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  1. Yummy Kos tears.

    “Why wasn’t he more aggressive? Why didn’t he attack Bain?”

    More than one poster blames Republicans for Obama’s poor performance. Obama, you see, tanked the debate on purpose to not look like an angry black man in front of all those darn GOP racists.

    1. 3-D chess, man.

      1. oh yea. he’s gone 4-d now, though. 3d is so pedestrian for such a great man with such a big brain

        it’s all runcinated tesseracts and stuff like that now


        just to keep his “juices flowing”

    2. Kos Kids wanted Obama to defend the far left.

      From that POV he failed wildly with his love of “free enterprise” and freedom he went on about.

    3. Some Facebook friends-of-friends are wondering if this is part of Obama’s “long game.” And just a few weeks ago, a bright friend and retail store owner wondered if the “George Washington” that he knows is inside of Obama will come out in his second term….

      1. I’ve heard similar on my feeds

        1. Now the consensus, at least from those not too busy sobbing or getting drunk or breaking furniture to post, is that the “fact-checkers” will tear apart Romney’s “lies” tomorrow. Because everything Romney said was a “lie.” Obama has given Romney enough rope to hang himself. Etc. Very tasty Kool-Aid.

      2. So much WTF?, so little time.

        1. I know. He was talking to someone else, but it was hard to not jump in and say “‘George Washington’?!?! Are you freaking kidding me??”

          1. I’ll admit it is possible that Obama has fucked the shit out of bears, so he and GW could have that much in common.

            1. Damn you, I was trying to reference that BEFORE it got posted.

  2. I’ll repost this gem from the Huffington Post comments that I also posted in the debate thread::

    “I keep hearing pundits talk about all the specifics Romney gave tonight and after watching the entire debate I didn’t see any. All I heard was everything has to be privatized…and my questions is, when you privatize something, don’t you have the problem of a business trying to maximize their profits and screw over the people?”

    1. “I keep hearing pundits talk about all the specifics Romney gave tonight and after watching the entire debate I didn’t see any. All I heard was everything has to be privatized…and my questions is, when you privatize something, don’t you have the problem of a business trying to maximize their profits and screw over the people?”

      Darn that Apple company!

    2. Damned straight, that’s why we need the feds to nationalize Apple.

      1. Samsung likes this

    3. If you’re always in favor of privatization, then you’re an anarchist. NTTIAWWT

      1. Never mind, I’m using the real definition of privatize. There’s no way in hell that came up in the debate.

        1. “There’s no way in hell that came up in the debate.”

          Didn’t even rate a hint. Forget it; neither of those bozos has a clue as to what that means.

          1. Unlike you weirdos, I’m drinking because … game 162! You’ll have to excuse my momentary retardation concerning mainstream political discourse.

  3. Romney did well. He loves regulations, Romneycare health mandates, and cutting out deductions enough to raise tax revenue.

    He beat Obama to the center-left.

    1. When Obama has lost Palin’s Buttplug, he’s lost America.

  4. The Google+ Hangout link doesn’t work for me.

  5. I wouldn’t say I missed the debate, Bob. But overall how did Obomney do?

    1. It was a knockout.

  6. Between following the HnR comments and Twitter, I missed what both of them actually said in the debate. Mission accomplished.

  7. The guy from thinkprogress must have watched a different debate than the rest of us.

    Obama and Romeney were fighting over who was going to cut the most? They where fighting over who was going to spend more.

      1. Just remember in the winter, far beneath the bitter snow….

  8. It’s what all the cool kids are doing.

    That’s what you said about twitter and now it is just for old people.

  9. Fun freakout from Andrew Sullivan:


    1. lol. the leading gaypundit(tm) calls obama “effete”.

      1. He sure didn’t seem to be having a gay time last night.

  10. The CNN insta-poll is in!
    67% Romney, 25% Obama.

  11. A crowning achievement! Miguel Cabrera wins baseball’s first Triple Crown in 45 years

    1. He didn’t build that.

  12. I didn’t see the debate on TV, but looking through the transcript, I’m aghast. They were originally going to spend 15 minutes of the 3 hours of the two debates on the economy?! How the FUCK did the GOP representatives in the CPD approve that?

