A.M. Links: Mitt Romney's Deduction Cap Could Raise $130 Billion in Revenue a Year, Obama Campaign Downsizing Election Night Rally, Turkish Pianist Arraigned on Charges of Insulting Islam

News from Indiana to India


  • get your used car today!

    Mitt Romney's plan to cap itemized deductions at $25,000 is expected to raise $1.3 trillion in revenue over ten years, according to the Tax Policy Center. Meanwhile, the Rev. Billy Graham will begin to run ads in support of Romney; the Reverend hasn't officially endorsed Romney but says he'll do all he can to help him win.

  • The Obama campaign is planning to hold an election night rally at the McCormick Place convention center in Chicago, a smaller venue than Grant Park, where Barack Obama spoke on election night in 2008.
  • A teacher in Indiana apparently transferred nude photos of herself onto an iPad students were using, four have been suspended. The district says action was taken against the teacher but won't specify.
  • Police in Pakistan have detained relatives of a man suspected of shooting teenage activist Malala Yousafzai, but are still searching for the alleged assailant. 
  • The pianist Fazil Say was arraigned today in Turkey for insulting Islam with tweets including one asking whether Chivas Regal was available in hell and another pointing out that some of the most crooked and greedy people end up being the most outwardly pious too.
  • Fidel Castro suffered a stroke and reportedly cannot recognize people and has trouble eating and drinking.
  • India got its first Starbucks today.

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  1. Fidel Castro suffered a stroke and reportedly cannot recognize people and has trouble eating and drinking.

    As a result his speeches are down to seven hours long.

    1. FIST!

      1. You know who else couldn’t recognize people and had trouble eating and drinking…

        1. Helen Keller?

          1. Please don’t ever mention Keller and that disgusting tyrant Castro in the same thread again.

            Sorry for the buzzkill, but it kind of rubs me the wrong way.

            1. fair enough, db.

            2. Of course, SLD, you are free. Just wanted to register my crotchety reaction.

              1. Now I’m going to mention Castro in every thread just to keep that disgusting tyrant Hellen Keller out of them.

                1. Quite frankly, I’ve never read Keller’s work outside of the inspirational stories about her overcoming what some would find to be an insurmountable disability. It’s a shame she turned out to be a socialist.

            3. why are you rubbed wrong? She was a member of the Socialist Party, decidedly anti-capitalist, and pretty much far left.

              1. Mainly because of her accomplishments. If she was a real leftist, she should rot for that, but I think her ascent from the abyss she was born is pretty inspiring.

            4. Please don’t ever mention Keller and that disgusting tyrant Castro in the same thread again.

              Why not? She was a communist.

          1. Well played.

        2. Ronald Reagan?

  2. I don’t know who Joanna Krupa is, but
    thank you very much!

    1. I was gonna post that!

      1. HAHA!
        /Nelson Muntz

        1. Ha ha indeed.

          /Seymour Skinner

    2. Probably nsfw, fyi.

    3. How is she a “Real Housewife” if she has a fiance? Other than that I see no problem there.

    4. I she the one that was the high-cost prostitute previously?

    1. Saw that last year. Must be a slow news day.

    2. That is cool. Even small stuff like the younger trees in the first set is cool.

    3. P-P-P-Polish G-g-g-ghosts?

      /Scooby Doo’d

      1. Rooby Racks! a-hehehehehehe

      2. Seriously, though, while the idea of Polish Ghosts isn’t scary because they are incorporeal, Polish poltergeists or Polish zombies would be terrifying.

        A buncha pissed off WW2 era Poles who had been killed by either Stalin or the Nazis? No thanks.

  3. Police in Pakistan have detained relatives of a man suspected of shooting teenage activist Malala Yousafzai…

    I’m guessing any suspect will do for the Pakistanis to shut the international outcry down.

    1. If there’s ever been a good argument for jury nullification…

    2. Round up the usual suspects!

  4. Kate Beckinsale likes big black pussy!

  5. Croc vs lions!

    1. “Geonowaheah!”

    2. Lion sez: “Gehonowaheah!”

    3. That is awesome. The looks on the lion faces in the first pic is priceless.

      Then they remembered that they were lions.

      1. The video is pretty cool. Croc bugs out, thinking “Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea”, assuming they can actually think. Or maybe it was thinking “Damn that Tucan Sam! Follow Your Nose almost got me eaten by fucking LIONS!!!”

        1. Toucan Sam will do anything for a Froot fix and the lions have a hell of a stash.

        2. I bet he did it on a dare from the other, older crocs. Maybe a gang initiation.

            1. Crocalos

              1. Crocs v Juggalos would eb worth watching!

  6. A teacher in Indiana apparently transferred nude photos of herself onto an iPad students were using, four have been suspended

    No hat tip? Its like you guys don’t read our dysfunctional group therapy known as the PM Links.

    1. You are free to cancel your subscription, Brett.

      1. Nah. Aggrieved looks good on me. Also, I like beating the pros.

        1. But not Eli.

          1. That’s why I’m taking every NYG game he starts for the rest of the season. Either we both win or we both lose. But yeah, I guess I can’t actually beat him with that strategy. Bobblehead-looking gomer is killing my season.

            1. As a Pats fan who knows that he’s done the opposite of every one of your picks, I approve of this strategy.

              1. I like the Giants and the Patriots. Is this a problem?

                1. Normally it’s fine to like an AFC and an NFC team. You just happen to have selected two that happen to have played 2 Superbowls in 5 years. Not sure if that’s really poor luck or really good luck.

                2. For me? No. I had nothing particular against Eli Manning and the NYG until I went 0-6 picking Giants games in the reason league.

                3. Actually, it sounds like two problems.

                4. I like the Giants and the Patriots. Is this a problem?

                  Yes. 1 man, 1 team.

              2. ditto. same reason.

                1. Shit. ditto to Auric, not Restoras. Now I have to live with the shame of it appearing like I agree with the statement “I like the Giants”.

                  Damn you Restoras. Damn you to hell.

                  1. I snuck in there and now it looks like you are agreeing with me being unsure if that’s really good for him or really bad for him.

                    1. But now Brett got in there and it looks like you only discuss the Giants because you can’t pick them right in the pick em league.

                    2. And my reply barely makes sense.

                    3. Let’s see what we can do to make hamilton look as ridiculous as possible…

                    4. Someone call Aaron Burr.

                    5. Nice.

                    6. I was going to compliment you, restoras, but the squirrels disagreed.

    2. There’s a hat tip for you on the actual 24/7 item.

        1. How is it? Is it as glorious as I imagine?

  7. A teacher in Indiana apparently transferred nude photos of herself onto an iPad students were using, four have been suspended.

