A.M. Links: Mitt Romney's Deduction Cap Could Raise $130 Billion in Revenue a Year, Obama Campaign Downsizing Election Night Rally, Turkish Pianist Arraigned on Charges of Insulting Islam

News from Indiana to India


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    Mitt Romney's plan to cap itemized deductions at $25,000 is expected to raise $1.3 trillion in revenue over ten years, according to the Tax Policy Center. Meanwhile, the Rev. Billy Graham will begin to run ads in support of Romney; the Reverend hasn't officially endorsed Romney but says he'll do all he can to help him win.

  • The Obama campaign is planning to hold an election night rally at the McCormick Place convention center in Chicago, a smaller venue than Grant Park, where Barack Obama spoke on election night in 2008.
  • A teacher in Indiana apparently transferred nude photos of herself onto an iPad students were using, four have been suspended. The district says action was taken against the teacher but won't specify.
  • Police in Pakistan have detained relatives of a man suspected of shooting teenage activist Malala Yousafzai, but are still searching for the alleged assailant. 
  • The pianist Fazil Say was arraigned today in Turkey for insulting Islam with tweets including one asking whether Chivas Regal was available in hell and another pointing out that some of the most crooked and greedy people end up being the most outwardly pious too.
  • Fidel Castro suffered a stroke and reportedly cannot recognize people and has trouble eating and drinking.
  • India got its first Starbucks today.

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