    1. Imagine what it would have been like if Gary Johnson had been allowed in.

      Slaughter. Unqualified, absolute, merciless slaughter.

      1. GJ didn’t exactly world-beat in the GOP primary debates. He stole a line from radio shockjocks.

        1. True, but the Republican primary debates weren’t exactly equitable forum for all candidates (paging Dr. Paul).

        2. Yeah, but Romney didn’t do very well either. Not very passionate or connecting. That’s why this debate was such a huge shock: Romney’s debating skills got a major update, probably to the firmware.

  13. I missed virtually all of the debate, but I did see the group therapy session that was MSNBC’s post-debate show featuring an All-Star line up of commentards in Maddow, Schlutz, Matthews, and Sharpton. Did Obama really do that bad?

    Also I heard that Romney said something to the effect that “free markets only work with regulations” and that he’d repeal any cuts Obama made to government spending. Sounds like Masshole moderate Mitt was debating tonight.

    1. He talked a lot about how he’s repeal Obama’s cuts to Medicare and defense.

  14. Barack is still looking for his teeth two blocks up on Queer Street.

    1. Now that was funny!

  15. msnbc is now blaming Jim Lehrer.

    1. he refused to ask Romney the tough questions Obama didn’t think of!

      1. He let Romney control the debate. Although, to be fair, that’s what a good debater does. If you can get away with seizing control from the moderator, you absolutely should.

        1. It wasn’t just Lehrer though. I was shocked at how many times Obama just let things go unchallenged or let Romney interrupt him.

          Clint Eastwood’s chair would have had a more assertive presence.

          1. “Clint Eastwood’s chair would have had a more assertive presence.”

            ‘He has much to be humble about…’

          2. OH SNAP

      2. ‘he refused to ask Romney the tough questions that weren’t on Obozo’s teleprompter’
        Just guessing that’s closer to what happened.

    2. I’m about halfway through the transcript and already BO has twice said “I’m sorry” to Lehrer for breaking a rule (going over time once and off topic once). Romney has pretty much steamrolled over the moderator on every question with no apologies. Who looks more presidential?

      1. BO has twice said “I’m sorry”

        Obama’s a Canadian now?

        1. There is nothing wrong with politeness.

          1. Except being Canadian.

  16. WTF?

    LEHRER: Mr. President?
    OBAMA: Well, we’ve had this discussion before.
    LEHRER: About the idea that in order to reduce the deficit, there has to be revenue in addition to cuts.
    OBAMA: There has to be revenue in addition to cuts. Now, Governor Romney has ruled out revenue. He’s ruled out revenue.

    Objection, your Honor, leading the witness.

    1. LEHRER: But ? but Mr. President, you’re saying in order to ? to get the job done, it’s got to be balanced. You’ve got to have…
      OBAMA: If ? if we’re serious, we’ve got to take a balanced, responsible approach.

      Who needs a TelePrompter when you’ve got a TeleLehrer?

      1. TeleLehrer appears to be less intelligent that the Teleprompter.

    2. That is pretty damn funny.

  17. how bout dem A’s

    1. Earthquake weather?

    2. I’m kind of excited for this new one game wildcard playoff they’re doing. I just didn’t expect the Rangers to be part of it.

      Congrats to Oakland. And to Miguel Cabrera.

      1. As a Braves fan, I find the timing of the WC play-in wildly inappropriate. OTOH Kris Medlen, Chipper Jones, Ben Sheets in addition to the A’s, O’s, a Triple Crown, a 20yo rookie MVP … what!? a fantastic season overall

  18. On the con side, Romney ran to the center, hard. He blathered a lot about restoring Medicare funding. He defended RomneyCare. He talked about how he’s not going to cut education.

    On the pro side, none of that had anything to do with him “winning” the debate. He won because he took over Jim Lehrer’s job and dominated the conversation. He controlled the terms of the debate.
    So he spent most of 1.5 hours talking about tax reform and economic growth.