    Zero boner tolerance policy strikes again.

    1. That’s one way to solve school overcrowding. By about 50% of the population.

  8. Chivas Regal is not only available, but mandatory in hell.

    1. Clear you’ve never had Turkish gubmint booze. The best one is the Viski.

    2. I don’t know how that is supposed to be insulting to Islam. Sounds like he is accepting that under Islam, he is going to hell, but trying to make the most of it.

    3. I hope they serve beer in Hell.

      1. No puns involving Turkish pianists and Turkish prisons?

        1. Oh Billy!

    1. If only I had a fuck to give.

      1. Oh, I agree, Drax.

        I’m just trying to spur discussion on the “Electoral College” bullshit.

        1. A Republican Congress, with Obama winning the Electoral College vote but loses the popular vote? Would the lulz be good or just meh?

          1. The lulz at avoiding the rioting would be meh.

    2. Leans Obama (31)

      New Jersey (14)

      Leans? Only Gubernatorial candidates are allowed to win statewide as Republicans around here, and even then it’s only because the monumental incompetence of the previous Democratic administration is too much to ignore.

      1. The fact that Jersey is only “leaning” Obama shocks me.

        1. In the same sense that Arizona “leans” Romney, though.

    3. Obama still ahead on their “no toss ups” map.

      1. Romney’s best shot is flipping the ones where he’s at about 2.5% or less behind Obama. Right now, if he does that, he’s at 279.

        Michigan and Pennsylvania are going Obama, but Mittens will probably get Virginia and New Hampshire, Florida’s getting closer to “lock” status, and Wisconsin might even be in reach. I don’t see Iowa flipping.

        Personally, I’m hoping for an Obama electoral win and a Romney popular vote win. The lulz for libertarians will be never-ending.

  9. …the Reverend hasn’t officially endorsed Romney but says he’ll do all he can to help him win.

    He has to wait for the “religious cult” stench to ease first.

    1. Okay, please tell me I wasn’t the only one who went, “Billy Graham is still alive?”

  10. remember, if you walk around naked in winter, wear sensible shoes like this person:

    Who is the Vienna Venus? Hunt for mystery woman who boarded Austrian train naked

    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    1. Lookit dem boots. I’ll be in my bunk.

      1. http://gawker.com/vienna-venus/

        unblocked pic can be found here – NSFW of course

    2. You can walk around my house naked anytime IFH. Sensible shoes optional.

      1. (drops WRG into a thick steaming bowl of black pudding)

        1. Kinky…but OK.

          Oh yeah, while you were MIA, we kind of got a thing going.

          1. we kind of got a thing going

            Who, you and Mrs. Jones?

            I hope you both know that it’s wrong, but I understand that it may be much too strong to cool down now.

            1. it’s only happening in WRG’s mind. He’s gotta be extra careful that he doesn’t build his hopes up too high

              1. I don’t have hopes.

    3. I guess the photographer couldn’t stop spanking it while taking the picture, judging by the blur.

    4. It must have been laundry day.

  11. NJ Lawmakers want inquiry into how police handle diabetics after cops beat the shit out of a man who needs insulin. PoliceOne commentators don’t think it’s in their job description to actually help people.

    Example 1 (from a guy whose avatar is a bomb squad costume): It is our job to get him under control and then figure out what is going on. My safety and the safety of my partner is the only concern I have.

    Example 2: . Says PD on my uniform and people can curse me to hell but I will not do CPR breaths cause of all the diseases out there (one way valve or not)unless its someone I know or another LEO.

    Stay classy, officers.

    1. What a bunch of fucks.

    2. Oh, and FTA (emphasis mine): The man, Daniel Fried, who said he sustained a broken wrist as well as cuts and bruises, is suing the State Police for damages in federal court. In court documents, the troopers said they received no special training in identifying and helping people in diabetic shock, and did not see a medical alert bracelet or know to check for it even though about 1 in 10 New Jersey residents suffer from diabetes.

      Well that settles it then. They weren’t specifically trained in what to do, so should not be held accountable for their actions. That sure sounds familiar.

    3. “To Protect and Serve — our own interests”

      1. It’s only Sugarfree.

    4. My safety and the safety of my partner is the only concern I have.

      Then fucking quit, fucker.

      1. Why should they? There are no repercussions for their actions, and no requirements for continuing to get paid. Quitting seems like the dumbest thing they could do.

        1. So they won’t be putting themselves in positions where their safety seems to tenuous.

          1. As long as they are careful and follow procedures, they should be ok.

            Just don’t want to take any unneccesary risks, like actually helping someone.

          2. Honestly. If you are so fucking timid that some guy in diabetic distress seems like such a threat to your safety that you have to beat the crap out of him, you need a different line of work.

            1. They didn’t beat the shit out of the guy because they are timid.
              They beat the shit out of him because they could.

              Why seek out a job where you carry a club and a gun and can beat the shit out of people without consequence unless you want to strut around with a club and a gun and beat the shit out of people without consequence?

              1. For the snazzy uniform! And mustache encouragement!

    5. It is our job to get him under control and then figure out what is going on. My safety and the safety of my partner is the only concern I have.


      Fuck you, Pigs.

    6. “Fuck you. That’s why.”

    7. My safety and the safety of my partner is the only concern I have.

      Resign then, pussy.

      1. But dunphy has made it clear that cops are entitled to their jobs. That’s why they need due process to get fired. Otherwise it’s the government taking from them without due process.

        1. Not only that, but once you are accustomed to using violence to get your way, it’s difficult to integrate into normal society. You can’t go around punching people in the face when they look at you the wrong way, or choking people unconscious when they don’t do what you say.
          Well, not unless you’re a cop that is.

    8. My safety and the safety of my partner is the only concern I have.

      And if I have to fuck up some citizens and violate their rights, well, fuck ’em!

    9. Save that link for a thread that Dunphy shows up in, Sloop. I am curious what will happen.

    10. Says PD on my uniform and people can curse me to hell but I will not do CPR breaths cause of all the diseases out there (one way valve or not)unless its someone I know or another LEO.

      So keep some barriers in your car, hero.

      1. I just realized that he’s saying that he doesn’t think barriers protect against “all the diseases out there”. Yeah, he can go to hell.

    11. Oh, and:

      It’s really amazing at the stuff the public expects us to know/do nowadays. Be a doctor, vet, counselor, psychiatrist, etc, etc. All for little pay and no appreciation…awesome career we chose!

