A.M. Links: Syrian Army and Air Force Headquarters Hit By Bomb Attacks, Warren in Trouble Over Legal Practice History, Small Businesses Pointing Fingers at Big Government, Obama Signs Executive Order to Protect Government Contractor Employees Abroad


  • The headquarters of the Syrian army and air force in Damascus was the target of bombings that, according to state media, have not caused any injuries to senior military personnel. 
  • It looks like Elizabeth Warren practiced law without the right license. The Democratic Senate candidate represented numerous companies from her Harvard Law School office despite not being licensed in Massachusetts. 
  • The President signed an executive order giving better protections to those working for government contractors abroad in a bid to reduce human trafficking and forced labor. 
  • Most small businesses are worse off than they were three years ago, and over half of small business owners are blaming taxes and government spending on the poor state of the economy. 
  • Argentinian President Cristina Kirchner slammed the IMF in her speech to the UN. Argentina could face sanctions if it does not produce economic data that is of the IMF's standards. 

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  1. Surprise, surprise: Man shot in doorway at 1:30 AM by police ruled justifiable homicide. But the family is planning on suing, so at least the taxpayers get to cover the costs of their idiotic sherriff’s department.

    “It’s dark, there’s no peep hole, and the deputies are hiding where they cannot be seen,” said [defense attorney] NeJame. “Isn’t it reasonable, when someone comes pounding at your door at 1:30 in the morning, that you’re going to come at the door armed with a gun? And the deputies and the policies should have anticipated that before they went and killed an innocent man, and to defend that is reprehensible.”

    I can’t say I agree with asking for “millions” in a lawsuit. I always thought that a lawsuit would go for lost future wages, and most people don’t make plural millions over their lifetime. But maybe they shoot out a big number to settle for less.

    1. He deserved it for coming to the door with a gun.

      /Tulpa, dunphy

      1. No, they wouldn’t say he deserved it, but they would dance around saying how it was ‘justified’ in that he had a gun and ‘reasonable fear of their lives’ etc. etc.

        1. There is a thread from a few months ago were dunphy’s exact words were “fuck him, he deserved it.”

          1. Yes, he was out of line to say that.

            Please don’t lump me in with things I didn’t say.

            1. Please don’t lump me in with things I didn’t say.

              What part of “stop resisting” did you fail to understand, Tulpa?

              1. What part of “eat shit” do you fail to understand?

                1. Pow!!!
                  And I even warned him, first.

          2. As I recall, dunphy attempted to walk that back by positing a difference between “being armed” (justifiable!) and having a gun in your hand (unjustifiable! deserving of being gunned down!).

            I found it unpersuasive. YMMV.

            1. I remember dunphy scampered off the moment I asked if it was dangerous enough that a cop was justified in having his gun out and ready to fire, why was it not dangerous enough for a non-cop to do the same.

              1. There’s no double standard. Cops are held to a higher standard. You irrational bigot!

        2. Right after this happened Dunphy literally said that he deserved it for answering the door with a gun and went further and said that “if your that afraid of what on the other side of the door, don’t answer it”.

          1. Holy shit – I guess I missed that gem.

    2. lawsuit would go for “value of life” which would include lost future wages, but other value too.

      1. Lost connubial bliss?


        1. You know how much the wife can say she’ll have to pay a hooker to replace all the sex she was getting for free?

          1. “He was, shall we say, GIFTED, Your Honor. This offer doesn’t even BEGIN to make up for my loss.”

    3. They’re planning for Ben Bernanke’s money dam to eventually break and flood the town below.

    4. If the family is suing the police dept, the defense attorney is the police lawyer, so I don’t think she’s saying that.

      Also, were there witnesses to the event other than the officers? How does she know the deputies were hiding? I’ve seen no evidence of that.

      It’s very possible the police are lying about the events, of course, but if what they say is true then he didn’t merely come to the door with a gun but he pointed it at them. If they’re lying, we have no idea what happened. So the question is whether they’re lying or not.

      1. So the question is whether they’re lying or not.

        Did their lips move?

      2. Tulpa, Mark NeJame has a practice in Orlando specializing in criminal defense. In this case, he is acting as plaintiff’s attorney so you are correct and the bracketted insert in the quote above is incorrect.

        However, I’m fairly sure that Mark NeJame is a he not a she.

        1. Yes my apologies. I attempted to provide background on who Nejame was and just copied “defense attorney” since that what he is, but in this case he is not acting in that role.

      3. if what they say is true then he didn’t merely come to the door with a gun but he pointed it at them.

        The first thread on this hashed over the claims, and found the police story less than credible based on the physical evidence.

        1. Then the physical evidence must be questioned, because law enforcement officers never lie.

        2. I’ll address this here.

          The cops say he swung the door open and pointed a gun at them. For that to be the case, he would have had to have been at least 3 feet inside his apartment or so thin the door could have swung past him as he stood against the right (from the front) interior door of the house. Now, with the door being a RH Inswing, that not only maks this unlikely, it almost makes it impossible since it was later determined the guy was right-handed. He would have had to have pointed the gun with his right hand while reaching across his body with the left hand on the doorbkob opening the door. Not only would this have been unnatural, but it would have caused him to take his gun off the target, meaning he had to repoint it at the officers after the door swung past him.

          Now if that still seems plausible, which to anyone not mentally retarded it won’t, all you need to do is look at the entry angle of the bullets into the door and doorjamb. The angle of them is so severe that the door could not have been open more than a foot when the shots were fired, meaning the man would have been behind it and could not have had the gun pointing at the officers because there was no way he could have fit between the wall and the swing radius of the door to get it open.

          I suppose I could address the cops fantasy about being quick enough on the draw to pull their weapons and shoot the guy who already had the drop on them, but its not necessary with the above noted.

          1. If you want to look at the photo of the front door and the physical impossibility of him having swung it open and pointed his gun at the cops, here you go.

    5. “It’s dark, there’s no peep hole, and the deputies are hiding where they cannot be seen.”

      Suddenly, a shot rings out!

    6. Rubber stamps are made of rubber.

    7. From the original thread: Dunphy (the real one)| 7.16.12 @ 12:48PM |#|?|filternamelinkcustom

      he’s not a victim.

      he’s a fucking moron who begged to get shot

      again, only a reasonoid funhouse mirror anti-cop bigot could think it’s ok to asnwer a door knock with a drawn gun.

      he made his moronic decision and he paid the price.

      1. His callous disregard for human life does not raise my opinion of the average law enforcement officer.

      2. This was dunphy’s “jumping the shark” moment in my mind. I always want to take him at face value and think, “Hey, maybe there are some officers that believe in the rule of law and stick to somewhat libertarian ideals about life and freedom.” But now? Nope, cops are scum and do not even deserve to be gum on my shoe.

