Euro Crisis

Switzerland May Have to Deploy Troops in Response to Euro Crisis

The Nobel Peace Prize winning European Union notwithstanding


more importantly a gun in every home too

Coming on the heels of the European Union  being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize is the news that Switzerland is preparing its military to respond to possible escalations of violence related to the Euro crisis. "I can't exclude that in the coming years we may need the army," Switzerland's defense minister, Ueli Maurer was quoted as saying.  NBC News also reported Maurer questioned how long "money alone" could quell the crisis. The Swiss Defense Ministry is not ruling out deploying troops:

"It's not excluded that the consequences of the financial crisis in Switzerland can lead to protests and violence," a spokesperson told "The army must be ready when the police in such cases requests for subsidiary help."

It doesn't appear that the Swiss are taking this as a too-far-removed possibility:

It launched the military exercise "Stabilo Due" in September to respond to the current instability in Europe and to test the speed at which its army can be dispatched. The country is not a member of the union or among the 17 countries that share the euro.

Swiss newspaper Der Sonntag reported recently that the exercise centered around a risk map created in 2010, where army staff detailed the threat of internal unrest between warring factions as well as the possibility of refugees from Greece, Spain, Italy, France, and Portugal.

Switzerland, which did not join the United Nations until 2002, by a referendum that only narrowly passed, has not been in a state of war since the Treaty of Paris in 1815, a treaty predating even some of the modern nation-states now in crisis in the European Union, which the Swiss also have no plans to join. In his foreign policy address last week, Mitt Romney ruled out the possibility of war in Europe thanks to the Marshall plan. Reason's Matthew Feeney pointed out Romney's right, even if only because few countries in Europe are even capable of waging a war. Whether they're capable of resolving their crisis except through "money alone" remains an open question, as Switzerland's maneuvers highlight.

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  1. Europe in turmoil because of a financial crisis…this sounds familiar. Where have I heard about something like this before?

    1. You knoew who else experienced trouble after a financial cris…wait…never mind.

      1. Scottie Pippen.

        He also established camps.

  2. What they really need is laws criminalizing any speech that suggests reducing government spending. That’s the best way to Combat Intolerance, Negative Stereotyping and Stigmatization of, and Discrimination, Incitement to Violence and Violence Against people who are dependent upon state largesse.


      ‘member that one? HATE SPEECH!!!!

    2. Your sarcasm knows no bounds. Nor does its truthiness.

      1. I am stricken with Cassandra’s curse.

        1. I don’t believe you…-))))

  3. Switzerland, like the United States, is a multi-ethnic, (and multilingual) democratic federation of states (cantons), with a strong tradition of citizen soldiers.

    However, unlike us, they have kept to their policy of non-interventionism, which is probably the major reason they are one of the richest countries in the world with the highest GDP per capita.

    1. A bit difficult to project power when you are landlocked and have a small populations too.

      1. Not even the Nazis wanted to mess with Switzerland because the terrain is such a nightmare and every citizen his heavily armed. It’s the perfect place for dissidents and refugees to flee.

        1. Except you can’t emigrate there. If they actually allow you to live there, even your children, if born there, are not citizens. Only your children’s children can become citizens.

          Believe me, if that weren’t the case, I would have already moved there.

          1. They also have conscription and a heavily xenophobic immigration policy.

            1. They also have conscription

              Only for citizens. And since they wont give that to outsiders, not a problem.

            2. Plus lots of sweet, sweet chocolate.

              1. I thought bitterweet chocolate was the preferred kind?

              2. Plus lots of sweet, sweet chocolate smokin’ hot blonde chicks.


            3. “They also have conscription and a heavily xenophobic immigration policy.”

              How is that working out for them?

              (No, I am not suggesting we do the same. Apples and oranges. It would never work for us.)

            4. But they’re sleek and supple xenophobes, unlike those dirty conservatives in AZ who don’t like unknown people running around on their property in the middle of the night.

              1. I don’t like unknown people running on my property in the middle of the night either. The difference is I don’t care if they are Mexicans or Americans.

                And the people of Arizona don’t own the state of Arizona.

                1. So if the city says you can’t have a fence on your property boundary facing Elm Street, and as a result kids from Elm Street are running around on your property, trying to get the city to allow a fence means you’re prejudiced against Elm Street kids.

