Brickbat: Banned in Brazil


YouTube has blocked a video critical of a mayoral candidate in Campo Grande, Brazil. Braziilan law limits personal criticism of candidates during an election. The company blocked the video after a Brazilian judge ordered the arrest of the top executive in Brazil of Google, YouTube's parent company.

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  1. All of the “money is not speech” people approve.

  2. The company blocked the video after a Brazilian judge ordered the arrest of the top executive in Brazil of Google, YouTube’s parent company.

    Now that’s how you get things done!

  3. Google Corporate Code of Conduct
    “Don’t be evil.” Googlers generally apply those words to how we serve our users. But “Don’t be evil” is much more than that. Yes, it’s about providing our users unbiased access to information, focusing on their needs and giving them the best products and services that we can.

    Riiight. Somehow this must not translate into Brazilian.

  4. Hillary would love it there.

  5. Brickbat: Turning Back the Clock

    Hit + Run claims through its timestamps that brickbat posts are released at 6AM EST, but witnesses say the posts don’t show up there until well later. Despite calling for greater transparency in government, reason has yet to address the discrepancy.

    At least one commenter has called for the arrest of Charles Oliver, AKA Oliver Charles.

    1. You are that annoying nosy neighbor in your neighborhood, aren’t you Gladys “FOE” Kravitz?

      The poor, poor Stevens, having to put up with you and your pedantic ways.

      Also, I know Portuguese is a difficult language to learn, but I am pretty sure that Google’s mission statement can be unambiguously translated into Portuguese. Unless, of course, Google Translate is shitty (which it is).

    2. They’re released at 6 AM, but only to premium members. Are you even a registered commenter? Are you even a “beloved” poster?

      1. I posted my own brickbat. What have you done?

        1. I went undefeated in my 4th grade basketball season and won the MVP of the championship game.

          1. That’s not even true. You’re just taking Leave it to Beaver scripts and calling them your own life.

            1. Did that really happen? That show’s way too old for me to have seen, but I always got the impression Beaver was a dork.

              Though it was kind of ridiculously story book and now that I think about it almost sounds scripted for one of those sports movies. My dad was our coach, and in the final game we played my cousin’s team, coached by my uncle (dad’s brother). The only loss they had was to us, in the regular season. My cousin and I guarded each other all game. My team came back from 12 down at halftime to win the game on a buzzer beater that took so long rolling around on the rim that my cousin’s team all ran off the court thinking they won.

              Man… I’ve got to find the videotape of that game.

    3. I hope they sue you for copyright infringement so that you can turn right around and post another Brickbat about their hypocrisy.

  6. Judge Flavio Peren of Mato Grosso do Sul is a corrupt shit stain. Also, I heard he moonlights as a gay bar tender and blows homos for money.

  7. Why does Google have people in Brazil?

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