Megaupload User Wants Details of Government's Data Seizure

The feds have been awfully cagey about this case


Alexandria, VA - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), on behalf of its client Kyle Goodwin, asked a federal court yesterday to unseal warrant-related documents surrounding the loss of access to Mr. Goodwin's data after the government shut down Megaupload.com. Goodwin used Megaupload's cloud-based storage system for his small business reporting on high school sporting events in Ohio. The site's servers housing Mr. Goodwin's data were frozen as part of a government seizure in January of this year—since then, Mr. Goodwin and others like him have had no access to their data.

Mr. Goodwin has consistently asked the court for the return of his property. In response, the court recently asked Mr. Goodwin and the government to provide additional information on how such a hearing might proceed.