Election 2012

Obama Camp Frets Over 2007 Video

Suddenly, racial politics and Rev. Wright are back in play


The five-year old video showing President Barack Obama talking bluntly about race, Hurricane Katrina and Rev. Jeremiah Wright is a source of worry for a campaign that's already on a knife's edge over Wednesday night's high-stakes debate in Denver and thinning leads in national polls.

Obama's aides and top Democratic officials projected an air of nonchalance and nothing-to-see-here Tuesday night as Fox News and Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller promoted the 2007 speech at Hampton University as a racial rant with the capacity to change the game. But the reelection campaign is concerned especially by the possibility of re-litigating Wright's role in Obama's life — a storyline long seen in Obamaland as among the most damaging to the president.