  2. It looks like Elizabeth Warren practiced law without the right license.

    That license, you didn’t get that.

    1. Feh – rules are for the little people.

      1. Anyone who has already decided to vote for Warren will make her into a victim being persecuted by “the man”. Expect Warren’s campaign to start this meme.

        Expect plenty of undecideds to agree.

        It doesn’t matter. Scott Brown is already being portrayed as a great big old meanie for using the fake Indian thing. Expect him to be portrayed as an even meaner great big old meanie.

        1. But she’s the Queen of Consumer Protection?
          Why would she be against the public being protected from shady, back alley lawyers?
          Without the certificate from the crony professional/protection organization how can her clients be sure she knows what she’s doing and fuck everything up?

        2. He should’ve moved on from it by now. Yes, it speaks to her character, but we’re four weeks away and making that the centerpiece of his ads implies that he doesn’t have much else of substance to attack her with.

          And there’s so much that can be used to piss on her parade. I find the whole focus on her BS Indian heritage pointless at this point. Two months ago it made sense. Now it rings hollow.

          1. It raises the question of when will Lizzie Wigwam Warren stop lying?

          2. I think you keep using it, maybe in tandem with the law license thing, to attack her fitness for office and paint her as someone who thinks she is above it all and doesn’t need to comply with the same rules as the rest of us.

            In conjunction, of course, with attacks on her policies.

    2. You need a license to practise law?! In America? Did we lose a war or something?

    3. Not an Indian, not a licensed attorney in her state. Has anyone confirmed that she actually works at Harvard?

      1. I think the only thing we can be sure of is that she’s a Democrat.

          1. who else talks that sort of crap?

            1. I dunno. Maybe she’s Zelig.

          2. Has that been verified?

            I like it. Run an ad asking “What do we really know about Lizzie Warren?

            She claims to be an American Indian, but that can’t be verified because there are no records that support it.

            She claims to be a lawyer working in Massachusetts, but that can’t be verified because she never got a Massachusetts license.

            She claims to be a Democrat. Could we get somebody to confirm that?

            She claims to have worked at Harvard. Could we get somebody to confirm that?

            Really, its hard to know just what to believe about Elizabeth Warren. “Trust, but verify.”

            1. “She claims her name is Elizabeth Warren. Could we get somebody to confirm that?”

      2. she actually works at Harvard?

        As opposed to being merely employed there? 🙂

        1. Well I’m certainly in no position to call the kettle black.

    4. Remember, Joe the Plumber wasn’t even a plumber, because he didn’t have a license.

    5. But according to her family lore, it was OK to practice law without a license.

  3. Most small businesses are worse off than they were three years ago, and over half of small business owners are blaming taxes and government spending on the poor state of the economy.

    This just reveals the shortcomings of capitalism, and of course business owners want to blame over-regulation as a scapegoat.


    1. Liberals are under the belief that businesses HATE regulation. That were it not for the regulatory class, big business would just walk all over the environment, its workers, safety standards, etc.

      What they fail to recognize is that not only do big businesses (and small ones in local regulatory matters) LOVE regulations, and in many cases, write them for the regulators. It’s how they give themselves an advantage in the market.

      1. Isn’t this what we call rent seeking?

  4. …over half of small business owners are blaming taxes and government spending on the poor state of the economy.

    Over half of small business owners (AKA THE WEALTHY) are racist.

    1. That whole story just sounded like shrike-bait.

  5. Dude sues maker of glass pool table because it scratched.

    1. If it comes with a full set of billiard balls (assuming they aren’t purchased separately) why would anyone use different ones? And I looked at the circled spot for the supposed scuff/scratch mark and saw nothing. The plaintiff sounds like an idiot, but what else is new in frivolous lawsuits?

      1. Agreed. I posted it mainly because it is so absurd.

        1. Hey, let those who play on glass billiard tables something something…

          1. Get stoned? Is that it?

    2. The future does not belong to those who make glass pool tables that can easily scratch.


    3. “Sorry about that, Chief.”

  6. Their surname is Fokkens which seems oddly appropriate

    ‘No wonder you are suffering from arthritis!’: 70-year-old twin prostitutes reveal they have slept with 355,000 men as they talk about their retirement from a 50 year career in Amsterdam’s red light district


    1. If we assume that the figure is the combined total (probably underselling it since a lot of the times are probably joint sessions since they’re twins), and we assume they worked every 10 for 50 years… they each got nailed by almost 10 dudes a day.

      1. worked every day*

      2. So they’re each the female version of Wilt Chamberlin?

        1. As much tail as he got, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t banging 10 times a day. If so, they should take some of his blood to try to make a better viagra.

          1. I remember seeing/reading him in an interview once, maybe it was Playboy, and he was asked about his claim to have slept with 35,000 women. he interviewer said he would have had to have slept with five women a day for like 20 years. Wilt answered, “Yeah, that sounds about right.”

            1. 5 times a day I could see, though the time to woo the women might become a problem. I guess he just had someone go out into the club and say “You’re hot. Do you want to have sex with Wilt Chamberlain?” and he just had a queue to plow through.

              1. there was a great Brazilian footballer called Garrincha. Even as a broken-down drunk in retirement he had no problems pulling – he was once hospitalised and nurses queued outside his room for a chance to shag him.

                Fun fact: this and other sexual tales were in his biography. His daughters took advantage of an heir’s right in Brazil to sue for defamation of a dead person. The judge found against them on the basis that no man would object to this being said about him. Ad Evelyn Waugh observed, you can say what you like about a man if you add that he’s attractive to women

  7. Ten most deadliest (to the workers, not general public) jobs. Guess what didn’t make the list?

    1. American Ambassador?

    2. Thank god for our brave roofers! Those guys are heroes, I tell you. When a bunch get on a plane and the flight attendant asks us to applaud and give them the best space in the overhead, I always tear up.

      1. They fix the holes where the rain gets in, and stop your mind from wondering where it will go.

      2. Yeah, I guess garbagemen now have the right to endanger citizens in order to ensure worker safety. Because we want them to come home to their families at night.

        1. I had to kill him — he was armed with a rancid package of Jimmy Dean sausages and comin’ right at me!

        2. Because we want them to come home to their families at night.

          Even if their families don’t

      3. Yeah, I was just talking to this roofer who has a base salary of $80k, almost doubled that with overtime and gets free pension and health care for life. Plus he can retire after 20 years on the job.

