A.M. Links: Syrian Army and Air Force Headquarters Hit By Bomb Attacks, Warren in Trouble Over Legal Practice History, Small Businesses Pointing Fingers at Big Government, Obama Signs Executive Order to Protect Government Contractor Employees Abroad


  • The headquarters of the Syrian army and air force in Damascus was the target of bombings that, according to state media, have not caused any injuries to senior military personnel. 
  • It looks like Elizabeth Warren practiced law without the right license. The Democratic Senate candidate represented numerous companies from her Harvard Law School office despite not being licensed in Massachusetts. 
  • The President signed an executive order giving better protections to those working for government contractors abroad in a bid to reduce human trafficking and forced labor. 
  • Most small businesses are worse off than they were three years ago, and over half of small business owners are blaming taxes and government spending on the poor state of the economy. 
  • Argentinian President Cristina Kirchner slammed the IMF in her speech to the UN. Argentina could face sanctions if it does not produce economic data that is of the IMF's standards. 

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