      Choose a different career then, you self righteous cunt.

      1. Outside of government, who demands “appreciation” for their choice of career?

      2. I don’t expect any of those things from cops. What I do expect is that they call a doctor if I’m having a seizure, rather than jumping to the conclusion that I’m in a convulsive rage intent on hurting them; not shoot my animals, and not expect that I should appreciate them when they do those things just because they wear a fucking badge.

        Fuck cops.

  12. Should you let your dog kiss you?

    A new study published in the journal Archives of Oral Biology found that dog owners had a higher rate of a certain disease-causing bacteria in their mouths. So those who are turned off by the sticky mess may have more evidence to back their stance.

    1. What? No. That tongue is in all sorts of awfulness.

      1. A dog’s mouth is still cleaner than your mom’s.

        But who am I fooling, I can’t stay away from either of them.

        1. Jack: I’m going to impale your mom on a spike and feed her dead body to my dog with syphilis.
          Brad: Ha, you got me!

    2. Correlation is not cause and effect.

      1. Huh?
        /the left

      2. No, but it frequently correlates with cause and effect.

        1. Ah, but does it correlate with cause *or* effect?

      3. Perhaps not.

        But my dog licks his ass and voluntarily eats shit of all kinds. It doesn’t take any kind of scientific evidence to know that kissing that mouth is going to be fucking nasty.

  13. Officials: Obama ready to veto a bill blocking ‘fiscal cliff’ without tax hike for rich

  14. Kim Dotcom launches new service in the cloud called Mega. What an imagination that man has


    1. Just like there’s no prison I can’t break out of and no bra I can’t remove, there’s no law you can make that Kim Dotcom can’t hedge around.

      Although his imagination kind of lacks in the naming realm. Should have gone with Megaupload 2.

  15. File this one under “Unexpected”.

    “Both volunteers in a study to see if women could become Marine ground combat leaders have dropped out of the rigorous Infantry Officer Course, with the second failing because of a medical reason late last week.”


    1. And, look for congressional committee to call for reducing standards so women can pass in 1, 2,…..

      1. That’s pretty much what it’s all about–politics, not the combat effectiveness of the Army. The fact of the matter is that it is damn near impossible to get into the upper echelons of the Army without a combat command. This stuff about getting women into the elite combat services is to open up avenues for them to make four-star, not to improve combat effectiveness.

    2. Infantry is hard – when I was 20 and indestructible, it was still really hard. And I was 6’3″ 185lbs and in the shape of my life.

      1. And the USMC version is even worse than the Army’s.

        1. I did the School of Infantry in ’89. I got pretty good at sleeping while speed-walking with a full combat load. The humps went on forever.

  16. Mitt Romney’s plan to cap itemized deductions at $25,000 is expected to raise $1.3 trillion in revenue over ten years

    Aside from any other reason to hate this “over ten years” nonsense, is there anybody with half a brain who doesn’t think behavior will change in response to the new rule, making the projection less and less likely over time?

    1. Maybe. But the itemized deduction is at the root of the deduction list. Where else are you gonna hide the money? You itemize everything but capital loss experienced and carried over in personal income taxes as far as deductions go. I’m sure some smart accountant will get around it, but its a pretty good way to plug all the pay less taxes on non-capital gains loop-holes.

    2. So people will self-cap under $25K?

    3. Look, math like that has never been wrong. Just look at the ridership on the high speed rails.

      1. Another fund-raising idea! Penaltax people for not riding light rail!

        Penaltax! It slices, it dices, it transfers money from the people (who would only spend it on cigarettes, porn and fatty foods) to the government where it can actually do some good!

  17. Obama Spending, Not Bush Tax Cuts, Drives Deficit

    According to the latest budget forecast from the Congressional Budget Office, even if every expiring tax cut were kept in place permanently ? including all the Bush tax cuts and various other expiring cuts from last year and this year ? and even if the alternative minimum tax were permanently indexed to inflation, federal revenues would still rise to 18.6% of GDP by 2022.

    To put that figure in perspective, from 1948 and 2008, federal revenues averaged 18% of GDP.

    1. RACIST!

    2. after a decade, isn’t it safe to stop calling them the Bush tax cuts and refer to them as the status quo?

      1. “Is it safe?”

        Sorry, couldn’t resist! 😉

    3. What, no, Tony said it was all the Pelosi-Reid-Obama extension of the Bush tax cuts. He can’t provide evidence, but he says so.

  18. …a smaller venue than Grant Park, where Barack Obama spoke on election night in 2008.


    1. Will they have styrofoam Greek columns? Of course with Greece so broke, maybe they could pick up some real ones, cheap.

      1. I hear The Parthenon is available at a fetching price.

    2. The other venue wasn’t optimal.

  19. Just when you start to have a little faith in humanity, you find an awesome news story that completely tramples it back into the dust.

    ‘All of his hair was scorched, and there was skin hanging around his ankles.

    ‘A little while later, I walked down to the tree where it happened. There was a perfect outline of Robbie’s body scorched into the bark of the tree.’

    1. God…that was awful.

      Sometimes, I’d like to believe in hell just for people who do shit like this.

    2. I can think of an appropriate punishment.

    3. Should he be charged with felony murder if the kid survived? I would think attempted murder, and the family can sue him for recompense of all of the medical bills they had to pay for the burned victim.

      1. He died from cancer caused by the burns.

      2. No, he should be tortured and murdered by private mercenaries hired by his parents intent on getting salty and sweet revenge-justice. But that’s an anarchist fantasy.

        …Maybe he can “accidentally fall” on a knife 4000 times in prison when the guards “lost sight” of him for 18 hours.

      3. You could argue that he did not survive, but that it just took a really long time to end.

        Shit bird burnt the kid, the burns caused the cancer, the cancer caused the death; therefore, shitbird murdered the kid (argue before a jury).

  20. Black pudding man ’caused fear’

    Charges have been dropped against a Perth man who was accused of causing fear and alarm by being aggressive with a black pudding.


    1. Well no shit, that stuff is dangerous.


      1. That was my first thought as well.

    2. To be fair, that stuff is lethal to the palate. I, for one, do not begrudge the other villagers fleeing in terror.

    3. Sounds like a real winner. What’s Aussie for white trash?

      1. mmm, probably “bogan”

        1. “cashed-up bogan”. I love it.

      2. Australian.

        1. Well, sure. But they must have developed gradations by now. Like eskimos having more words for different types of snow.