      4. my great-grandfather was a roofer. and he died falling off a roof

        1. There’s nothing more stirring than a roofer’s funeral, especially when the bagpipes start up.

      5. The median annual wage of roofers was $34,220 in May 2010.

    3. German dictator?

    4. Loss mitigation processor?

    5. Well, yeah, but that’s just because of the new policy that puts OFFICER SAFETY above else.

      1. Results is results!

      2. Shoot first, don’t ask questions later.

    6. Bikini inspector?

      1. It depends where their headquarters are. A colder climate could result in a lot of eye gouging.

    7. Software developer didn’t make the list? I’m offended. I got a nasty paper cut the other day.

  8. British conservatives have been meeting with American lobbyists in the hope of learning how best to turn some Conservative MPs on to gay marriage.

    That’s a man, baby!

  9. In a powerful speech this morning announcing the order, President Obama recognized that U.S. tax payer dollars should never be used to support human trafficking, a form of modern day slavery

    Other forms of modern day slavery are just tickety-boo, however

    1. tickety-boo

      Peep Show reference?

      1. It’s cockney-rhyming slang, used to be a comedian named Fayokay Nickety-Lou, so tickety-boo/Nickety-Lou, Fayokay/A.O.K.

        Where’s me washboard?

      2. No, she probably just talks that way in real life.

        1. They do talk funny, them folks in Oz do.

        2. Quetzalcoatl / LTC(ret) John, you othering bastards

          Here is a real bit of old Australian that offer to you for your pleasure and bewilderment: a skinny man is “all prick and ribs like a drover’s dog”

          1. Is Drover an Australian muppet?

            1. yes. He was up for a part in Meet the Feebles, but blew it when he was discovered after the audition raiding Peter Jackson’s secret stash of cheeseburgers

        3. Never underestimate the Australians. They’re not as silly as they sound.

          1. Yes, they are. 🙂

            1. If even ifh will not get my Australian movie jokes, I will just not make them dammit!

              1. umm, sorry… I get your other jokes, though…

                Will you put me out of my social embarrassment before I get stripped of my citizenship?

                1. “Children of the Revolution” reference. Really, ridiculously funny film.

  10. Apparently Romney said something about Teachers and campaign contributions I know this because of Facebook:

    The corps who pay for political ads negotiate what is good for
    THEM without regard to anything even remotely patriotic or human. Why is that negotiation OK but not teacher negotiation? As Jon Stewart said, “I’ve seen those greedy teachers with their….Hondas and sensible shoes.”

    1. Why are you posting Facebook quotes here? I mean, for shame, b.

      1. I thought, after the Brickbat this morning, that morons spouting nonsense was the theme of the day.

        1. Morons spouting nonsense is the theme every day!

          1. Well, maybe not the theme, but certainly the result.

          2. “Morons spouting nonsense is the theme every day!”

            The future must not belong to those who spout nonsense every day.

    2. Hondas! They do hate America!

      Those shoes were also probably made in a sweatshop somewhere!

  11. Argentina could face sanctions if it does not produce economic data that is of the IMF’s standards.

    Argentina uses Oracle and the IMF uses SQL.

    1. “Look, IMF, I had all my receipts in a grocery bag, and some guy came in and took it. I basically remembered everything and I wrote it down on this napkin. That was good enough for the old guy, come on!”

      1. PostgreSQL

  12. Most small businesses are worse off than they were three years ago, and over half of small business owners are blaming taxes and government spending on the poor state of the economy.

    Impossible! Shriek says small business owners should be worshipping the One.

    1. Well the stock market is UP! so really who cares about small business?

  13. Said this earlier, but just so everyone knows, I’m now not voting in November. Turns out I have to buy a stamp for my absentee ballot (last time I voted was in 2000 and I didn’t have to buy a stamp), so they can cram it.

    I will still be making my pick ’em picks though, so don’t worry.

    1. Last I checked the postal carrier must deliver your absentee ballot, even if it doesn’t have a stamp. Yes you are supposed to put a stamp on it, but as far as I know they’ll deliver it anyway.

      1. I can’t even get an envelope, I have to write my own out, like this was the stone age or something. How has it changed that much in 12 years.

        Also, without postage, I seriously doubt it will even make it out of Liberia. Even if I take it to the embassy.

        1. Weird. Mine came with an envelope. Well, two years ago it did. Haven’t tried this year yet.

          1. Yeah, it’s probably the problem. I can’t receive mail here (except by DHL and only DHL), so I have to do the ‘electronic version’. Which is basically ‘print and fill this out, then mail it to us’. But there’s no envelope to print out, I just have to make my own. Meh whatever, my votes weren’t going to count anyway.

            1. Meh whatever, my votes weren’t going to count anyway.

              As I like to say, I can predict the outcome of an election by taking the inverse of my ballot.

              1. So true. I scribble “fuck these non-choices” on the ballot paper and one of ’em gets elected and ends up fucking me

            2. Vote Counter Guy: Liberia? What the fuck is that? Tosses ballot in trash.

      2. Hmm. Better include a self-addressed unstamped postcard to be sure your vote was counted.

    2. Had to buy a stamp?

      POLL TAX!!!!!!!!

      1. Yup. Unconstitutional tax on your votinatin’. Sue.

  14. Fiona Apple on her time on jail:

    ‘Most of the people were very nice to me,’ she said.

    ‘There are four of you out there, and I want you to know that I heard everything you did. I wrote it all down with your names and everything you did and said stupidly thinking I couldn’t hear or see you.’

    Rusty Fleming from the Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office responded to her comments by saying: ‘Just shut up and sing.’

    She looks like hell, BTW. What’s the betting hash isn’t her only indulgence?

    1. She messed with Texas.

    2. I saw a billboard for her a few months back and was stunned she was still around.

      I didnt think she was dead or anything, just didnt realize she still had a career.

      1. Apparently she can even still afford drugs.

    3. Good lord, that first pic is frightening.

    4. What she needs is a good defense, cause she’s feeling like a criminal. And she needs to be redeemed to the one she’s sinned against.

      1. However, I am not so sure that some Texas sheriff is all she ever knew of love.

  15. So, is Romney going to come out with an ad that says “The future must not belong to those who say ‘The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam'”?

  16. This should get your blood pressure up. Sorry if it’s already been covered, I haven’t been keeping up.


    There is no more time for games, no room for hurt feelings. Ron Paul fans, you need to choose, because not voting for Romney is a vote for Obama. It’s that simple. And you could make the difference.

    They treat us like shit and then expect us to fall in line. Whoda saw that comin’?

