Speed Cameras

Much-Despised Traffic Cameras on the Ballot in Three States

Motorists will get their say and, maybe, revenge


The issue of red light cameras and speed cameras is heating up at the ballot box. Residents in in five cities in California, Texas and Washington state have battled for the right to have a say in whether automated ticketing machines are installed in their community. The November 6 results could raise to 25 the total number of municipalities nationwide that prohibit cameras.

The most hotly contested race this cycle has been in Murrieta, California where city council members gathered for a press conference on Tuesday in a desperate attempt to preserve the program. As the officials spoke, initiative sponsor Diana Serafin and a fellow volunteer stood across the street waving while holding a "Honk! Vote Yes on N" sign, urging passing vehicles to vote in favor of the ban on the automated machines that mail out tickets that cost $500 each. Motorists honked loudly in support of the anti-camera measure while the officials spoke.