          1. i hope your chooks turn into emus and kick your dunny doors down, you rotten mongrels

            1. Hey, its happened in the South. Within 200 miles of me have rednecks, shrimpnecks, white trash, po’white trash, and methbillys. Just off the top of my head.

              1. Shrimpnecks?

                1. Rednecks who work on boats. Shrimpers, fishermen, oystermen.

            2. It’s a fair dinkum!

    4. Perth? Pretty sure that’s a fantasy world. You guys need to lay off the MMOs, you’re starting to blend reality with fiction.

  21. Henninger: The Un-President
    Barack Obama shows an unerring instinct for policy deniability

    For much of the American electorate, this began as an ideal presidency. But there is an institutional flaw at the center of Mr. Obama’s understanding of the presidency. He accepts the best of it but not responsibility for the inevitable worst of it. It is making his incumbency smaller than he thinks it is. His misfortune is that in the election’s last lap, the public has begun to notice.

    1. For much of the American electorate, this began as an ideal presidency.

      Yeah, it was a superficial validation for a lot of self-flagellating SWPLs that they weren’t racist, and evidence for blacks that if you grew up in a white, middle-class household, went to the best schools, and spoke like a black comedian’s imitation of a white man, you too could be President someday.

      1. Awesome line, Tri-R.

  22. Massive study finds only 3.4% of American adults identify as LGBT

    1. Oh the stereotypes that are exploded:

      Gallup also found the social characteristics of those self-reporting themselves as LGBT is dramatically different from their portrayal in the media as largely white, well-educated and well-to-do.

      The largest percentage (4.6%) came among blacks, followed by Asians (4.3%), Hispanics (4%) and non-Hispanic whites (3.2%).

      Results showed that a larger percentage of women, especially younger women, reported themselves as LGBT (3.6%) compared to men (3.3%).

      And Gallup reports those publicly asserting to be LGBT tend to be younger, less-educated and less wealthy than the rest of the population.

      1. Huh. The more women than men isn’t surprising, but the non-whites is. Although, that would explain the whole “down-low” phenomenon, and possibly the growth of AIDS in African American women. Hasn’t that in part linked to dudes who screw each other sans protection and then go home to their ladies, or I am just being crazy?

        1. Methinks you seen that episode of Law and Order one too many times.

    2. 3.4% say “yes” when asked if they identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.

      FWIW, notice the survey did not ask if they identify as “queer”.

      1. I have no idea what that even means.

        1. It was from a thread last week, I asked what the Q was in LGBTQ, and Kristen told me it was for Queer. Turns out it means “Questioning,” but they don’t seem to have asked about that either.

          1. I meant I have no idea what queer means. I’ve heard it referenced in regards to LGBT-etc, but it doesn’t appear to have any actual meaning.

  23. George Will: The Fed’s mission creep

    Before the Fed was created 99 years ago, the U.S. economy was in recession 48 percent of the time; since 1913, it has been in recession only about 20 percent of the time. The Fed has done much good. It cannot, however, do every good thing, although Congress now seems to think it should.

    In July, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke testified to the Senate, where one of Fisher’s Harvard classmates, the ineffable Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), clearly hoping the Fed would give the economy a pre-election boost, exhorted Bernanke: “The Fed is the only game in town.” Good grief.

    1. So Chuck Schumer isn’t effable? I think all of us already knew that. No reason to rub it in.

  24. My safety and the safety of my partner is the only concern I have.

    You could always go home to your family and STAY THERE, you disgusting cowardly sack of puke.

  25. Restoras is stealing your schtick, sarcasmic!

    1. That’s fine. One of these days I’ll get a real job and won’t be posting any Daily Fails. If he wants to take over that’s fine by me.

      1. But I like your choices – maybe you could have some sort of Master/Padawan thing for a while?

        1. Restoras is not John. He’s no chubby chaser. Besides, it’s not like I’ll have a real job soon. I’ve been applying to a few postings a week for the last two years and have only received three replies. If you don’t have the exact work experience that they’re looking for, you don’t exist as far as they’re concerned.

          1. The obsession with experience is amazing. Who cares if you have “experience”? Will you show up to work? Can you get along with people? Do you have the basic skills necessary for us to teach you the job?

            None of those questions have anything to do with experience. The obsession with experience is why people constantly fuck up and move up. “Well he was deputy head of so and so, he must be great”. Well no, maybe he fucked up and that is why he is leaving.

            1. I think companies get the crazy idea that with experience they’ll just be able to pop the worker in with no training or ramp up.

            2. They don’t want to waste resources on training people. They want the person to hit the ground running.
              So what if I’m intelligent and have a firm grasp of the principles of software design, thus enabling me to quickly become proficient in whatever I set my mind to? They don’t care. They want me to already know everything. Sucks.

              1. But unless you have worked the job, no one knows everything. And moreover, if you really did know everything, the job is probably beneath your skills and you will be bored out of your mind and move onto something better as soon as the opportunity arises.

                Companies really do make stupid decisions a lot of the time. But I will say this, do not always believe the experience requirements. Companies will sometimes put those in as a way to justify discriminating against younger people. So they don’t always follow them. Send in regardless.

                1. I did once have an interview for a position “requiring” 5 years experience while a senior. I didn’t get the job, but the fact that I got an interview at all indicated they weren’t actually following that.

                  1. Like I said, I’ve gotten a few callbacks and a couple interviews, but these people have this idea that there’s someone out there with the exact experience they want. Some of these jobs have been advertized for years. Seriously.

                    1. Don’t know your location in the country, but TX and OK are really expanding markets for all disciplines in Software Development. Once I expanded my search to those areas it only took a couple months to get a job after looking in my home area (KS) for almost a year.

                      Of course OK has crappy elections laws, but low cost of living and job beats not working.

                    2. Should have read further down…up in the MA area. All the more reason to head south

          2. What job are you looking for again sarc? (sorry to disrupt, just happy to throw leads your way).

            1. I’ve applied to every Java developer opening in a hundred mile radius of my house. I don’t think you could be much help.

              1. Relational database experience?

                1. Third normal.

              2. Where’s your house?

                1. Central Maine.

                  1. Boston too far?

                    1. Yep. Besides, if I were to work in Boston I’d have to pay both Mass and Maine income taxes. Fuck that.

                    2. Dang, I was hoping I could get another referral bonus.

                    3. It’s about a three hour drive each way in optimal traffic.

                  2. My company has an office in Portland but I haven’t seen a new developer hired in years. Only consultants.

  26. Mitt Romney Jokes and One Liners at Al Smith dinner with President Barack Obama

    1. He was a lot funnier than I expected.

      Whoever wrote the material was really on top of their game.