    Anyway, here is the appropriate response:

    Breitbart Writer Begs Libertarians To Vote Romney ? Sorry, It Ain’t Going To Work

    1. A lot of Republicans are still Christian, right? I think “Get thee behind me, Satan.” works pretty well too.

      1. as does “Get thee in my behind, Satan”

          1. +1 Excellent for the +1 pineapple

        1. I swear, I do declare!
          How did you get back there?

          I swear, I do declare!
          How did you get back there?

    2. “No, the Republican Party is not a libertarian party, but it is the only party with any libertarian element.”

      Except for that other party… shoot what was its name? I thought it starts with an L… I guess he’s right, though. I can only come up with Republican and Democrat and NO OTHER CHOICES.

      1. No, no. “Libertarian” in “Libertarian Party” doesn’t mean libertarian. It’s like how “Socialism” in “National Socialism” doesn’t mean socialism.

    3. It was the Republican Party that rammed through the PATRIOT Act that Obama reauthorized last year. It was the Republican Party that set the precedent for the use of indefinite detention, torture, executive overreach, and the crackdowns on government whistleblowers. It was the Republican Party that heightened the crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries operating legally under their states’ laws. It was the Republican Party that voted for Bush’s spending spree and expansion of federal powers under Medicare Part D, the No Child Left Behind Act, etc

      Best paragraph in the story. Says it all really. And I do not get this idea that you have to support the Constitution to be libertarian. The Constitution is not a libertarian document.

      1. Exactly. W was John the Baptist, paving the way for Obama the messiah.

        1. Hmmm… that actually works quite well.
          However, for blasphemy, you can expect a pack of frothing United Methodists to come by and behead you. Or not.

        2. Each new president, each new Congressperson, each new justice. . .they all build upon the foundation of oppression established by their predecessors.

          1. Standing on the shoulders of midgets, as it were.

            1. Very corrupt and power-hungry midgets, yes.

      2. And I do not get this idea that you have to support the Constitution to be libertarian. The Constitution is not a libertarian document.

        True, but the irony is that the Republican party thinks they are the party of the Constitution. If they actually followed the Constitution I might support them, but since neither major party can even do that much, I don’t see why they feel entitled to any votes.

        The Constitution has its downsides, but overall it is a very good document that embraces the ideas of natural rights. Unfortunately those started getting ignored by those in power almost immediately.

        1. Unfortunately those started getting ignored by those in power almost immediately.

          That is the problem with any document. How to enforce it. I think they did the best they could, but when the very people who put the thing together start violating it as soon as they get power, you know you have a problem.

          Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.

          John Adams

        2. The Constitution has its downsides, but overall it is a very good document that embraces the ideas of natural rights. Unfortunately those started getting ignored by those in power almost immediately.

          I about fell off my chair reading that.

          It was designed to create a central government with the power to levy taxes via force on its own. It has functioned precisely as designed from day 1.

          1. How does what you said contradict what he said?

            1. Nowhere does the constitution embrace natural rights.

              Hell it barely gives them a shout-out.

              Read all the essays by Brutus – it’s as if the guy rode a time machine from the present into the past.

      3. The Constitution is not a libertarian document.

        I have to disagree. If our government actually complied with the Constitution, we would be living in a much more libertarian country.

        What’s not libertarian about limited enumerated government power? Division of government authority into competing camps? Requirements for specific approval of government debt and a prohibition on fiat currency?

        1. What’s libertarian about a standing army that can levy taxes by force?

          What’s libertarian about a govt that can suspend habeas corpus?

          What’s libertarian about a govt that has a standing navy to force importers to pay tariffs and to attack smugglers heroically trying to evade the same?

          What’s libertarian about a govt that allows 535 to pass laws that affect millions?

          Keep your crumbs. 🙂

          1. The Constitution may have failed, but it was an attempt to strictly limit government. It’s a hell of a lot more libertarian in practice than anything since.

            1. The Constitution may have failed, but it was an attempt to strictly limit government.

              No it wasn’t. It was a direct attempt to expand government power. It worked.

              1. Only relative to the Articles government, not to Leviathan. I don’t think a government operating within constitutional limits would be a hundredth as scary or as damaging to the economy (and society as a whole) as the current one.

          2. What’s libertarian about a standing army that can levy taxes by force?
            Congress rubber stamps a military authorization act every two years because the Constitution was not meant to authorize a standing army.

            What’s libertarian about a govt that can suspend habeas corpus?
            Not much.

            What’s libertarian about a govt that has a standing navy to force importers to pay tariffs and to attack smugglers heroically trying to evade the same?
            In the beginning tariffs were the federal government’s only source of income, so it made sense to have means of collecting it.

            What’s libertarian about a govt that allows 535 to pass laws that affect millions?
            As I read the Constitution, as originally drafted, the House of Representatives should be HUGE!
            Also, repeal the 17th!

          3. tarran, you’re asking what’s anarchist about those things. There’s no such thing as a government of any kind that doesn’t raise revenue, have some kind of soldiery, have some mechanism for passing laws.

            Libertarianism, to me, means a minarchy, not anarchy. Its about more v less government, and anything that moves the needle toward less is a movement in the libertarian direction.

            1. Libertarianism, to me, means a minarchy, not anarchy. Its about more v less government, and anything that moves the needle toward less is a movement in the libertarian direction.

              Okay, arguendo let’s adopt your standard.

              Do you deny that he United States Constitution moved the needle towards bigger government from what preceded it?

              1. Arguing about whether a having a government is moral is, to me, like arguing about whether rain is moral. It just is and always will be.

                1. Humans have committed murder since the dawn of prehistory and will continue to commit them for the foreseeable future.

                  So Randian, do you think that murder is neither moral nor immoral, because it too is like the rain?

                  1. I do think at some point people will evolve into better natures and make anarchy possible. Those days are not here yet.

                    A particular murder can be punished as morally wrong; how do you punish the government? How do you punish rain?

                    1. I do think at some point people will evolve into better natures and make anarchy possible.

                      I do not think so. We may get to minarchy, but I do not think we will ever get to anarchy. Not on a large scale anyway.

                      how do you punish the government?

                      Ask King George III. The only way to punish governements is to remove them. It does not have to take a revolution, but probably close.

                      Morals are only in the realm of man, not nature (rain). So I think you can discuss the morals of government; composition, duties, powers, etc.

                2. It just is and always will be.
                  “Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”
                  ?Benjamin Franklin

                  1. I didn’t say a particular form of government was eternally. Just the drive to create it. At least, unless we evolve in some unforseen way, which libertarians help engender.

