Brickbat: Diving in the Deep End


Eight police officers responded to a Dorset, England, swimming pool after a man shouted at children who splashed him. Two of the officers, fully clothed, jumped in, and dragged him out. They later determined he'd committed no crime and drove him home.

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  1. Well, obviously, they needed to do something.

    1. Yes, but they *should* have used water cannons.

  2. In England, all swimming pools are property of HRH The Queen of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Governor of the Church of England, Defender of the Faith, Victoria Beckham.

  3. Also the squirrels snuck this one in again, AFTER the Tea Party article, but time stamped before it.


    1. I’ve seen that a couple times recently. At least Brickbats are showing up in batches any more.

      1. this

  4. You have got to admit dude that makes a lot of sense

    1. God I love Anonbot.

  5. At least no one’s dog got shot.

  6. Ah, England… The land where the cops will jump in a pool to arrest you for committing no crime, but the paramedics WON’T wade into a pond to save you from drowning.


  7. They later determined he’d committed no crime and drove him home.

    While the initial call was ridiculous, does anybody think that there would have been a similar ending in NYC, Chicago, Pittsburgh, LA or any other American City?

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