  27. I overheard a bit of the Daily Show last night while my roommates were watching it. I took away 2 things from the Obama interview:

    1) Obama got cheers for saying he wants to close Gitmo, despite the fact that he hasn’t done anything on that front in what, 3+ years?

    2) Stewart actually somewhat pressed Obama on the Benghazi attack. In my opinion Obama made himself look incompetent and weak with his answers.

    1. Did the “four Americans dying is less than optimal” line sound like as big of a disaster in person as it seems now? Imagine if Bush had said “the levies breaking in New Orleans was less than optimal”. They might have impeached him.

      1. I was in the other room and only overheard it, but to me it sounded bad, though not as horrible as reading it sounds. Stewart didn’t really press him on that and just moved on. Here’s a short video of just that exchange.

      2. Different standards baby, different standards. 😉

        I was watching some puff-piece ‘documentary’ on the Discovery Channel about reading body language. They put a couple of clips of George Bush when he was floundering in public.

        The juxtaposition between George Bush and Clinton (they showed lots of clips concerning Clinton’s body language control) was fascinating.

        They kept showing Clinton giving away his true emotions with little unconscious gestures before he would consciously take control and present a false geniality.

        On the other hand, in trying to point out George Bush as a bit of a buffoon, the editor kept showing clips that showed Bush presenting his genuine emotions. They didn’t comment on it, but I couldn’t help but notice that not one of the clips they showed had Bush giving away a different emotional state than the one that he was publicly trying to present.

      3. That’s not even the most pathetic aspect of the gaffe. Leibowitz is a Team Blue fluffer with an audience filled with Team Blue fluffers. Obama couldn’t have found a more cordial environment outside of David Letterman or the View, and he still flubbed it.

  28. The Case for Intervention…
    In Obama’s dysfunctional foreign-policy team.

    Despite some successes large and small, Obama’s foreign policy has disappointed many who initially supported him. The Middle East initiatives heralded in his 2009 Cairo speech fizzled or never got started at all, and the Middle East today is more volatile than ever. The administration’s response to the escalating violence in Syria has consisted mostly of anxious thumb-twiddling. The Israelis and the Palestinians are both furious at us. In Afghanistan, Obama lost faith in his own strategy: he never fought to fully resource it, and now we’re searching for a way to leave without condemning the Afghans to endless civil war. In Pakistan, years of throwing money in the military’s direction have bought little cooperation and less love.

  29. Results showed that a larger percentage of women, especially younger women, reported themselves as LGBT


    1. As long as its more the B than the L or the T. We don’t need more Jos Truits in this world.

      1. BLT? Are you saying they should be making sandwiches? Sexist.

        1. he’d be quite happy with them making a sandwich, just not that sort

          1. Ah, the Dodd/Kennedy waitress sammich.

            1. Now that that image is in my head, it can’t be undone. Thanks, dick.

  30. Just so everyone knows: if you’re a teacher and you have a consensual relationship with a 17 y/o (past the age of consent), they will still go after you in a court of law, prevent you from teaching again and mar your record for life. But if you’re a cop and you send unwanted pictures and make sexual advances to a 16 y/o, there will be no criminal charges brought and you will be able to get another job in law enforcement elsewhere.

    Meh. I guess there’s nothing else to see there. I should probably move along.

    1. Sloop, it’s a real simple explanation: Welcome to New Mexico!

      Seriously, I have family in Albuquerque, and it is insane the shit cops get away with. Above and beyond what they get away with elsewhere. Blatantly shooting people in the back shit.

      1. Well, they are too busy fighting the drug kingpin Walter White to pay attention to silly things like rights.

        1. I believe you mean the mysterious drug kingpin Heisenberg. Isn’t that Walter White guy the dude who taught my kid chemistry last year? Heard he had to take a leave of absence or something. Medical I think.

          1. That poor dear man is sick.

            1. you can help out if you have a few spare dollars

              1. And if it turns out that’s a sham, you can always get a lawyer.

      2. NM is famously corrupt, managing to combine crony capitalism and a kind of watered-down Latin American jefe culture.

        1. Yeah. It seems to be in a secret competition with Illinois in some sort of corruption-off.

          1. Nobody comes close to us here in IL!

            1. We just let you gringos think that!

          2. It’s also one of the biggest welfare states in the country. Not only is it filled with Indian reservations whose inhabitants largely live off of food stamps and government largesse, there’s the whole military-industrial complex–Los Alamos, White Sands, Cannon AFB, Sandia Labs, etc.

            If the military bases in NM shut down, it would go back to being what it was for centuries–one big-ass sheep ranch.

        2. Shockingly, it’s the 43rd-poorest state, and has the highest federal spending rate of return.

          1. Ummm…because of all the Indians?

            1. Highest Wallmart sales by volume (I think thats the stat)- Gallup, New Mexico, right by the Cherokee res.

              1. That’s one of the Navajo rezes, not the Cherokee one.

  31. Uma Thurman gives new daughter ineffable name.

    1. Uma is still effable, imo.

    2. Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson

      My crush on Uma just ended. I don’t get off on dumb, crazy, and malevolent.

      1. But all women are at least two of those.

    3. Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson, better known to family and friends as Luna.

      A) Not really sure where Luna comes from in all of that. Maybe from “Altalune”, but that’s stupid.

      2) I feel like George Constanza having “Seven” ripped away from me. I wanted to name my daughter Luna as an homage to The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. My girlfriend made the “Luna Lovegood” from Harry Potter reference, but I don’t care. If kids’ names aren’t made of while growing up they haven’t lived. I want to name another daughter “Liberty”, and if I have a boy, “Justice”.

      (disclosure: I have no kids currently)

      1. *made fun of while growing up

      2. I actually know a guy named Justice. Unfortunately, he’s a fat ass-kissing douche. Take from that what you will.

    4. Wait this guy got both Elle Macpherson and Uma Thurman.

    5. Andy Richter on Conan O’Brien said it sounded like she just picked a bunch of New Mexico town names out of an atlas.

  32. The pianist Fazil Say was arraigned today in Turkey for insulting Islam with tweets including one asking whether Chivas Regal was available in hell and another pointing out that some of the most crooked and greedy people end up being the most outwardly pious too.

    Progressives and Western intellectuals will no doubt applaud Turkey for its common-sense speech restrictions.

  33. So, I started playing Borderlands 2, as the robot assasin. I was tempted to play the chick, but no one answered my urgent late night question, and from both Fallout games I am used to playing “sneaky, sniping type”. I never played the first, either, so I went with what I kind of know. The chick looks the next most interesting.