              2. I wouldn’t. I suppose the big question is whether expansion of government was inevitable or whether the Constitution had inherent flaws–possibly too few checks and balances–that made its decline inevitable.

                Personally, I suspect that the Civil War and the decline of the state participation in the federalist system played a major role.

                1. The Civil War changed The United States from plural to singular.

                  1. Pretty much. And the states were a very important check on federal power, including the nuclear option of secession, which was essentially taken away by the war.

              3. Do you deny that he United States Constitution moved the needle towards bigger government from what preceded it?

                Sure, but I’m talking about today:

                If our government actually complied with the Constitution, we would be living in a much more libertarian country.

                1. Sure, but I’m talking about today:

                  If our government actually complied with the Constitution, we would be living in a much more libertarian country.

                  I take your point.

        2. This was the point I poorly attempted to make. Thank you RC for being much wiser and more eloquent than I.

        3. If our government actually complied with the Constitution, we would be living in a much more libertarian country.

          This is true, we would be. But since the Constitution originally allowed owning slaves that in itself would disqualify it as libertarian. The current Constitution has the 16th amendment, which is not libertarian. The fact that with enough votes, you can take away the rights of fellow human beings does not make a libertarian document.

          It is the best document anyone could have come up with for the practical ruling of a people, but I do not consider it libertarian.

          1. It is the best document anyone could have come up with for the practical ruling of a people, but I do not consider it libertarian.

            It’s a fair cop.

          2. I accept that it’s limited and isn’t as libertarian as it could be, but these things operate on a sliding scale. It’s based firmly on the idea that government has to be limited, that no one should be trusted even with limited power, and that people have fundamental rights. Beats the crap out of most anything else ever attempted.

          3. The issue about how the amendment process works is a good one. While you need flexibility on some points, it would’ve perhaps been better to have made it clear that any changes had to be within certain bounds.

        4. “But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.” – Lysander Spooner

          1. The Republican form of government is the highest form of government: but because of this it requires the highest type of human nature, a type nowhere at present existing.
            Herbert Spencer

          2. It’s not an anarchist document, no. If any government at all is an evil, then don’t look to the Constitution to solve anything.

            I don’t think it’s feasible to expect anarchy anytime soon. If that’s possible, it will take a major sea change in human expectations and behavior.

        5. The constitution was designed to allow the abuse of government or it is too weak to prevent government abuse from happening.

    4. Well, I’d vote for Romney if I thought he was going to, you know, support some causes that are dear to libertarians. It looks to me like he’s just Obama Light.

      1. which is an impressive feat considering Obama is a souffle

    5. Yeah, ain’t no fucking way. Republicans have been fighting to exclude Gary Johnson from the PA ballot. No way do you guys get my vote after that. I think they’re afraid, not of people who plan to vote Johnson and will write him in, but the folks who want to vote “none of the above” by selecting a third party candidate. No third candidate on the ballot, not protest vote, goes their logic.

    6. The headline is beyond retarded/offensive, but unfortunately the logic is correct. Moving from voting for Romney to voting for third party or not voting is half as bad as switching to voting for Obama.

      1. No it isnt.

        Of course, Im not “moving” either. I was never gonna vote Romney. Ive voted LP in 4 straight prez elections and havent voted R since 1988.

        1. My last vote for a Republican president was in 1984.

          1. 1988 was my first presidential election. Its the only vote I regret.

          2. Blah blah blah.
            I’ve voted straight L whenever possible since 1980, and have only voted for a winning candidate — township trustee — once.
            That makes my record about 1 – 479. Top that, bitches.

            1. To be sure, many of the local LP candidates are insane.

              1. I’m willing to overlook such minor flaws, PL. Besides, I vote the party, not the man, especially since the man isn’t gonna win anyway.

                1. Well, I have voted LP for president for decades now, so I do that, too. I’ve done it in other elections, though the number of times the LP has run candidates for Congress, etc. locally isn’t great.

                  I still think the LP should focus most of its energies on Congress and state legislatures. Not to the exclusion of the presidential election, which has some PR value, but as the focus.

                  Damned shame they can’t get Paul to come back. That might raise the LP to a real threat in elections.

                  1. I will cross to the GOP to vote for Paulites.

                    Rand, obviously, and if I lived just a little bit more east, I would have a chance to in KY-4.

                    The R in KY-3 seems very typical R, but with a strong emphasis on economic issues (and he talks a good game of those). He is a CPA, so he is playing to his strength. He doesnt mention foreign/military stuff on his website at all, that I can find, and has exactly one sentence verifying he is pro-life. On the same page with paragraphs about debt/spending/taxation issues.

                    I see him being a guy that would push hard on spending cuts/tax cuts/etc, but would vote GOP party line on other issues.

                    No clue how I will vote.

      2. I’ve been doing that for years – compromising my views for the sake of political expediency. I’m done with it. right now Gary Johnson represents more of my viewpoints than any other candidate so I’m voting for him.

        1. And, as they all have zero votes now, you cant possibly know that Johnson wont win, so any wasted vote arguments are null.

          Technically, anyone who votes for the loser has “wasted”their vote, dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

          And voting for a winner you dont like seems even more of a wated vote to me.

          1. No, because when you vote you don’t know who the loser will be.

            Unless your choice is someone that you know cannot win.

            Voting for someone who cannot win is wasting your vote. You go into the booth and make your selection knowing that, whatever happens, at the end of the night, your guy will not have won.

            You could have accomplished the exact same thing by staying home.

            That’s what makes it a ‘waste’.

        2. I haven’t been compromising my views in voting, but I have a perfect record of .000 in my voting efficacy.

          I’m done voting. It only encourages them by endorsing their completely fucked system.

      3. Well, assuming that Romney is preferable.

        But at least they got the math right. If you assume that the only real votes are for one of the big two, then a vote for a third party is a half vote for each candidate. At least for those of us who would rather eat shit than vote for either of the big turds.

        1. No, its a whole vote for the 3rd party.

          If you assume that the only real votes are for one of the big two

          This assumption is invalid.

        2. IF any vote for a 3rd party/non vote contributes to either candidate failing to get a +50.1% majority of the popular vote then that’s a good thing imo. No majority, no mandate (yes, I realize that isn’t hte best defense against tyranny, but every little bit and all that).

      4. but unfortunately the logic is correct.

        Color me unsurprised that you think so. As robc said, every candidate has 0 votes right now, so your position is nonsense.

    7. That first article made me want to vomit with rage. In order to be taken seriously I have to go against my principles and follow The Party no matter what? How does that get me taken seriously again? They’re not even fucking trying anymore, just shouting “Do it!”

