Rahm Emanuel Fires Entire Chicago Ethics Board

A new day for accountability and ethics in government the mayor says


Mayor Rahm Emanuel today dumped the entire board that oversees enforcement of ethics and campaign finance rules at City Hall, calling it "a new day for ethics and accountability in Chicago."

During the quarter-century it has existed, the ethics board has been criticized as lax on enforcement. The panel hasn't found a single case of wrongdoing by aldermen, even though more than 20 were convicted of felonies in that period.

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  1. The jokes just write themselves sometimes.

  2. Ummm, when are the leather-jacked 8th graders at Reason going to report the full story? You know, about how the entire board was replaced with Tiny Dancer’s cronies?

    Allow me to do your homework for you while you are off balancing an equation for Chemistry or smoking cigarettes behind the junior high and talking about how you hate your parents.

    The new board is headed by Stephen Beard and composed of Carlson, Gallagher, Nowicki, Grossman, Lezama and Carr.

    Great job, Reason, you just might earn a D+ with this quality of work! That’s a step up!

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