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Jessica Stirewalt says she got a call from her daughter Jesslyn's assistant teacher telling she'd cut the girl's hair because Jesslyn had gotten food in it. The Rowan County, North Carolina, mother wasn't pleased. She was less pleased when Jesslyn, who is 7 and has Down syndrome, got home. Stirewalt found that about eight inches of her hair had been cut. Stirewalt says she also got a letter from the teacher saying they cut the girl's hair because she would not stop taking it down.

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  1. Meh.

  2. So, basically, the “assistant” teacher whose job it is to deal with mentally disabled special needs children, got pissed off and cut the girls hair off.
    People like that shouldn’t be in a job where they have to take care of special need kids. It’s an incredibly difficult and frustrating job, and it requires people who aren’t prone to being abusive.

    Next time, instead of cutting the kids hair off, it will be locking her in the shower and hosing her down with scalding hot water to punish her for getting food on her clothes.

  3. More importantly, did the teacher have the proper licensing and permits to cut hair? Rogue barbers are a threat to public safety.

    1. Also, does she have a food inspection permit from the North Carolina Department of Health. I mean, without it she isn’t qualified to determine if it was food. It might have been hair dressing!

  4. This is an assault and battery, you know. Not sure if the in loco parentis doctrine would cover this particular assault, but it might be interesting to find out.

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