    One question, though: Does the game begin with auto-level ups? I have yet to see a skill tree or figure out how to use my special ability, the holo-invisible thing.

    1. Fifth level you get it, same as in BL1. I got the mechromancer pack. The deathtrap is a bad motherfucker. The skill tree is all fucked up and I’m not sure I like the character as a whole.

    2. How is Borderlands? Comparable with Fallout 3 and F:NV?

      1. Much more FPS-y. Think a Diablo more than a Skyrim.

      2. Not much like Fallout at all, IMO. Its considerable virtues are, in no particular order (1) the dialogue, which is uniformly hilarious and well-delivered, (2) the guns, which are algo-generated and of incredible variety, and (3) the “look and feel”, which is pretty unique.

        The gamplay is pretty standard FPS, although the variety of guns adds a lot of variation, as does your unique skill. I’m going Commando, and maxing my unique skill (the turret). I’ll probably give the Mechromancer a try as well.

        1. I’d only add that the game really reaches it’s full potential when you play with 2 or more; it is mayhem (the good kind) with 4 people.

          1. its, not it’s (*hangs head in shame*)

        2. I’m going Commando

          Wife didn’t finish the laundry last night?

      3. I’ll probably wait for the ultra-Game of the Year edition where I can get all the DLC via steam for 7 bucks or something. Plus, every time I buy a immediately after release, I kick myself a year letter when I see it for sale. I could have bought some really shitty hookers with that money.

        1. I’m a big fan of GOTY editions with the DLC included, but the well had pretty much run dry for me on that front.

          I’ve got a decent inventory now of games I’ll replay, so I’m planning to hold out until Assassin’s Creed 3 goes GOTY.

          1. Eh, my birthday is coming up soon, and I think I’ll be getting myself Gamefly for shit like AC3 and Dishonored and so on.

        2. Goddamn…I need to proofread this shit. Or drink less than 8 beers for breakfast.

          1. I feel your pain.

    1. There is a video, said Cruikshank, shot by her and her cousin. But she is afraid that making it public could have devastating results in the small community.

      “Many people want to see the video and are starting to make negative comments,” said Cruikshank. “We want to post it but we don’t want to scare the children.”

      Because your one video would be the tipping point…

      1. I’m sure her fears can be assuaged by a big enough check. She’s playing this very well, IMO.

        1. STEVE SMITH have restraining order on video release!

          No want sex tape on internet!

          Cruikshank hairier than STEVE!

  34. A complete list of green failures.


    1. There are others waiting to happen and outside the straight energy sector too. A competitor of my employer’s has a rather large facility that was built on guaranteed federal loans and possibly grants that is substantially below capacity. I keep wondering when they’ll fold for lack of income to pay the interest. There are plenty of these that are outside the green energy realm but in the pollution abatement sector that may be in trouble too.

      1. So, your competitor is also in the student loan business? This scenario sounds remarkably like the MO for the government funding college educations these days.

    2. At this point the better question is where there any green successes.

      1. “You didn’t build that.”

  35. Apparently, there was a Presidential debate last night.

    Maybe we could get 1 article about the debate that included the Libertarian candidate for every 100 redundant articles about Romney and Obama debating. So, 2 or 3 stories on Reason. That would still be WAY more coverage than the rest of the media has given him.

    1. Reason really drops the ball on covering Johnson. I read Reason every day and I had to go to Johnson’s website to find out what his platform was. You would think they would at least explain and critique his platform. If Reason won’t who will?

  36. http://washingtonexaminer.com/…..IFVdKCX-YI

    At every turn in his presidency, Obama believes he understands Republicans and can bully them into submission. And at every turn he has underestimated Republican resolve.

    If Obama wins reelection he will no doubt try to govern in his second term the exact same way he tried to govern in his first. And he will get the exact same results. In other words, if Obama wins reelection, we are definitely going over the fiscal cliff.

    That is probably the best argument I have yet heard for Obama’s re-election. He is a total ignoramus who has learned nothing from his first term and will continue trying the exact same things that totally failed in his first term resulting in abject political failure.

    1. The only catch is the combination of his willingness to violate the Constitution by legislating via executive fiat, and the Republicans’s supine refusal to do anything about it.

      1. Yeah. The Republicans in Congress are more likely to go after Romney than they are Obama.

        1. Seriously, what the fuck happened Republicans?

          You impeached Clinton for lying over a blowjob? Yes, perjury, but also a fucking dumb thing to ask about.

          But Obama covers up a gun running op, a drone war, an assassination program, and an ambassadors death, and you just go, “Aw, shit, man, whattaya goin’ to do?”

          Um, grow a fucking pair of balls?

          1. They lost seats in the 98 election and are gun shy about being called racist.

            1. And this is where “Job as a Congressman” goes against “Job as a politician”. In the former, it is your job to check the other branch and put people on trial for “high crimes and misdemeanors”. In the latter, your job is to play for yourself first, you team second, and the nation 4rth or 5th (banging interns definitely comes before the nation).

              1. They are all terrified of losing their positions. They are like old jocks who won’t hang it up. They just get too much of a high off of being in authority.

                1. John, its a job that you are very unlikely to lose, with a decent pay that is very easily enhanced due to the fact that laws like insider trading don’t apply to you, and everyone in your district kisses your ass so that you do shit like write their kids letters to West Point.

                  Its basically a job designed for narcissists. Sadly, we then fucked it up by imbuing it with actual power.

                  1. Yeah.

                    I would love to serve in Congress for maybe two or three terms if that. Then I would want to go do something else. You really have to be kind of fucked up to want to do it for decades.

          2. Bunch of pussies afraid of sex. It’s why I can’t get hardcore fucking on basic cable (GOD-GIVEN RIGHT), but I can see people shot in the head and disemboweled all the time.

  37. http://www.miamiherald.com/201…..troke.html

    A Naples doctor said former Cuban leader Fidel Castro is near ‘a neurovegetative state’ after suffering a stroke.

    I sure hope he is in a lot of pain.

    1. I’m waiting for the Congressional Republicans to insist he stays on life support.

      1. If he is in a lot of pain and suffering, I would get behind that.

  38. http://freebeacon.com/msnbc-ho…..-to-fight/

    Crazy Larry O’Donnell challenges Romney’s son to a fight. If things continue to go badly for the Big BO, how crazy and pathetic will the MSNBC hosts get?

