A.M. Links: Occupy Wall Street One Year Anniversary, Conflicting Stories Over Benghazi Consulate Attack, Iran Six Months From Building Nuclear Bomb

News from New York to Shanghai


  • Twenty five arrests at a weekend protest at Washington Square Park preceded Occupy Wall Street events set for the first anniversary today.

  • U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice said the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi began with a spontaneous protest set off by an anti-Islamic film, while Libya blamed foreign extremists after making 50 arrests related to the attack.
  • Americans were urged to leave Tunisia and anti-American protests turned violent in Australia. Police and anti-American protesters clashed outside the U.S. embassy in Indonesia and the U.S. embassy in Bangkok was closed ahead of a planned protest.
  • Benjamin Netanyahu says Iran is six, seven months from being able to build a nuclear bomb and wants a red line from the United States.
  • Anti-Japanese protests were held across China, with some turning violent. The Chinese protested a movie uninhabited but possibly resource rich islands both countries claim.
  • The Chicago Teachers Union voted against ending the strike over the weekend and will vote again Tuesday, with classes unlikely to resume before Wednesday at the earliest.

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