                  1. I don’t know how many times I have to say that the people of Arizona are not the property owners of the state of Arizona.

                    1. Property owners in Arizona don’t own their property?
                      What the

                    2. Not what I said. Learn to read.

                    3. And I never said Arizona is owned by anyone either.

                      I was (obviously) talking about Arizonans being pissed about illegals running across their private property.

          2. They’d never let YOU in anyway.

            The close peronal relationships with….”arty-Way” and all….

            *looks away in disgust*

          3. I moved there (and back).

            Its EASY to move there, but you are right on citizenship.

            They dont have enough population growth to avoid bringing in foreign work.

            When I was there in the early 90s, I didnt even need a work visa. If I had lived in Germany, for example, I could have commuted to work every day. I did need a residence visa, however.

            For a long time, it was my backup plan, but my contacts are stale now.

          4. I said flee, not emigrate. Unless a second-term Obama goes full Chavez on our economy, we’ll look pretty good to a lot of French and German entrepreneurs if things go to shit in Europe.

        2. You know who else didn’t want to mess with the Swiss cau…wait…never mind…

        3. Not even the Nazis wanted to mess with Switzerland because the terrain is such a nightmare and every citizen his heavily armed. It’s the perfect place for dissidents and refugees to flee.

          It also helps that Switzerland didn’t have anything the Nazi’s wanted. I mean, aside from a place to stash their gold…

          1. Somehow I missed this comment. Well played sir.

        4. It’s also pretty useless territory once it’s encircled.

          If, say, Belgium declared itself neutral and armed all its citizens, it would still be an invasion target for a militant European govt.

      2. We used to be like that too. We were “ocean-locked” to Europe and our population was small. It would be interesting to debate whether this fact lead to the Monroe Doctrine and such.

        1. America’s greatness cannot be protected by ‘locked-ness’ in a smaller and smaller world. Especially one where the USSR existed.

          1. Scotland’s greatness is protected by “Locked Ness”

            1. I thought Sir Sean Connery was Lord Protector of Scotland and its greatness.

            2. I don’t know, Scotland, at least up until about 200 years ago, had a habbit of producing some of the most frighteningly badassed indivudals the world has ever seen. I mean guys whose real life exploits are so unbelievable that Hollywood needs to tone them down to make the movie seem more realistic.

              Course they spent most of their time fighting each other which is why they became the bastard stepchild of the Brits and didn’t end up a major world power but still, they were pretty badassed back in the day.

          2. I don’t advocate ‘isolationism’ per se. I advocate free trade with all, and quarrel with none.

          3. Who is going to attack us conventionally? Projecting force across an ocean is monumentally difficult.

            I’m no peacenik, but there is no scenario under which a takeover of the US, or even a furthering of objectives through conventional war, is possible for other nations given our situation.

            1. But dude, haven’t you seen Red Dawn? And Patrick Swayze is no longer with us to protect us from the Ruskies! Better Dead than Red!

              1. WOLVERINES

                1. AVENGE ME!

            2. Well, a collapse of Mexico (or Canada, less likely) could be trouble. There’s a reason why ignoring our southern border’s existence is a bad habit to get into.

        2. Ocean-locked? Seriously?

          I think you misunderstand the significance of being landlocked. There was a ton of trade between the US and many European countries back then. Hence the flerking Barbary Wars and the War of 1812.

          1. Trade, yes. But massive land invasion? Impossible for the young American states to do. Kind of hard to march across the ocean.

    2. Indeed. Switzerland based parts of their federal constitution on the US model, and have mostly stuck to it.

      Makes one wonder what the US and the world would be like if we’d avoided “entangling alliances” and all that jazz.

      1. We’d all be subject to Sharia now. Just ask John.

      2. Makes one wonder what the US and the world would be like if we’d avoided “entangling alliances” and all that jazz.

        A bunch of the world could still be in the USSR.

          1. The psychopathic Canadian Randroid can be unintentionally amusing, can’t it.

            1. plus I keep reading his post as “…and all that jizz…”

            2. Virgin, too. Don’t forget the virgin part.

          2. Yeah, that’s a serious response.

            No, the USSR would never have been a problem if only we’d minded our own business. Stalin would have had a libertarian awakening or something.

        1. That’s certainly a possibility.

          I didn’t say it would all be good.