  17. How the U.N. saved the Somali pirates from the brink of extinction.

    Just as the PMPF had the pirates on the run, the United Arab Emirates — under massive U.N. pressure — shut off their funding for the only anti-piracy program that had a real chance of success. As of June 6, Somali’s largest indigenous attempt to control its own security appeared to be dead. To put the nail in the coffin, the SEMG then leaked its 2012 report on July 15, which vociferously demanded sanctions against the South African contractors — but did not recommend sanctions on the pirates they were hired to defeat.

    1. Can’t we just torpedo the mother ship fer chrissakes? No one will ever know.

      1. I doubt they have the required number of lifejackets aboard.

      2. Would anyone really complain if their ships just started “disappearing” in the open ocean? Also, it’s about time to send the UN packing.

        1. If anything was ever a proper target for a drone attack. There are no bystanders at sea.

          1. Won’t you think of the children fishes?

            1. It’s like a buffet for sharks.

            2. Artificial reefs, baby! What’s good for the coral is good for the fishes.

          2. our gentle teachers of the sea, dolphins, could die, you Gaia-rapist

            1. I’m pretty sure the dolphins will be doing all the raping.

              1. They rapin’ e’erbody up in here

              2. Dolphins get it on with anything.

                  1. some guy was acquitted in the UK of sexually assaulting a dolphin because he had evidence Freddie the dolphin would hook his penis around swimmers and tow them


                    1. Dolphins are well known as the rapists of the sea.

                  2. *Japanese* dolphin, I suppose.

      3. The article talks about how the Puntland force was going after the pirates on land during the off season when it’s too dangerous for them to operate on open water due to weather.

        1. And that’s a problem, why, exactly?

          1. Did I say it was a problem?

    2. That was a very interesting article.

      TLDR: UN do-gooders prevent UAE from crushing the pirates.

  18. “It’s dark, there’s no peep hole, and the deputies are hiding where they cannot be seen,”

    Brave, noble men, they are all that stands between us and the Abyss.

    1. “We think they got joints in there!”

  19. “Household Incomes Fall In Aug., Off 8.2% Under Obama”


    1. You can’t treat the government’s budget like a household budget!

      1. correct – I can’t force random strangers to plug the holes in my household budget

  20. This is a few days old, but SpaceX’s Grasshopper made a tiny hop with a Merlin engine.

    1. Nice, i saw that.

    2. When it can snatch the pebble from Elon’s hand, it will be ready.

      1. What about a pebble from the moon?

    3. I saw that–very cool. They don’t stop moving, those guys at SpaceX.

      1. I have a couple friends that went there from grad school (for whatever reason SpaceX loves the car building team and not the satellite building team). They all work 80+ hours a week. I’m less jealous of them than I was when they got the offers.

        1. I’ve heard Musk can be a ass, too. But I’m glad that they’re so successful and hope it continues. If their model works, others will follow.

  21. not voting for Romney is a vote for Obama.

    I could be wrong, but it could also be an explicit rejection of Romney.

    1. And not voting for Obama is a vote for Romney, so not voting at all is a vote for both Obama and Romney!

      What’s a mother to do?

      1. +1 conundrum

      2. get a shot-gun, homeschool the kids, and stock up on non-perishable food

        1. Blow up your TV
          Throw away your paper
          Go the country
          Build you a home

          Plant a little garden
          Eat a lot of peaches
          Try and find Jesus
          On your own

          1. Peaches come from a can they were put there by a man
            In a factory downtown
            If I had my little way I’d eat peaches everyday
            Sun soakin bulges in the shade

          2. + 15 internets for the John Prine reference, db.

            1. That gave me an illegal smile.

            2. Is that who wrote that drivel? I suffered through an awful folk-like rendition of that way back when, just because I was hot for one of the girl folkies in the group.

              1. Hey. Prine’s a fuckin’ treasure.

                1. Besides, Prine wrote that song to mock the hippie movement.

                2. Some of the most depressing music ever, juxtaposed with light humor and uplifting themes. They guy could write a song.

                  1. Still can. Saw him just this year. He can still tour, too.

    2. They argue that your vote for Romney is actually a vote against Obama.
      My vote for GJ will be a vote against BO and Mitt. It’s like I get to vote twice!

      1. “A Vote For Almanian Is A Vote Against Everything Bad. Seriously”
        Almanian – 2012

        1. The future must not belong to those who vote for Almanian.

      2. The vote-to-get-rid-of-Obama argument isn’t totally without merit, but I suppose I generally disfavor the Democratic candidate more than the Republican one. If I accepted that argument, I’d never vote LP.

        Obama could cause more damage with another term, but Romney likely will do nothing better than tread water–I don’t see Leviathan being rolled back significantly. It’s well past time that the libertarian voice be heeded, and the only way to do that is to vote LP.

        I do plan to vote GOP for Congress, which, incidentally, may be more important than the presidential election.

        1. Ive got an “independent” on my congressional ballot. No nothing about him, if he is libertarianish, I will probably vote for him.

          1. Here

            Possibly the worst political website I have seen.

            Probably more a constitutionalist. Favors a consumption tax. Those numbered ovals at the top are actually the different parts of the website.

    3. It’s possible that I’d have held my nose and voted for Romney if Paul and the libertarians within the GOP had been treated better. But they said fuck you to me and others, assuming that contempt for Obama would keep us all in play.

  22. I found this link linked to from the last link. Male pufferfish makes sand art to attract females.

    1. That’s pretty cool.

  23. Not voting at all is a vote for anarchy!!11!
    I’m not saying that’s a bad thing.

    Me, I’m voting for me this year.

    Fuck Team Red and Team Blue
    Vote for Almanian – 2012
    I Won’t Fuck With You!

    1. Who’s your running mate, Almanian?

      Given your lifestyle, “one heartbeat away” is a major consideration.

      1. Chuck Norris is my VP.

        Did you know Chuck Norris’ teardrops cure cancer? So it’s too bad he’s never cried…

        Almanian/Norris – 2012
        Giving Republican Goverment a Roundhouse Kick to the Nuts!

        1. Good, good, ….

          I look forward to seeing Chuck square off against Biden and Ryan in the debates.

    2. When everything starts going to shit, do we get to blame you?

      1. Yuo can blame anyone you want, Choney.

        Personally, I blame Bush.

        1. Bush has caused me the majority of problems in my life, also. Oh, were you talking about GW? Nevermind.

        2. haha. Saw a sign that said “I didn’t say it was your fault. I said I am blaming you.”

