re in for some serious death and destruction!

  39. Support for California Prop 34 (the abolition of the death penalty) is surging.

    Honestly, if it weren’t for Charles Manson still being alive because he was convicted during the national moratorium on the death penalty, I think CA would have done this a long time ago.

    1. They should totally let Manson out for the lulz.

      I mean, it’s not his fault that a bunch of hippies took him seriously when he ordered them to murder people. Frakkin’ hippies.

      1. manson didn’ actually murder anybody anyway. so, by whoopie logic, it wasn’t “murder murder” and he should be let free

  40. Harry Reid was in a car crash in Vegas:…..-car-crash

    1. The headline was…disappointing.

  41. So, according to Barack Obama, Atlas Shrugged was the Nevermind of the 1950s.

    1. or maybe the “smell the glove”

  42. Maybe those hi winds will blow some of that nasty attitude out of New York.

    1. Holy hooplah the anon-bot is commenting on current events! It’s evolving!

      1. Skynet 0.1

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