Kim Dotcom's Bodyguard Voices Contempt for the Police

The native New Zealander believes he was illegally spied upon and knows he was held at gunpoint


When Wayne Tempero collected Whitney Houston from the airport, in Brunei in the mid-1990s, she said: "You don't look like Kevin Costner."

It was an almost-echo of the Hollywood movie when she told Kevin Costner's character: "You don't look like a bodyguard."

Mr Tempero prefers not to stand out. He doesn't want to look like Costner or a bodyguard. Fading into the background is usually a critical part of the job.

He's not even keen on the job description "bodyguard". For a long time, Mr Tempero would write "attitude adjuster" on airport arrival cards.

He has been drawn out by frustration over a life derailed by the arrest of his current employer Kim Dotcom. The arrest on criminal copyright violation at the request of the FBI, and the subsequent court battles, have seen Mr Tempero cast in a supporting role in a drama increasingly described as being like a Hollywood movie.

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