Clinton: Iran Sanctions Can Be Eased if They Cooperate

Just in case anybody forgot what the point of sanctions are


US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held out the possibility on Wednesday that sanctions on Iran could be eased quickly if Tehran worked with major powers to address questions about its nuclear program.

Speaking to reporters about protests in Iran triggered by the collapse of the Iranian currency, which has lost 40 percent of its value against the dollar in a week, Clinton blamed the Iranian government—rather than Western sanctions—for the financial troubles.

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  1. Biggest mistake she could Ever Make! Now that the Sanctions are working after tons of work and Cost to us and others to get this Accomplished and the Regime is on the Brink of Colapse and President Amejenhad is being Blamed and Hilary wants to step up and say ” well let me help you out here?”. Why don’t we get him a cup of Coffee First! Let the Sanctions work and let the Regime Fall, This is the Most Bloodless , War Free way we can Acomplish the Regimes Removal at no Cost to Any American or Partners Lives-Please Think Before you Offer Hilary!

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