        2. A bunch of the world could still be in the USSR.

          Alternatively, the Nazis and the USSR might have just slugged it out in Russia for 10 years, thereby depriving either of the ability to have the kind of hegemony the USSR ascertained. And given that Germany never committed an act of war against us, the European front was none of our business anyway.

          1. Declaring war isn’t an act of war?

        3. Or Nazi Germany. Have you read Fatherland?

      3. Switzerland based parts of their federal constitution on the US model

        This might be true, but if you read the Federalist Papers, we based part of our federal constitution on the Swiss model.

      4. Actually, the Swiss concept of federalism goes back to about the 1400s when they overthrew the Austrian empire.

        And IIANM, the US took a little bit of that for ours.

        Then when the Swiss reorganized the confederation in the 1840s they referred to the COTUS. So it’s a little of one and a little of the other.

        The unitary state imposed by Napoleon was so unpoular that it’s unlikely the Swiss will ever choose it. While some pwers of the cantons are getting whittled away the federalism of everything is nowhere near on the scale that it is in the US.

        1. The US took the federalism; the Swiss took most of our Bill of Rights and separation of powers.

          A fair trade, methinks.

          1. Pretty sure the USA’s federalism was out of necessity, since it started out as 13 separate governments that weren’t going to vote themselves out of existence. The Constitution is less “federalist” than what preceded it.

    3. Multi-ethnic as in German, French, and Italian? Hey, I’d fit in there pretty well ethnically. But regardless, the Swiss are xenophobic and while it’s probably a totally awesome place to live, have fun trying to move there and become a citizen (you can’t).

      1. This is true, the Swiss do have a xenophobic streak to them. But like many places in the world, they mostly care about the color of your money more than the color of your skin.

        1. They enacted a Minaret ban.

          1. The Sharif don’t like it…

            1. Thinks it’s kinda ko-shah…

              1. Fundamentally, he can’t take it

          2. That’s not a positive from your neocon POV?

        2. Can’t speak to the experience of blacks, but I am Puerto Rican and in my experience the Swiss rate about a 0.4 on the European scale of racism, with 1.0 being reserved for northern Italy and 0.0 for… um…

          1. Listen, Rosie Perez, European racism is usually a relatively soft racism. It’s pretty prevalent but more of a “what is that Ethiopian doing shopping in a native Spaniard store?” than “kill the negroes!”

            And I didn’t say the Swiss were racist, I said they were xenophobic. And that includes being xenophobic of the rest of Europe.

            1. I’d agree only if you don’t consider Russia “European”.

              1. I don’t.

              2. Depends on which Russian you ask.

            2. Eh, I’d dispute that. There were definitely some… odd experiences here and there in Europe that were a little more than xenophobia. Nothing that I was offended at (like most libertarians, I’ve got thick skin), but it was noticeable.

              Wouldn’t stop me from living in some the nicer places in Europe (the cost of gas would, though!).

              1. Eh, I’d dispute that. There were definitely some… odd experiences here and there in Europe that were a little more than xenophobia

                They probably thought you were a Gypsie.

                1. They fucking HATE the Romany. HATE THEM.

                  1. Too bad this isn’t the Brad Pitt thread. “I don’t like Pikeys.”

                  2. They fucking HATE the Romany. HATE THEM.

                    Does that make them xenophobic or racist or just sensible?

                    1. I had a friend from Milan. Her dad was the former Communist party boss in that city. She hated gypsies. Complained about them going on welfare and using public housing, and tearing out the floor boards of the houses to make kindling for the wood stoves. How fucking stupid do you have to be to not appreciate floor boarding, she’d yell.

                      A eurocommie, but easily to the right of almost every democrat I’ve ever known.

                    2. Complained about them going on welfare and using public housing

                      Wait, isn’t that the very definition of Communism?

                    3. Not if you’re a party boss’ daughter looking down over the proles crimping your lifestyle.

                    4. Eurocommies tend to be about advantages for unionized workers. Many loathe public doles without recognizing the political cronyism that favors them is as much a dole as a welfare transfer.

                    5. Shit. Just looked her up. Blows my mind she stuck around here and got married. Her eldest kid graduates from college in May. A political science, with emphasis in Peace studies major (gag). Woah.