      2. Once again, you prove that yes, no matter how dumb you are you can still get more stupid.

      3. What do you mean, “starts”?

        1. Oh libertopia will inevitably bring a level of shit you can scarcely imagine.

          1. I pity the next president, who will inherit a massive deficit and a horribly wrecked country.

            1. Fuck the next President. I pity us.

              1. Well, we’ve been fucked for at least half a century, so it’s pretty useless to blame any recent or future president for our troubles…

      4. Since the government is now responsible for all things, it’s to be blamed for all things. Convenient, isn’t it?

        1. To leftists, the only time government gets blamed, is the parts of it not run by leftists.

          1. Which, of course, is a supremely silly position to take. Under this system, there will always be an opposition party to them.

            1. Yeah, but we’re talking about leftists here, ProL. “Supremely silly” is how they roll.

                1. Just reading Tony’s posts on this one thread, is proof of the damage leftist inbreeding causes to the brain.

      5. “When” everything starts going to shit?

        Where the fuck have you been living the past few decades? It’s been going to shit since FDR.

        1. “since at least FDR, if not before.”

          Premature striking of “Enter” button. Shit.

          1. I gotta say it was FDR. If one must pick one person to blame for the demise of America, I can’t come up with another name.

            1. Woodrow Wilson deserves a lot of blame, as well.

              1. Hey, he only want the trains to run on time! Like some other leaders the progressives were so enamored of back in the day.

    3. What did you promise yourself to win your own vote? Are you so cheap that a promise not to fuck yourself is enough?

      1. Yes

        1. thanks, that means I could probably outbid you with a promise that you won’t fuck yourself (we can leave that to the professionals) and a beer

          1. Is the beer free?

            1. i will pay for it, so it will appear free. Of course, the true cost will only be revealed once you have sold yourself into my power, you poor fool.

              Damn, there I go all Bond villain, revealing my evil plans in advance,

              1. So you’re saying I can get beer, and all I have to do is sell myself into your power?

                Wait a minute, this isn’t like some crappy chocolate stout or something, we’re talking actual beer, right?

              2. “And I’d have made it, too!!! If it weren’t for those MEDDLING kids….”

                1. as one of three Australians who don’t drink beer, I will be guided by you as to what would be an acceptable beer to buy you with. I want you to enjoy choosing the beer. After all it’s the last choice you’ll get

                  1. Sign me up. If it’s the correct quantity of beer, it’s the last choice I’ll ever need.

                    Here in Liberia you get three choices of beer:

                    1. Club (local) beer that has quinine in it and is disgusting.
                    2. Heineken that’s bottled in Turkey.
                    3. Heinekin that comes in a bottle with a Beck’s label.

                    1. Frank Booth’s gonna be pissed when he visits Monrovia.

                    2. In Soviet Russia, beer drinks you.

                  2. as one of three Australians who don’t drink beer

                    Hmm… I’m skeptical there are any Australians who don’t drink beer.

                    Are you sure you’re Australian?

              3. How much beer are we talking about?

                1. Almanian only needs one beer (so 1 can or whatever the standard glass size is over there), so he’s easy (as indeed he proves over and over).

                  LTC(ret) John / Whiterun Guard, neither of you have specified your minimum bribe amount, and I’m not about to overbid.

                  1. I’d do it for a keg of Lagunitas regular IPA.

                    Or a single bottle of Sierra Nevada Writer’s Block if you could find it.

  24. Obama, you are the worst character EVER!!

  25. So I take it that Assad still hasn’t figured out what video his people are protesting?

    1. Derka derka! Muhammed jihad!

  26. Obama opens 10-point lead in Ohio and 9-point lead in Florida.

    Hope everyone’s poured his coffee.

    1. The gridlock will be beautiful.

      I mean if I don’t win, of course.

      1. I just did an informal poll of my workplace, and of all eligible voters, you are up by 100% on all other choices.

        However among ‘likely’ voters, you’re tied with Obama and Romney at 0%.

        1. This is encouraging! Thanks!

      2. Your ticket might be a consideration, but I’m still trying to decide between Cthulhu, Robot Nixon, and Khorne. You just don’t have what I’m looking for in a candidate this season.

    2. i didn’t pour mine. someone else did.

      no really. i have people for that.

      1. So you’re saying that coffee – you didn’t pour that?

        1. yep. someone else did.

          1. So you like your coffee hot, black and laid by someone else?

            1. It figures, cause he likes his women like his coffee – ground up and in the freezer.

    3. “Meh” ROmney not popular? Unpossible!

      1. BUT HE’S ELECTABLE!!!!111!!

        1. I am greatful to him for humiliating Newt “asshole” Gingrich. Even Tony can agree that he provided a valuable public service there.

          1. Obama gets the credit for that, stupid.

            1. Then why hasn’t Joe Biden bragged about it? Hmm?

              1. He’s a busy man.

          2. I’d much prefer a Newt candidacy. It would be all the fun of a Mitt candidacy, plus moon bases.

            1. God, you ARE fucked in the head, Tony. No one in their right mind would want Newt for president, not even as a joke.

    4. With what voter turn out model? The idea that the country is so racist as to reelect a president with this shitty of an economy, this big a deficit, only one major achievement (which a majority of people hate) and this many wars simply because he is black is very disturbing.

      1. But also quite likely.

      2. It’s probably just because the other guy’s a Mormon.

        1. There’s only one M in moron.

    5. And if Republican turnout is worse than 2008, and Democrat turnout is better, that result will hold.

      Of course, +10 Dem turnout would also hold the Senate and take the House. Anybody want to put money on the Dems holding all the cards after the election?

    6. I heard somewhere that Obama has promised to devour fewer children than Romney, so he’s also got that goin’ for him.

      1. When he gets to the Whitehouse, Obama will have a hell of time handling the mess his predecessor left. Shitty economy, Angry Arabs, Sarah Palin still out there terrorizing America.


    7. Obama opens 10-point lead in Ohio and 9-point lead in Florida.

      Do you have a link to that?

      1. Link.

        It’s just one poll. Obama’s probably got about 7 points on Romney in Ohio, unless Romney has started to completely implode. And he doesn’t even drink coffee. =(

        1. Oh look I have my own anonypussy stalker now too.

          1. Might be “The Derider” under a different name, Randian.

          2. No Reason commenter is complete…

            But you must admit, it was amusing.

    8. That’s so incredibly unlikely. Florida’s more conservative than not. Last time was a fluke, not a trend.

      1. That’s what they said about Virginia, where Obama’s led all year. You may be right about Florida but Virginia looks to be turning into a blue state.

        The state of the race in general, I feel, can be attributed to the Mitt Romney campaign’s spectacular incompetence.

