Brickbat: McGruff Never Did This


Mang Dieke stepped outside the Fayetteville, Georgia, Walmart for a work break. That's when a Belgian Malinois jumped out of an SUV parked nearby and attacked him. Dieke tried to get away, but the dog clamped onto him, so he dragged it back into the store, where the dog's handler, a Fayette County sheriff's deputy, finally noticed the commotion and pulled the dog off. Dieke suffered deep bites to his chest, stomach and groin. Sheriff's officials say they don't know why the dog attacked Dieke.

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  1. I am confuse.

    Why did the Deputy “pull the dog off”?

    Isn’t it SOP to shoot dogs that attack, or might attack, or look at you funny?

  2. Update: just read the manual: “Shoot all dogs WHICH ARE NOT YOUR DOG…”

    1. it’s not SOP to shoot a dog that is in the process of attacking another person, because there is an excellent chance a round may hit THEM instead of the dog

      the 4 rules of firearm safety. how DO they work?

      1. what are you supposed to do if a dog is attacking a human?

      2. Based on most cops I’ve seen at the range, you’re doing well to remember that there is even one rule of gun safety.

      3. the 4 rules of firearm safety. how DO they work?

        Kinda like grammar rules?

        Actually, you don’t even need to know the basic gun rules for this… I know a lot of people who would refer to the RPGing (ADandD, d20, etc.) rules concerning shooting into a melee.

  3. Sheriff’s officials say they don’t know why the dog attacked Dieke.

    Because fuck you, that’s why.

    1. The dog just needs more training

      Fayette Sheriff’s deputies were puzzled at the dog’s behavior, saying it had 16 hours of training every month and had never shown aggression in public before.

      1. according to Wikipedia, these types of dogs “are known as being very easy to obedience train, due to their high drive for rewards”

        So, they’re easy to bribe. Does the rat squad know about this? Perhaps this dog had turned rogue and was moonlighting as a hitman.

        1. I’d watch that movie.

  4. Bites were made. Procedures were followed. Treats were administered. Nothing else happened.

  5. They’ll probably give the dog a medal and a promotion.

  6. “It’s okay, officer. We’re taking K9 to live on a nice farm where he’ll be able to run and play with other doggies free from the stress of the LEO life. He’ll run and jump and enjoy his pension for years and years.”

    “C-can I go and visit him sometimes?”

    “Aw, son, I’m really sorry, the farm can’t let visitors in because it’s just for doggies. But maybe in a few years we’ll try and see.”

  7. You cop-haters are missing the most important part of the story. That Fayette County deputy was able to go home to his family safe after his shift. Anytime that happens it’s a good bite.

  8. You never shoot a dog that’s attacking someone. By then it’s no fun. You always shoot a dog that you can later claim is about to attack you. (Lawful only with badge.)

    Besides, Walmart has all kinds of cameras about.

  9. Clearly, the dog was attempting suicide by cop.

        1. Perhaps it was Dieke who was attempting suicide by cop. Thwarted by the K9 officer’s non-lethal nips and the non-K9 officer’s fear of using his natural hyper-aggression in view of store surveillance.

          1. Remember the guy they capped outside a Walmart not that long ago? They’ll just delete the video. Video evidence, at least known, easily confiscated video isn’t a problem when you control it. It’s all those pesky phone videos they have to worry about.

        2. Double suicide by cop!

  10. The dog is currently on paid leave, pending administrative cover-up.

    1. That’s rather poignant. He’ll be walking the streets brooding on that wrong call when the waft of something suspicious hits his nose. His ears will perk up, he’ll salivate and get ready to molest someone’s crotch, but then remembers he doesn’t have his badge or gun anymore [sad piano music in the background].

      1. Oh, it shouldn’t take too long until they find that Mang Dieke was guilty of having a foreign sounding name, and therefore the dog’s use of force was justified. He’ll be back in the saddle in no time.

  11. And nothing else happened [after the man went to the hospital].

  12. Who does that dog think he is? A cop?

    Oh. Nevermind.

  13. Deep bites to the groin sound fun.

    I’m surprised they didn’t “find” drugs on him, thereby justifying the attack. Of course, they still may.

    Remember, no matter what the facts of the case, a single speck of weed or a drop of alcohol in your system means you got what’s coming to you.

    1. 1 mg of weed is a “significant quantity” of drugs for the purposes of most news agencies.

    2. Deep bites to the groin sound fun.

      Why am I not surprised.

      1. Do they not have sarcasm in Australia? I’ve seen Walkabout, you know. I know it’s horrible down there and you eat lizards.

        1. Shouldn’t you be getting ripped off your tits on moonshine and beating some women who then shoots you dead? I’ve seen Justified, you know

          1. She’s never managed to kill me… so that shows what you know, Matilda.

  14. My question is:

    If Mang had gouged that dog’s pig’s eyes out, what would the charges against Mang have been?

    Because a lot of dogs pigs have incredible bite speed, but the position they have to take to bite you makes their eyes pretty vulnerable. So in any dog bite situation I would try to remember to blind the fucking thing as my defense.

    1. Charges? The deputy would have shot him dead on the spot for attacking a police officer.

      1. wouldave been a good shoot ime. hth

        1. Needs more atfpipc.

          1. lol…i don’t lurk enough any more…i miss it.

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