                    6. Think I may have found a photo. It’s been over twenty years, so can’t be one hundred percent certain.


                  3. So they’ll be voting for Obamana instead?

                  4. They fucking HATE the Romany.

                    Doesn’t pretty much everyone hate them?

                2. They probably thought you were a Gypsie.

                  It’s possible.

            3. Listen, Rosie Perez, European racism is usually a relatively soft racism. It’s pretty prevalent but more of a “what is that Ethiopian doing shopping in a native Spaniard store?” than “kill the negroes!”

              This is generally true. European racism is very complex and difficult to grok, but in many ways, it’s more prevalent than here.

              My mother was European and you couldn’t talk about another human being before all of their ancestry was fully established– because all their behaviors and proclivities (and faults, always their faults) were a result of their ethnicity.

              1. Enough about your promiscuous mother, Paul.

                1. Enough about your promiscuous mother, Paul.

                  Based on that remark, my mother would immediately assume you were either Polish or Ukranian.

                  1. You’re calling me a Polack??? Now I’m offended.

                    1. You’re calling me a Polack??? Now I’m offended

                      No, my mother would be calling you a Polack… but in a much more European way.

                      Only uncouth Americans use the term “Polack”. She would have merely referred to you as Polish. Europeans… real Europeans don’t need to make up a slur. They merely call you what you are, and the insult is implied.

                    2. Warty’s no Polack. I asked him to help me change a lightbulb once, but he couldn’t even turn the ladder I was standing on a little bit.

                    3. Yeah, but his submarine has a screen door.

                    4. And he still plays with his wind-up toy. winds thumb…

                    5. Paul is correct. Generally that is all that is needed. Pol’skij or pol’sha generally does the trick.

              2. My mother is the same way, and she is from Massachusetts.

            4. Listen, Rosie Perez, European racism is usually a relatively soft racism. It’s pretty prevalent but more of a “what is that Ethiopian doing shopping in a native Spaniard store?” than “kill the negroes!”

              Soft relative to what? You’d have to go to some seriously cherry-picked parts of the US to find “kill the negroes” racism. And I’m sure you could do the same in Europe if you looked hard enough.

          2. I blame southern Italian parasites for the racism of their northern hosts.

            1. Can you blame the wops? Fucking Sicilian eggplants.


                1. Can we still call them wops?

                  Or should we call them dagos, instead?

                  1. Wops are blond-haired and blue-eyed, dagos are swarthy and eggplanty. Neither is to be trusted.

                    1. Just use the generic Guinea.

                    2. Dago is any European Latin who is not a frog.

      2. You left out Romansh.

    4. the highest GDP per capita

      Just to nitpick, the per capita GDP of Lichtenstein is ~225% of the Swiss per capita GDP.

      1. Huh.

        I guess I’m showing my age.

  4. Our Army and Marines make up all kinds of silly exercises too.

    1. You mean like Afghanistan?

      1. I was once part of an exercise to defend San Diego from Peruvian bicycle brigades coming up from Mexico.

          1. Secret, but don’t bother learning Peruvian.

        1. I think that there’s something of a standing joke that writing up war plans and scenarios is neccessary to keep mid-grade officers busy during peacetime.

          It was the same sort of thing as enlisted men needing to be kept busy polishing boots and brass buttons and drilling every day.

          So now we have things like “War Plan Red”, the 1930s plan to invade Canada on our books.

          Likewise the Canadians have their counterpart, “Defence Scheme No. 1”.

          1. Surrender and pronto, or we’ll level Toronto!

            1. I dearly hope they had corresponding old-time black-and-white short films for each of the plans.

            2. Sounds like Operation Valkyrie to me.

          2. They should’ve kept to their original plan of defeating Britain before engaging Japan.

        2. That is delightful.

      2. You mean like Afghanistan?

        No, that one was made by the president.

      3. Worst LIVE EX I have ever been in.

        1. Did you leave off a “S”?

          1. Then it would not have been bad. Live Fire Exercises are generally much less fun that sex. Unless A-10s are involved.

            1. Everything goes better with A-10’s

            2. True. CALFEX with the A-10s was always the high point of any training.

  5. “I can’t exclude that in the coming years we may need the army,” Switzerland’s defense minister, Ueli Maurer was quoted as saying.

    Look who thinks Ron Paul is going to be president.

    1. Can anyone ever exclude it?

  6. Isn’t Switzerland the country in which everyone has an arsenal like Jason Statham in “The Mechanic” and shit? Or something?

