PolitiFact Stands By Bogus Legal Interpretations

When law professors say you're wrong about Supreme Court cases, you should probably listen


Earlier, the left-leaning "fact-checker" PolitiFact made the false claim the Supreme Court had declared employees are barred from suing over pay discrimination even if they did not learn of the discrimination in time to sue, "making it impossible for employees who learned of such discrimination later to get relief, such as back pay." PolitiFact has refused to fix the false claim, even after being informed its claim was false by a leading law professor, Jonathan Adler, who both contacted PolitiFact last week to inform it of its false claim, and wrote about PolitiFact's error twice at a legal website that is regularly read by lawyers and Supreme Court justices (a website whose legal commentary is so well-respected its contents go into Westlaw's news database). I also contacted PolitiFact about its error, and sent PolitiFact both court documents and language from the Supreme Court's opinion that contradicted PolitiFact. Yet, PolitiFact has continued to refuse to fix its erroneous claims even after other lawyers and journalists pointed out the error of its claims, such as Newsweek's Megan McArdle (at the Daily Beast) and a former Justice Department lawyer at the Heritage Foundation.