Another Drone Strike, Al Gore's Crony Capitalism, Weapons Missing in Benghazi: P.M. Links


  • You'll never go broke appealing to Baby Boomer fears of the world ending

    A U.S. drone strike in Pakistan killed 16 and injured six others. The drone hit a madrasa belonging to a member of the Haqqani network.

  • Vice President Al Gore has made millions off green energy investments that have been handed billions in federal subsidies by the current administration.
  • British diplomats withdrew from Libya earlier this year but left behind weapons and vehicles at the American consulate in Benghazi. And now they're gone.
  • China's state-funded (some would say "forced") economic growth comes at a price: More and more Chinese citizens are being evicted and having their land seized for development.
  • Astronomers have discovered a planet that is a giant diamond. This would inspire an awesome Pinky and the Brain caper if they were still on the air.
  • What is this "free press" thing anyway? Media representatives in New Jersey are suing to block a law that forbids them from photographing or interviewing anybody within 100 feet of a polling location on Election Day.

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