    *places Orville Redenbacher pack in microwave and presses ‘popcorn’*

    1. I recall that every citizen a certain age is part of the army and has all his gear at home, ready to move out at a moment’s notice (theoretically). I also recall that the magazine for the rifle has a special seal that is checked periodically. Not sure why though, since I can’t imagine anyone who is Swiss breaking any kind of rules.

      1. Watching Swiss 19 year olds running thru a train station with their rifle because they were running late for duty and then throwing it up on the rack wasnt exactly awe inspiring.

        The patrols riding mountain bikes with the rifle strapped to their back was always amusing to see however. IIRC, they got rid of the bike troops a while back though.

        1. Replaced them with Roller Blade Brigades, IIRC

      2. Yeah – they’re kinda German in that regard

      3. According to da wiki it’s extremely difficult to get a permit to carry in your civilian life.

    2. In addition to the national service thing though, Switzerland has a long tradition of private firearms ownership as well. Nearly every town has some kind of shooting club. But then nearly every town has a cross-country running club or some other physical fitness thing too.

      In the early nineties the Swiss succumbed to pressure from EU nannies to enact restrictive gun laws. They still have the most liberal gun laws in Europe. Essentially, the EU pols pulled a Bloomberg claiming that black market firearms in the EU were due to Switzerland’s gun laws.

      Oh, and no observable change has occured in gun crime in Switzerland nor has there been any kind of decrease in the number of black market firearms available anywhere else in Europe.

      1. I blame Morocco.

  7. Given the state of the other armies in Europe, I wonder if Switzerland could take out the EU? At last, Swiss hegemony.

    1. Why would they want it?

    2. Chocolate lovers, UNITE!

    3. I don’t think it would take certain countries in Europe very long to rearm.

      1. You know who else didn’t take long to rearm….

        1. The Chicago Blackhawks 2007-2010?

        2. Aron Ralston?

      2. Hard to rearm when the Swiss are occupying you.

    4. Considering UKR is not part of the EU and has the second largest standing army of Eastern EUR, perhaps they should make friends with them and get some fresh DNA from UKR’s bevy of lovely Slavic wimmins and take out the EU. Amoungst all this, I’m sure I will benefit somehow, which is all that really matters. -))))

      1. I would welcome our new Ukrainian allies in a United Ukrainian Europe.

      2. Were I a nation, I would allow myself to be conquered by young Ukrainian wimmins.

        1. Hey, keep your boudoir preferences to yourself, pal.

          1. But that is a matter of national import!

      3. get some fresh DNA from UKR’s bevy of lovely Slavic wimmins and take out the EU

        Worked for the Ottomans for centuries.

      4. Ha ha, the Ukraine. Do you know what the Ukraine is? It’s a sitting
        duck. A road apple. The Ukraine is weak. It’s feeble.

        1. Ukraine is game to you? How about I take your little board and smash it?

          1. Once you meet a smattering of eastern Europeans in real life, you realize that guy looked/spoke way more Russian than Ukrainian.


    5. From what I’ve read, Switzerland’s military strategy is purely defensive and is not necessarily based on acheiving victory but instead is based on making the cost of conquest so high to the aggressor that few will bother trying.

      In WWII, for example, after the fall of Belgium, where the King surrendered to the Germans over the protests of the military, commanders in the field were ordered to ignore any reports that the national government had surrendered and to keep fighting to last man, if neccessary.

      1. There isn’t much military left in Western Europe, though. I doubt the Swiss have the raw numbers, but they may have a larger army than some of their much bigger neighbors. Maybe not–don’t really know.

      2. Doesn’t that cause some Geneva Conventions issues for the commanders ignoring the fact they’d surrendered? ie, themselves and their troops becoming unlawful combatants?

        1. They’ve seceded. Besides, Geneva is in Switzerland and I have other arguments about surrenders being invalid due to being made under duress.

          Hard to talk about lawfulness when someone is invading you. The government can surrender, but it doesn’t mean I will.

          1. If the Geneva Conventions didn’t apply to invading/invaded countries, they’d be pretty irrelevant.

            1. I didn’t sign it, and if my government goes AWOL, doesn’t mean I have to. Or do you want to start prosecuting the surviving members of the French Resistance? [Plays “La Marseillaise.”]

