Reason Writers Around the Internet: Ronald Bailey on HuffPost Live Talks About the Wonders of Consumer Genetics


The FDA is here to help (keep you ignorant)

Would you want to know your risk of Alzheimer's disease? Reason Science Correspondent Ronald Bailey did. Just in time for next week's big Consumer Genetics Conference in Boston, Bailey participated earlier this week in a panel discussion about the value and possible pitfalls of consumer genetics. Besides Bailey, the panel included geneticist James Evans from the University of North Carolina, geneticist Joel Krier from Harvard University, and journalist John Lauerman who is taking part in the Personal Genome Project.*

Later this fall, the Food and Drug Administration is expected to issue proposed regulations aiming to "protect" people from gaining unfettered access to their genetic and genomic information.

So surf on over to HuffPost Live to listen in on the conversation.

BTW, Bailey will be posting daily dispatches from the Consumer Genetics Conference all next week. As background, check out Bailey's "I'll Show You My Genome. Will You Show Me Yours?" and go over to SNPedia to sift through his DNA to find out what's wrong with him.

*Disclosure Bailey is also a participant in the Personal Genome Project. In addition, Bailey says that his genotype screening test suggests that his risk of Alzheimer's is about average (at least with respect to the alleles tested). He's losing his mind for other reasons.