Election 2012

Religious Leaders Endorse Opening Debates to Other Candidates

Uh oh ... The Dems and Repubs are going to Hell, now. Ha! As if that's new.


As Mitt Romney and Barack Obama prepare to attack each other head-on at the first presidential debate tonight, a group of Libertarians in Colorado—and others dissatisfied with the two-party system—are attacking the Commission on Presidential Debates for excluding third parties. A local Libertarian candidate for state representative has helped organize some push-back against the debates, even gathering support from religious leaders.

Morton Brooks, who is running as a Libertarian for a state representative position in the sixth district, has been drumming up support with help from the local Libertarian Party and others to demand that the commission stop excluding third parties—especially leaders like Gary Johnson, the Libertarian presidential candidate, who, in his view, has innovative ideas that neither Obama nor Romney has proposed.