        1. FL is not quite as engaged in the status quo of Washington as VA has become. In fact, with NASA cutbacks, perhaps less so.

          1. That’s a good point–forgot about all of the NASA and related industry layoffs.

    9. Hope we get to drink coffee in the future. The Health Nazis may make THAT illegal, as well.

      But, yeah, by all means… vote for Obama.


      1. Or the guy whose religion forbids coffee?

        1. I’m not voting for Romney, either, but I’m not going to rag on his religion, peculiar though it may be.

  27. Already got my pick ’em reminder email? Damn Thursday night games. Although I feel like this week’s picks were pretty easy. Maybe I can do better than 6-10 this time.

    1. Fuck it, I’m shooting for a solid .500 this season. I could become a contender.

      1. How many upsets were there this past weekend?

        1. About 11. NYG won, Texans won, Jets won, Cards won, Falcons won. The rest was a shitshow.

          1. Vikes upset Ess Eff.

        2. Fuck the football schedulers. GB-NO? Tampa Bay-Washington? Dallas-Chicago? I think I’ll get very drunk tonight and let the alcohol guide me.

          1. That’s only 3 games. I just feel like there are a lot of easy games this week.

            1. Really? Am I willing to bet that the Pats don’t continue to slide? I’m picking the Bengals to beat somebody. I’m double clutching on the Browns-Ravens pick at this point.

              1. The Pats lost the last two games by a combined 3 points, one of which was against the Ravens at home (who got 3 points for a kick they didn’t even make).

                And it’s the Browns.

                1. 1-2, dude. Playing a 2-1 Buffalo team. I’m telling you, at this point I’m like a character on The League. I did relatively well last week, too. (8-8).

                  1. They beat the Chiefs and the Browns.

    2. I’ve decided I’m not betting real money on any more games this season until the real refs come back.

      1. But its the randomness that makes it gambling, right?

  28. Should be quite interesting to see how that all turns out. WOw.


  29. Obama opens 10-point lead in Ohio and 9-point lead in Florida.

    Among people who expressed a preference. Just wait ’til they get in the voting booth, all alone with nothing to guide them and no one to watch them but their shriveled racist hearts…

    1. “Only racism can save us now!”

  30. Voting for Obama is voting for Romney, and a vote for either is a vote for George W. Bush.

    1. Sir, your logic is impeccable.

  31. I don’t want to alarm everyone, but did anyone else notice the absence of SugarFree, Warty and Episiarch?

    What if they’re off planning something? This could be bad for the country world!

    I’m just askin’ questions…

    1. like i said up-thread, get a shot-gun, homeschool the kids, and stock up on non-perishable food

      1. This does continue to be good advice for pretty much any situation…

      2. And for god’s sake, cover your asshole and hide your daughters.

    2. WHo will make rape and potty jokes? Who will link to Jezebel?

    3. Actually I think they were giving away free tubs of gravy with purchases of Valtrex at Walmart today. So they’re out being consumers.


      1. remember people. double-taps. make sure.

  32. I suppose I should go do some work now oppressing workers “rights” and gratuitously pissing off the union.

    I’ll BE BAHCK!

  33. gratuitously pissing off the union.

    No such thing.

    Fight the good fight.

  34. too good not to repost:
    When did Tom Selleck become Nigel Mansell?

  35. Dear old Andy Williams has died. Who will fill his easy-listening role now?


    1. Who will they they toss their panties to now?

      1. What is Tom Jones, chopped liver?

  36. Holy Shit, the Wheel of Time series is ending! Probably with some bitch tossing her braid.

    1. In good fantasy news, Mark Lawrence’s sequel to Prince of Thorns is out, and Jorg is settling in to play the long game.

      If you like fantasy, PoT is awesome. Amoral 14 year-old brigand leader takes over a kingdom through murder, mayhem, and Machiavellianism. There’s more to it, but Jorg is one of the great characters of fantasy.

      1. So, Prince of Thorns gets a recommendation?

        1. Yes. Definitely.

        2. Not from me. I got about halfway through it before I gave up. I love fantasy with flawed characters, but the protagonist had absolutely no redeeming qualities. Zero. Hitler was more sympathetic than this guy.

    2. Crap, that’s right. I need to catch up on the last 3 books. I had even asked about ereaders here specifically for this.

      1. I’m just going to read the Wikipedia version and make sure I didn’t miss anything after quitting after book 3 or 4.

  37. I can’t wait until Syria is “liberated” in the “Arab Spring (TM)”. I’m sure it will turn out quite well. Maybe we can open a new embassy there after Assad is out? Who wants to sign up to work there?

  38. T o n y| 9.26.12 @ 10:17AM |#

    “Only racism can save us now!”





    1. Racism is the liberal plan for getting Obama reelected.

      1. Some white guy: “I have to go to the store to buy some milk.”

        Leftist Griefer: “Why do you hate brown people?”

    2. It’s ok though, I have it on good authority that he votes Democrat.

  39. Your post (#3279215) has been marked as spam by a third-party spam filter. If this is a mistake, please email webmaster@reason.com.

    Oh, fuck yourself.

    1. take it as a badge of honour. If the squirrels haven’t messed with you, then do you really exist?

      1. If a squirrel spams in the forest, and no one is there to read it, does it make a post?

  40. The University of Minnesota is running an ad on TV in the Twin Cities looking for smokers to take part in a study to see if exerciser and relaxation improve one’s success at quitting smoking. So I think to myself, what do people do after while they are relaxing after sex?

    This study has been going on since 2010. What a fucking scam.

  41. Virginia looks to be turning into a blue state.

    Maybe they just know which side their guns are buttered on.

    1. The population of Virginia is turning into a bunch of gun-hating feminist union members? What kind of evil genius built THAT death ray?

      1. It’s the DC people, not the natives.

        1. I’ve been in Fairfax for about 20 years. It’s unrecognizable from even 10 years ago.

        2. That shit spreads like the plague, ProL. DC people likely copulate with at least a few Virginiaers, thus spreading the disease.

          1. Remember rule number 2: double tap. It’s the only way to stop the DC hordes.

            Although the only way to really be sure is, as always, take off and nuke the site from orbit.

            1. I vote for the latter. Now all we need is the ability to take off and nuke it from orbit.

  42. Replacement google.

    Kind of a somewhat clever riff on the replacement refs.

    1. I just used it to search for “tits” and it gave me results for “Round Rock, TX accountants”. Awesome.

    1. the U.S. overvalues free speech

      And there, summarized in one sub-headline, is everything you need ever know of Eric Posner.

      1. Or Slate, really.

        1. Or leftists.

          Or so-cons.

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