    The one moment where he briefly sounded a tiny bit libertarian was when Obama answered the question about the role of government with “keeping Americans safe”, and Romney pointed at the Constitution.
    Although he should have quoted Ben Franklin on essential liberty vs. temorary security”.

    1. Too bad he followed up the line about the Constitution with a call for even more military spending

    2. You got it.

      Etch-a-sketch won.

  19. Matthews is blubbering more than usual. I think he was actually just crying off camera. He looks distraught. It’s fantastic.

    1. Seeing their reaction to O lose would make voting Romney almost worth it. Almost.

      1. I wouldn’t go that far.

        1. ‘Almost’ is the key word.

      2. The tears are gonna be great regardless of who wins. Probably better if Obama loses though

        1. If Romney loses, the GOP establishment won’t cry. It’ll BLEED.

          1. In another four years the TP will have sputtered into oblivion and things can go back to the normal looting of the treasury. There’s more than enough for both of the two party establishments, which are symbiotic, not competitive.

          2. Especially if they can blame Johnson voters for taking votes from Romney.

    2. Yummy, yummy tears!

    3. Where was Obama tonight?” Matthews said. “He should watch ? well not just ‘Hardball,’ Rachel, he should watch you, the Reverend Al, he should watch Lawrence. He would learn something about this debate. There’s a hot debate going on in this country ? know where it’s being held? Here on this network is where we’re having the debate. We have our knives out.

      Eliminationist. Rhetoric.

      1. “There’s a hot debate going on in this country ? know where it’s being held? Here on this network is where we’re having the debate.”

        The only ‘debate’ on that network is devoted to who is the best apologist for the liar-in-chief.
        If any of those assholes got their heads chopped off by Obama, they’d swear it was a slight mistake; he only intended to take a little off the top and sides.

      2. Reverend Al was royally pissed that Obama didn’t ripped Romney’s head off for mentioning the phrase ‘state’s rights’ and the 10th Amendment.

        1. He didn’t use exactly that phrase, but I thought he would have been better off not referring to “rights” in that context. “Responsibility” would have been better.

      3. “He should watch ? well not just ‘Hardball,’ Rachel, he should watch you, the Reverend Al, he should watch Lawrence.

        I’ve heard better campaign advice from schizoid hobos.

        1. how shitty does ones tv ratings have to be when they have to beg a loser president to watch their shows?

        2. I’ve heard better campaign advice from schizoid hobos.

          They had different advice at some other time? Oh, you meant different schizoid hobos.

  20. The SF Chron would never criticize Obama unless there really wasn’t any alternative.
    Seems like that’s what happened:
    “Romney sounded presidential during debate, while Obama’s only high mark was for manners.”

  21. The Farkkiddies are also amusing:
    It seems like Democrats are saying Romney won the debates merely because Obama didn’t call him on his bullshiat. That isn’t winning,

    1. Sure it is. Romney won on style – not substance.

      1. Palin’s Buttplug| 10.3.12 @ 11:56PM |#
        “Sure it is. Romney won on style – not substance.”

        Poor shriek has to eat those sour grapes.

        1. Well it is true. But I don’t know if anyone’s ever won a presidential debate on substance

          1. If the voters wanted substance they should have nominated Santorum.

            1. That’s just wrong

            2. That one made me laugh.

      2. Exactly. Because Obama has nothing else BUT style. That’s why it was a win.

    2. It’s a variation on the narrative of Obama’s policies being good but his salesmanship being weak.

      1. You’d think such a great orator would be able to effectively sell such great policies

        1. Romney beat him to the center.

          Give him credit.

          1. Who could have predicted that Romney would try the unprecedented strategy of playing to the center in the general election!

            1. UNEXPECTEDLY !

              Even the smartest man, and greatest orator, in the world couldn’t have forseen the depths Romney would seek to cheat and win.

      2. And that’s SOME narrative, since Obama’s policies are not that different from Romney’s (or Bush’s for that matter).

        His salesmanship is excellent. And that’s what fell apart in this debate.