    1. Is there any way I can get a message to O’Donnell that I’d like to punch him so that he can come to me?

      1. I would give up half a years income to be able to legally take a swing at Crazy Larry or Special Ed.

        1. I am. I was. I haven’t hit someone in probably 25 years, but I’d make an exception for O’Donnell.

        2. That is my alma matter. And you are damn right he is a man. Ironically enough, that was the best thing he ever did as coach. Every high school player in America immediately knew who he was. The sports media, Stewy Mandel at SI in particular, still hate Gundy’s guts for picking on that poor little reporter. But it was brilliant. It put him on the national map defending a player.

          1. Hey, it gives me a theme for my eventual 40th birthday that involves more than a sports car and banging cocktail waitresses.

            “I’m a man! I’m 40!”

          2. That video is awesome!

    2. Okay, Taggert, let’s have a little talk, just you and me. When I hear you talk about taking a swing and taking punches, why do I get the feeling that you have never actually taken a punch or thrown a punch? I didn’t have that luxury in the part of Boston that I grew up in, but in your rich, suburban Boston life, with your father filling $100 million trust fund for you? I don’t know. I just get the feeling that things were different for you. Now, I know you’ve got a lot ? a lot ? to be pissed off at these days starting with the name Taggert, which you have every right to be pissed off with every day for the 42 years of your life. Let me try to help you deal with his aggression you are feeling right now. You’re mad at President Obama for calling your father a liar? Let’s get something straight. He didn’t call your father a liar. I did. The president just said that what your father said isn’t true. I have been saying all year that your father is a liar, I’ve repeatedly said that, that your father lies and has been trying to lie his way into the White House. So you want to take a swing at someone for calling your old man a liar? Take a swing at me, and don’t worry, there won’t be any Secret Service involved. Just us. And I’ll make it easy for you. I’ll come to you any time, anywhere. Go ahead Taggert, take your best shot.

      Holy shit!

      Is that part of the new civility I keep hearing about?

      1. I can’t wait for them to openly talk about raping Romney’s wife and forcing her to carry the runt to term…although…she’s probably gone through menopause.

        1. Paul Ryan’s wife, otoh…

      2. Who is Taggert and what is this from?

        1. I realized VG was replying to the original post. I thought it was the original post. My bad.

    3. If things continue to go badly for the Big BO, how crazy and pathetic will the MSNBC hosts get?

      The mind boggles but, there is only one place to watch election returns Nov 6.

      1. You know whay, I think you may be right. I will make sure to have some really nice single malt at hand, and the remote set to go between FOXN and MSNBC!

    4. Way to live up to the fighting Irish stereotype, O’Donnell.

      What a fucking nut.

    5. $100 on the Romney kid.

      1. Dammit quatloos would have been so much more in character for this board. I can’t believe I missed a hanging fastball.

        **throws down monocle in discuss**

        1. Discuss what? They way you whiffed on the joke or the way you throw your monocle like one of the wee girls working in my mines. Or is this another board in-joke I missed.

          1. Stupid autocorrect. s/discuss/disgust. Then square it.

      2. Hmmm. I just watched the video. I hate Obama and O’Donnell and disagree with them on everything. But – if Taggert actually said what is claimed – I thought that O’Donnell’s call out was pretty good. In fact, I liked it. But then I’m sort of the pugnacious, pugilistic type, so maybe it’s just me.

        1. Mitt’s son admitted that he got frustrated at the debate and said he “wanted to take a swing at Obama”. Its just kind of filial. Somebody raises his voice and squares up to my pops, the first instinct I’ll have is to want to take a swing at the guy. Doesn’t mean I will. Doesn’t mean I’ll feel that way for more than 5 seconds, but I get where Tag is coming from.

          Having some talking head asshole bow up about it, though, and blow hot air about a confrontation that will never happen so he can be a TV tuff gai is sad.

          1. The thing was, if you read what the son said, he said he got pissed off, and calmed himself down, reminding himself that this was all part of the game.

            Oh no! A person got pissed off and calmed himself down! Clearly he must be condemned!

            1. Exactly. Its much ado about someone who spoke honestly about how his feelings progressed through the debate. O’Donnell is scoring cheap tuff gai points off it.

  39. Shocking News is Shocking:

    Second Female Marine drops out of Infantry Officer Training Course

    I mean, I assume that eventually, a woman who is physically at the insane end of the bell curve will come along, but is it really surprising that fewer women than men are able to do the army physically?

    1. You can’t beat the comments

      No, you are making no difference whatsoever in the grand scheme. The goal of the feminist agenda should not be women’s involvement in male death constructs like the Marine Corps. The goal should be to dismantle them.

      1. Because Cleopatra never killed anyone.

        1. Or Catherine the Great.

          1. Or Janet Reno

            1. THIS is why I come here. Well done.

      2. But they have a role model in the woman commanding the unit that ran Abu Ghraib prison…oops.

    2. Somebody in the military was telling me about how the physical courses that the women have to go through are generally easier–for example, the height of walls they have to climb over are lower, stuff like that.

      He got in trouble for asking if Iraq also had special women-only lower walls.

      1. I love being “that guy” when the floor is open for questions.

  40. Death Constructs would be a great band name

    1. It would be. Good heavy metal band name.

      1. No, it’d be an ironic name for an indie acoustic duo.

        1. Well, I’d go to their concerts, but only for the delicious artistan mayo the food truck that rides behind them has for their sandwiches. Sadly, they haven’t been able to find properly eco-friendly jars to sell it separately yet.

  41. Holy Fucking Shit. Romney’s Answer to gun violence question apparently showed how racist he was:

    The people who were confused were the people who don’t speak Republican. Those who speak the language, who are attuned to the dog whistle racism of the American right – the coded language that speaks only to certain audiences – understood Romney perfectly. Yes, he said “parents”, and no, he didn’t mention any specific racial or ethnic group, but one needn’t be a psychic to know what he meant. What he meant was that poor black single mothers living in urban areas don’t raise their kids right. And that’s why, he claims, of the 13,000 homicides committed in the US last year, almost 9000 of them were committed with firearms.

    Asked if America had a gun problem, Ryan replied, “this country has a crime problem”. When prodded, he went on to say that the best way to bring down the rate of violent crime, in addition to bringing “opportunity” to the inner city, is “to help teach people good discipline, good character”. Translation: black people are lazy and culturally inferior, and that’s why they commit gun crimes. America’s gun violence has nothing to do with lenient gun laws or drugs. It’s the stupid black people, stupid!


    Yes, only Republicans can hear this coded racism, which only democrats can explain.

    1. Yet when Democrats talk of how black people need special favors because they’re inferior to their white and Asian counterparts, it’s not racism.