    6. The problem with trying to conquor the EU is that eventually you’d need to invade Finland and then you’d be seriously screwed.

  8. possible escalations of violence related to the Euro crisis.

    Misunpossible! Euro-trashies just won the peace prize!

    1. This can only mean one thing – Euro Drones!

      1. No go. They are powered by cheese and have surrender sub-rountine in the master targeting program. Don’t ask me how I know this…

        1. Ah, so they were developed in France

      2. Yeah, but the EuroDrones refuse to fly more than 30 hours a week and insist on a guaranteed six week vacation period a year and two years maternity leave.

  9. Switzerland is a bunch of mountains a little bigger than Maryland with the population of Virginia. And if you speak Schweitzer Deutsch, the Germans make fun of you.

    Beyond chocolate and Swatches, there’s no appeal

    1. Who are you, Orson Welles?

    2. I stick to Hoch Deutsch and still like Switzerland – despite it being hideously expensive.

      1. Re: LTC(ret) John,

        I stick to Hoch Deutsch and still like Switzerland – despite it being hideously expensive.

        What can you get if you use Ad Hoc Deutsch?

  10. Driving thru small towns in northern switzerland along the german border, you would occasionally see an old WW2 era tank trap between buildings. I asked why they never removed them. “They are…uhhh…historical…[awkward silence].”

    They were really not happy with the idea of german reunification.

    1. That’s hilarious. And awesome. At least someone in Europe understands history, if only a little bit.

  11. Heh. OT but interesting.
    Florida has adopted race-based reading standards.…..-ethnicity

    That will have to do for my HampersandR fix for a while…off to build a porch rail.

    1. Disgusting.

      1. The standards or the proch rail building?

    2. …off to build a porch rail.

      Is that a metaphor?

      Race-based standards. Now I’ve fucking seen everything. Why did the Board of Education pick such a low number (74%) for Blacks? They should have chosen a higher number, like for those clever Asians. Or have our educators finally just given up, and are admitting that Blacks are dumber than everyone? This seems like it would be a PR nightmare. I can’t believe this plan was even proposed or publicized.

      Mind blown.

      1. I don’t see how they can possibly redeem the system, or make it remotely respectable without actually doing away with the public system. It’s too far gone down the proverbial road to Hell at this point.

        1. Could you imagine the scandal if some fancy-schmancy private school based educational goals on the race of students? Al Sharpton would be the first in the protest line. But because it is an idea developed by Top Men working for our non-racist government, it is totally acceptable. It’s not really racism, it’s just part of the Master Plan.

          1. There have been objections.

            From TFA:

            Nevertheless, the Sun-Sentinel reported the new plan has caused a “firestorm” of controversy.

            “All children should be held to high standards and for them to say that for African-Americans the goal is below other students is unacceptable,” Patrick Franklin, president and CEO of the Urban League of Palm Beach County, told the Sentinel.

            Juan Lopez, magnet coordinator at John F. Kennedy Middle School in Riviera Beach, Florida, said it was unfair to “dumb down” the expectations for one group of students.

            “To expect less from one demographic and more from another is just a little off-base,” he said.

            “Our kids, although they come from different socioeconomic backgrounds, they still have the ability to learn,” he added. “To dumb down the expectations for one group, that seems a little unfair.”

            Basically, it appears that the state is using some kind of dodge to get more NCLB money.

      2. If they had a sense of humor, they would have set the standard for blacks at 60%.

        1. The award for beating the average score of your racial peers by at least one standard deviation should be 20 acres and a mule.

    3. by the 2022-23 school year, the plan expects all students to work at or above grade level

      It’s OK, guys, they have a plan, so this isn’t actually creepy or evil.

  12. Switzerland, which did not join the United Nations until 2002, by a referendum that only narrowly passed, has not been in a state of war since the Treaty of Paris in 1815

    And when was the last time Switzerland was the victim of a terrorist attack?

    …few countries in Europe are even capable of waging a war.

    Well, why should they develop the capability to fight their own wars? That’s what American cannon fodder soldiers are for.

  13. Man, this sucks. I don’t want to invade Normandy again that looked hard and stuff. With my luck I’ll end up as a glider pilot.

    1. Well it beats being the first guy behind the landing ramp.

      1. Which is in turn better than the guy in front towing the rig by a rope.

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