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Gary Johnson Launches First TV Ad Touting His Dovish Foreign Policy


With less than two weeks remaining until the presidential election, Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson is airing an ad in select markets touting his dovish approach to relations with Iran. In the ad Johnson speaks over a computer simulation of a drone strike before speaking directly to the camera, imploring viewers to "Be Libertarian with me for one election."

Johnson's campaign wouldn't specify how much the ad buy is costing them but did say they have another ad that does not deal with foreign policy that will go up in select markets in the coming days. According to Johnson spokesman Joe Hunter, the late ad buys aren't because of a sudden surge in campaign cash but are part of their long term campaign plan.

The Johnson campaign bought air time in the libertarianish mountain west states of New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon, Montana and Idaho, as well as more left leaning territory like Vermont and Washington, D.C. Only Colorado is considered a swing state

The ad was created by Evan Tweed, Johnson's ad man from his gubernatorial runs in the late 90s.

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  1. All of Gary’s ads are just so bad.

    Ron’s were so great this cycle, I hope they take some cues from those if he’s going for 2016.

    1. Actually look at this ad before judging. This one I’d excellent.

      1. Meh. The drone thing threw me off. We’re not talking about drone-striking Iran. We’re talking about B2s and such.

      2. I watched it a couple times. It’s not very good, same as the others.

  2. And the Seattle Police Department just announced their new drone program… coming to a wedding near you……..es25m.html

    1. Stop resisting.

    2. I saw that on GeekWire. It looks like Dark Angel was more prescient than we realized.

      1. Hot cat women?

  3. Dear Gary Johnson, here’s a handy reminder: you are running for president of Americans, not little kids in Iran.

    1. He’s running for the President of Americans (of which I am one), some of which want a complete cessetion of all military actions in the Middle East. So he wins my vote.

    2. Dear Cytotoxic, not all Americans get off on seeing pictures of foreigners being maimed by American munitions.

      1. The only legitimate basis for American FP is self-interest, not your quivering bag of emotions.

        1. And self-interest dictates helping the jihadis recruit by proving everything they say is true?

          1. No it dictates killing them silly. Can’t recruit when rigor sets in!

            1. Good thing the government has a jihadi-detector that can tell exactly who’s going to attack us, and targets only those people. Great piece of technology

              1. It’s not the USG’s job to be perfect. See BarryD’s post below.

                1. It’s not the USG’s job to police the entire world.

          2. No. But self-interest doesn’t dictate failing to prosecute a war because your enemies won’t like it, either.

            That’s the problem with the whole blowback concept as a primary driver of policy.

            “Don’t do anything that anyone in the world might not like” is an untenable strategy.

            Foreign and military policy, unfortunately, has to be hashed out bit by bit. And we can and do get it way wrong. But there’s no one simple rule we can mindlessly apply, to make sure we never get it wrong.

            1. “”Don’t do anything that anyone in the world might not like” is an untenable strategy.”

              And Cyto accuses me of beating up straw men. Amazing.

              1. I’m not a mind reader. Explain yourself better, or accept a response to what you write, not what you imagine you mean.

    3. Believe me when I say to you
      Cytotoxic’s children love drone strikes too


    4. I have to concur with Cytotoxic in that the Anti-War message that is total absent from the Democrat-Republican discourse comes out a little awkward. Then again how much can someone do in a 30 second spot. But if there was someone trying to sabotage Johnson, it might be who ever directed this commercial.

      1. Um, that’s not what Cytotoxic said. What he said was “To hell with those dead furriners, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT, AMERICA FUCK YEAHHH!!”

        1. Oh the irony. You can’t even engage me, you can only box a strawman.

          1. …you are running for president of Americans, not little kids in Iran.

            That’s not a straw man, it’s what you said. Johnson not wanting to kill Iranians is irrelevant because he is running for President of the United States, not Iran.

  4. At least more people will know his name.

    1. Had to educate my daughter on the whole third party thing today. I guess they don’t talk about that stuff at school. I mean, she’s only in fifth grade, but still…

      1. Fifth grade? Did she report you to her teacher for speaking ill of Obama?

        1. We’ll see tonight.

          Her Mom is voting for Obama so maybe they’ll have mercy on me.

      2. The Thought Police will be visiting you soon.

        Around 3 AM.

        You might want to put your dog in a kennel for a few days and send the kids to Disneyland.

      3. Nah, they mostly indoctrinate kids into the two party system by emphasizing how awesome voting is and how it is the only thing that makes us a free people.

  5. I give it a B. If you are a dove, you will appreciate the ad. If you are not you will think he is some crypto-Jihadi. STICK TO WHAT WORKS GARY! You can’t afford an empire if you are borrowing 43% of the budget.

    1. He needs to sing MONEY MONEY MONEY all the time.

    2. You know, if he ran on the Discount Empire platform, with cheesy ads like a furniture store would use, he’d probably win the election!

  6. Does anyone encounter Democrats that actually know drones are used? Most seem confused whenever I bring it to their attention.

    1. “No, no, the wars are all over and everyone loves us now, Obama is President! He just has to keep people from making mean videos and everything will be perfect!”

    2. Say what you will about us warmongers, at least we know what’s going on.

      1. Indeed. Better to have a conversation about the merits of drone strikes than to have one that goes “The war in Iraq is over. I think you need to check your facts.”

        1. Serious question: what is the nature of the American presence in Iraq? I keep getting conflicting info. Is it just mercs in the Greenzone or mercs and soldiers in the Greenzone?

          1. Got me. Transparency is a little murky with this administration.

          2. I believe the troops that are over there are being reclassed so they arent counted as regular troops. This is the word I got from my buddy who just got back this year.. So to a civilian it looks like we have just a few embassy marines and a whole crap load of mercs… Just hearsay but it would explain a lot of the questions over troop numbers in Iraq.. What they’re being reclassed as I don’t know nor do I care to dig into it… Whistle blowers go to jail these days or gitmo

  7. “Boy, I wish we had on of them Doomsday Machines.”

    1. “But Matt, there is no third planet!…”

  8. That jsut makes all kinds of crazy sense when you think about it .Wow.

  9. Why doesn’t the Johnson campaign buy a TV ad that will air in all the states? They raised enough money for it. But it’s not too late for a widely aired commercial. Put a Gary Johnson for President commercial on Cable TV! An ad on fox business is only $350 and an ad on CNBC only $300. How can you help? Go here now:

    1. At those prices, he has plenty of money to advertise nationwide already.

  10. Have no fear. Is this ad good? Meh. But…from one of the two corporate candidates, with all of their cash, couldn’t do any better than this: . It could be worse, that’s all I’m saying.

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