  22. The Sullivan live blog linked up thread is hilarious. It’s like his life-long descent into madness compressed into 3 hours.

    Also, am I the only one who remembers when a “wonk” was a shut-in who knew more than almost anybody else about a very specific subject? It seems that today it’s used to describe any political asshole willing to say numbers, no matter how much bullshit they are.

    1. I guess that’s my own ‘special’ memory.

  23. Apparently the takeaway from Obama supporters tonight is that Romney will kill Big Bird.
    Probably live at FedEx field after the inauguration.

    1. He’ll give him to the Swedish Chef to prepare for his inaugural dinner. Bork bork bork!

    2. Drone strike on Oscar the Grouch’s metallic bunker; 20 muppets of military age collaterally damaged, classified as terrorists.

    3. Why does Romney hate Big Bird?

    4. He did say he loves him some Big Bird. Delicious!

  24. Raise your hand if you abhor Think Progress!

    1. But they give such nice cocktail parties

    2. That Think Progress guy talks like a Valley Girl.

    3. His after-debate commentary was horribly error-ridden.

  25. I’m wondering what the heck they’re going to talk about at the foreign policy debate next time. There’s not much daylight between them there, at least rhetorically.

    1. FP is a slam dunk for Mittens. All he has to say is that if Obama wants to get credit for killing OBL he should also take responsibility for the attacks on our embassies and the staggering incompetence the State Department has shown in providing security for them.

      He’ll be tempted to go off the deep-end on Iran, but I think he’ll tether himself to Obama’s position of “Iran must not get nukes” while sucking up to Israel, which isn’t a losing strategy IMO.

      1. I disagree. If I was Romney, I would try to change the subject to the economy again.

        Just answer every foreign policy question with some discussion about it’s impacts on energy independence, or US exports. If someone brings up the middle east, make some cursory remarks about Israel being our ally, and then talk about how more domestic oil production will mean less dependence on middle-eastern oil.

    2. Romney will try to make Obama look weak on foreign policy, and in the process have to run to the right of Bush.
      That will scare the shit out of everyone and make him lose whatever advantage he might have gained tonight.

      1. While I don’t think Team Mittens is savvy enough to understand this, but the Benghazi attacks are a fabulous opportunity to both negate the OBL raid and make Obama look weak. The administration was clearly caught off-guard by the attacks and attempted to scapegoat filmmakers for their failure.

        All Mitt has to do is vaguely say that as POTUS he’ll provide leadership, will never apologize for American values to extremists, and will make America respected. He’ll appear strong and not too crazy if he plays it right.

  26. Romney is not the greatest communicator, yet tonight he out-communicated Obama.

  27. I hope Lehrer wasn’t planning on getting invited to a lot of cocktail parties in the near future, because I’m seeing quite a lot of blame shunted in his direction for holding back the greatest orator of our time from lightworking his magic.

  28. John Brenkus, possibly a worse human being than Obama, just super scientifically described how hard it is to complete a pass when the safety is 20 yards out of position. I wish I was as diligent at turning off ESPN as I am Pres debates.

  29. Has anyone noticed that Obama stopped being a great orator at about the same time he stopped stealing his speeches from Jeremiah Wright?

  30. I was really hoping someone would call that ThinkProgress guy on his 2 whopper claims:

    – “The economists will tell you” that the government should always borrow money when unemployment is high and interest rates are low, and
    – The alternatives in health care are between getting hospitals to charge less, or providing less care (as if the former isn’t going to entail at least some measure of the latter)

    1. They’re more logical fallacies than lies since lies would imply deliberate deception while the TP guy is likely retarded and truly believes they’re true.

      Appeal to authority and the total ignoring of the fact that the Austrian school is becoming more ascendent in both this country and Europe

      And either or fallacy that ignores the problem of scarcity that all socialized healthcare systems address in some way, mostly through healthcare rationing.

  31. So basically a “hangout” is a video of a bunch of people having a post-debate discussion?
    (I havn’t got around to watching it).

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