    2. What he meant was that poor black single mothers living in urban areas don’t raise their kids right.

      As a general proposition, is that even a debatable topic?

    3. The whole dog whistle thing has to be the dumbest meme the media puts out. In order for the dog whistle to make a difference, there would have to be all of these racist people out there who were prepared to vote for Obama and then decide to vote for Romney because they heard the dog whistle and knew he was one of them. Really?

      Or it could be that Republicans just love to be racist and love to tell each other how racist they are and do so in code called “dog whistles” and continue to do so even though it has been obvious for thirty years that the all knowing media has broken the code.

      1. If you hear the dog whistle,
        you’re the dog.

        1. Goddammit.

      2. If you hear the dog whistle, you might be a dog.

        1. I remember when there was all of the liberal butt hurt over Lord of the Rings being racist because the Orcs were allegedly black people. Most people went to the movies and saw this hideous man eating creatures and thought “cool orcs”. Liberals went to the movie, saw the same thing, and thought “those are black people”.

          But everyone but them is racist.

          1. I thought they were butthurt about the “Southern Raiders” who showed up in the third one.

            But I think that was because those were supposedly arab.

            1. I never caught that. But there was a bit of butt hurt over the Orcs being the dark people and being a stand in or dare I saw a dog whistle for minorities.

          2. I made a vaguely similar argument back when I was in law school.

            “I think blacks are able to get into this school on their own. You think they need your help. And I’m the racist?”

            Of course, this was during “Rally for Diversity” week, at which I wasn’t allowed to speak about diversity of experience being better than diversity of melanin because that was that would be disruptive.

            1. As a poor, white farmboy with libertarian views, I had less to offer my liberal, well off classmates from Manhattan in terms of diversity than the liberal, well off black kid from Manhattan.

              1. They pretty much admitted before the SCOTUS that the point of the UT affirmative action program is to admit rich black kids at the expense of poor white kids. They already had a good percentage of black kids because of the top 10% rule. But they were just not the right kind of people. The whole point of university affirmative action is to make sure that the classes consist entirely of people from the right socioeconomic class and that the white trash stay out.

              2. Exactly. I grew up barely lower middle class at most, when my dad got a lot of OT. My first year, I sat next to the diversity admit son of a multi-millionaire Hispanic construction company owner.

            2. I’m surprised you made it through after saying such things without being stabbed, shot, or beaten to death. By privileged white people.

              1. You’d be surprised how low the risk of physical confrontation is at a law school when you looked something like a 6’9″ 310 pound version of young James Hetfield. Only in Iron Maiden shirts instead of Metallica. Or maybe you wouldn’t.

                1. And you couldn’t get a basketball scholarship? White men really can’t jump.

                  1. I could dunk a ball from each hand from a standing start and touch well above the square on the backboard, though I wasn’t nearly 310 in high school.

                    Jumping wasn’t my weakness; tequila and easy women were. A more enlightened approach would have saved some of the booze and women for later. Such is life.

      3. You seem to know an awful lot about Republican racism.

        Which means you must be… a RACIST!

    4. Actually, it’s the coded *winking* that gives it away.

      1. If we was blinking in Morse code they might be onto something.

      2. If we was blinking in Morse code they might be onto something.

        1. I’m posting multiposting in Morse code.

          1. What a credit to the White Race you are!

            Er, uh, I mean, uh, welfare queens!

            1. Blink.

  42. Philly cop on trial for tazering shackled teen in a holding cell . He claims the teen was “on the way to hurting himself,” which is why he tazed him. Unfortunately, he sent text messages out laughing about the incident and never turned in a required report on the use of the tazer.

    The charges are one count of simple assault and two counts of official oppression. Curiously, the assault with a deadly weapon never made it onto the list.

    Of course, the kid never should have been arrested in the first place.

  43. Cap deductions at 25K, never change it, and eventually itemized deductions will be phased out as standard deduction creeps up over the years. It would take a while, but it would be a nice, almost painless way to get rid of itemized deductions altogether. I’m sure it won’t happen, but it would be a great thing if it did.

    1. That is a good idea. And it would slowly get rid of the hideous home mortgage deduction.

    2. I have to say that as far as tax reform goes, capping itemized deductions is probably the best catch-all way of raising revenues without raising rates. I’m a bit stunned that it was only rated to raise $130B/year. Which just goes to show how fucking big a $1T deficit is. Shit I’m just above the median income and I’ll bet I was 1/2 way to the cap. Of course, I assume that Congress will just start turning what used to be deductions into credits and undermining the whole process, as P Brooks posited above.

  44. http://www.nydailynews.com/lif…..?pmSlide=0

    I have no idea who Luisana Lopilato is. But wow.

    Don’t go there sarcasmic, you will think she is fat.

    1. I have no idea who Luisana Lopilato is.

      She’s Michael Buble’s future alimony payment.

      1. I think she might be worth half. And who is Michael Buble?

        1. A singer. Think “Rat Pack,” without all the actual talent.

  45. I still think that the first line of any tax reform bill should be:

    “The Internal Revenue Code and all its associated regulations are hereby repealed in their entirety.”

    That thing is so convoluted and shot through with special deals, favors, handouts, economic distortions, etc. that it is unfixable, IMO.

    1. Sure, but as a way of essentially undoing all of the deductibility loopholes above a certain rate, it makes a great soundbite and could fund almost 6 weeks worth of the $1.1T/year social programs. SLD, your way is better. I’m pleasantly shocked about a realistic plan to raise revenues without raising rates.

    2. RC, why do you so often forget your own Iron Law?

      1. What, the one about being free to be wrong?

    3. How do you expect incumbent politicians to mount effective reelection campaigns without handing out special favors to contributors in the form of special tax rules?

  46. At something called the Al Smith dinner last night, great-grandson Al Smith IV, told President Obama, “We recognize that you have some challenges this year. It’s never good when your opponent has produced more sons than you have jobs.”


  47. Greek PM says sure will get aid before cash runs out November 16

    Debt-laden Greece expects to get the bailout money it needs before its cash runs out in the middle of next month, the prime minister said on Friday.

    Speaking to reporters at a European Union summit, Antonis Samaras added that the country would go broke if it did not.

    “I believe that the disbursement will have finished by mid-November. The country’s euro cash reserves are running out on November 16,” he said.

    Like Wilkins Micawber, he’s sure that “something will turn up.”

    1. A+ for the Micawber reference. David Copperfield is one of my favorite books.

  48. That picture looks like the worst rap session in history.

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