Elizabeth Warren Says Libertarians Should Vote For Her


BEVERLY, Mass. — With her us-against-them rhetoric and calls for a stricter regulatory climate, Elizabeth Warren does not appear to be a Senate candidate for libertarians. But after a packed rally in this seaside Massachusetts town the Harvard Law Professor talked briefly with Reason about why libertarians should vote for her over Senator Scott Brown.

Warren's response was unlike anything this journalist has heard when asking candidates of both parties across the country the simple question, "Why should libertarians vote for you?"

"I believe in contract law probably more than most people," Warren said in a small classroom in the basement of a Baptist Church.  

"I've taught contract law for 25 years and contracts are about private ordering, about parties and voluntary exchanges who engage in transactions that make all of us better off. I love contracts and I think it's a core part of the libertarian principles," said Warren.

"It is an important part. Libertarians believe in social ordering, right? That the social ordering is by private arrangement, so, that they ought to believe in contracts and in fact I think they do.

Warren had just finished speaking to a crowd of supporters about primarily veteran's issues with former Senator Max Cleland and Congressman John Tierney. Warren left after speaking with reporters for approximately five minutes for an event in Hopkington with Cleland. 

Brown campaigned with Senator John McCain and Tierney's challenger, Richard Tisei, in Melrose earlier in the day.